New Wave in the Education Industry

New Wave in the Education Industry

This pandemic situation is a big stroke on non formal education and industry, The trainers and edupreuneur got a huge hit. And still not hope of conducting a regular training sessions like precovid. Non formal education has special mass of the students, Most of them are working class people .. during this civid situation many have lost their jobs and most have got their cut in salary upto 60%.

So the category who are the actual students of this non formal education and training are either stopping their education or decided to wait and watch. It is almost like 20 years setback for training industries.

At this point, luckily one segment is slowly popping up. That is online training or education. Many have used this opportunity for making some classes through zoom or Google class room etc. Yet there are other challenges that are more challenging than regular face to face training. They are First and foremost biggest challenge is Student's attention span time. Which spread between the class, fb, social media and other distractions. How better and best may the trainer and session the attention retention keeps raising always.

Second one is student engagement. How do we make the student engaged in our classes
Third one,investment on new resources that are really need of the hour including the studio setup, platforms, mic etc.. which cost varies from 50 I to 100000 to endless...
Fourth one Is the major challenge is the free trainings given by other budding trainers....
Fifth one is adoptability for both trainer and participant to this new normal.

We have a confronted and successfully come over few issues. For student engagement we are using an interactive web platforms. We have identified few low cost resources and using them Interactive video platforms have been in use now.

But two major issues really bothering and we have less or no control over are

1. Adoptability of the students to the new normal(In India there is a huge portion of the people who dont accept for paying trainings that are online.)
2. Free training competitions.

Free training gives should understand while in a way to increase their validity they are spoiling the training industry commercially. Many training institution have shutdown during this time. Even We have reduced our infrastructure cost to regulate the budget stream but we cant do this always. Instead we have to find a solutions that helps every trainig industry to breath and live atleast untill end of this pandemic.