Jiju Thomas Mathew: Implement Cutting-Edge Technologies To Minimize Cost

Jiju Thomas Mathew: Implement Cutting-Edge Technologies To Minimize Cost

Jiju Thomas Mathew: Implement Cutting-Edge Technologies To Minimize Cost

Jiju Thomas Mathew, Process Manager, 0

Solution Architects continue to integrate new IT solutions into their operations, driving higher levels of productivity, efficiency, and engagement. But, with so many new and competing technologies arriving on the market every year, it can be difficult for business leaders to allocate their IT budget in a way that maximizes the impact on their organization. Jiju Thomas Mathew, Process Manager at UST Global, is an industry expert with over three decades of varied experience in Linux Operating System, PHP scripting language, and other technology frameworks.

The company UST Global is a leading digital technology services company that provides robust solutions for Global 1000 companies. His achievements are getting accepted into AWS Community Builder Programme, being Certified in professional streams – AWS Solution Architect and SysOps Administrator, architecting large projects on AWS Cloud Platform - virtual queue (for state police) and OptiEInvoice (for innoval digital solutions), and being recognized as the serverless star of the week.

Further, Jiju Thomas Mathew has exclusively narrated a spectrum of aspects about himself and his firm with CEO Insights. Here are the excerpts!

You started your professional journey almost 30 years ago. What were the initial challenges that taught you some crucial lessons of being in the technology business? Also, tell us about your achievements and the business transformation you led via those achievements?
Mostly, we call development disruptive, which takes out a familiar concept and introduces a new one. This means one who adapts to changes in environment and technology, who keeps himself updated, will eventually excel. We moved out of desktop applications to web applications and mobile apps, and now again, desktop apps with web and embedded technologies are gaining the market. Long back, I had introduced XUL into the company mainstream, where I was working, and deployed a production application using the same. Implementing pfSense instead of an obsolete hardware firewall had saved close to 400K, which would have otherwise needed to buy the hardware. This also helped my previous company cope with the pandemic and work from home with VPN's speedy issue.

From a technology leadership standpoint, how does your vast experience help you to chalkout efficient business modules at UST Global?
I analyze open source products and applications that could be implemented by running tests, code reviewing, and inspecting test runs. The infrastructure as code methodology helps to provision test infrastructure at a
fast pace. If need modifications, version control of the infrastructure code makes it much easier to roll back or make changes.

In the future, which are the technology areas that you are planning to invest in?
The specialized area I want to explore more are the cloud, big data and machine learning as my core areas, though the company has a vast platform.

How do you ensure to update yourself with the latest industry trends and technologies so that you could always steer your organization towards the zenith?
For starters, I keep up with the beta programs and blog notifications from respective technology bloggers. And then discuss with peers and community members.

In your professional journey so far, which are the milestones that bestowed your utmost satisfaction - both as an individual and as a Technology Leader?
Got the opportunity to assist the District Disaster Management team during the early stages of the pandemic in evacuating migrant laborers in a very organized way. The activities of the then-District Collector, who was the direct contact, is worth mentioning.

The specialized area i want to explore more are the cloud, big data and machine learning as my core areas, though the company has a vast platform

Family plays a vital role in every person's life. How has your family supported you in your career so far? Also, how do you manage to balance your personal & professional life?
My partner in life and all three children understand the demand and obsession that I have towards career enhancement. Without such understanding and adjusting the team behind, I could never achieve these credits.

Explain your experiences with respect to communicating technology strategies to partners & investors.
The primary methodology uses presentations and citations of reference websites, comparing performance analysis data, and providing case study excerpts.

Do you participate in any mentorship programs or give keynote speeches in conferences & seminars to share your industry insights with your peers?
I have been in the AWS Community Builder since early beta. Also, the co-founder of AWS User Group Trivandrum and Member of multiple AWS Communities. Additionally, I am an avid technology blogger (jijutm.com) and share tips and treats over github.com/jthoma.

Jiju Thomas Mathew, Process Manager
Being an AWS initiative and mentor, Jiju Thomas Mathew enjoys handing out talks in different subjects across community meetups and inspiring many others into the advanced technology areas. He has actively taken part in implementing cutting edge technologies at all companies, thus improving efficiency while minimizing costs.