Aaditya Rawat: A Seasoned HR Professional Achieving Organizational Goals With Proficient Corporate Strategy


Aaditya Rawat, HR Leader/Senior HR ConsultantA smooth functioning of an organization highly depends on the employees and their efficient performance. This is why the HR department and its related verticles are a crucial part of any organization to filter in the best talent for the organization. From ensuring that the best talent gets on board and the right talent is retained, the range of an HR’s role in an organization is very vast. Aaditya Rawat works tirelessly to build a sustainable organization while maintaining and implementing the best HR policies.

Aaditya is an alumnus of IIM Tiruchirappalli and is certified in various programs like HR analytics and Lean Six Sigma. He is not just a dedicated leader but is also a motivational coach who believes in bringing the best talent out of the youth through mentoring and guiding. Aaditya Rawat engaged in an interactive session with the CEO Insights magazine, let’s hear from him.

What skills have you inculcated from IIM Tiruchirappalli? Tell us about your professional experiences.
In addition to gaining solid academic knowledge while attending IIM-T, I particularly appreciated the case studies that involved live projects. I value the teaching methods, the theoretical knowledge we acquired, and the practical affairs.

I have experience over a decade in business and HR management strategies, where I have been in charge of talent acquisition strategies, talent mapping, employee engagement, stakeholder management, policy drafting/ implementation, employee grievance handling, and many more. It is challenging and exhilarating to define the process from scratch when the focus should be on creating an impartial environment and protocols for the benefit of the employee and the employer. While working with startups where the responsibilities are much more to define the process and vast than working in a growth or larger firm where you generally have a defined process. I've earned several certificates, and I also have a solid understanding of labour laws and statutory compliance. Working with an NGO for many years on our main missions of women's empowerment, child education, and human rights has also given me good experience.

What are the measures to be taken by organizations to improve employee engagement and retention?
In my opinion, employee engagement is closely related to employee retention. The better the engagement plans the higher the retention rate. There are multiple factors that lead to the poor employee attrition plan. such as no proper or poor Communication, Guidance, culture, environment, Poor Leadership/Management, Lack of growth and opportunities, poor talent mapping, Internal talent pipeline, Learning and Development, and vice versa. An organization should also plan out its strategies firmly keeping in mind if the task (apart from their daily basis job responsibilities) is not being assigned repeatedly and exhausting to the employee(s) which in turn have adverse effects then productive outcomes. Keeping an employee engaged and motivated is the key to success in retention and attrition program. The secret to a successful retention and attrition program is to keep an employee motivated and engaged.

"In my opinion, Employee Engagement is directly proportionate to employee retention. The better the engagement plans the higher the retention rate"

Which are the latest technologies evolving in the HR domain today?
We are currently competing with the digital and Artificial Intelligence world. Prior to the pandemic none of us might have thought we can run our business and function 100 percent online(apart from the e-Commerce businesses). But we have succeeded and there was a time when we have seen impressive performance and even scenarios where employee performance degraded (the cause could not be concluded with a remote working system and it may vary). In my opinion, New HR strategy initiatives should be taken place with, Hybrid working culture, a cloud based HR System, Using analytic tools or methodologies. Offering innovative tangible or non-tangible, rewards and recognition benefits to performing employees, giving an employee the scope of learning and working at the productive zone where an Organization can identify the higher output from them. At the discretion which is benefitting the need of both parties.

I would say the world is changing so is the working style, if a company is willing to stand above or along with their competitors they must adapt new technologies and standards to do so they might revise their current policies and protocols if it is required to do so to enhance the process.

What are the skills you look for in freshers?
Freshers should not be expected to possess many jobspecific abilities instead, focus on soft skills, passion long term goals, adapt ability, aptitude, and attitude. Freshers should be seen as fresh sprouted, budding branches of a tree. We all start at some point, let's treat them cautiously and encourage them to grow in their life.

What are your plans for the future?
I would align myself more towards the business strategies and functions required to handle it in a more prominent manner. I am open to learning and adding on any upcoming challenges which are required to intensify the ongoing process. I also believe when you run a business or its strategies it should benefit both the parties(Business Partners as well the employees). Providing coaching for motivation is another area in which I excel and am passionately committed to finding the optimal solution.

Aaditya Rawat, HR Leader/Senior HR Consultant
Not just Talent Acquisition, Aaditya is ensuring the smooth functioning of the organization by providing effective business strategies and policies benefiting the employee and the employer.

• Hobbies: Writing, listening to music, Travelling, Nature Photography
• Favorite Cuisine: Home made food
• Favourite Book: Bhagwat Geeta & Chanakya neeti
• Favorite Travel Destination: I am passionate about exploring places near nature
• Awards & recognition: Certified HR analytics Pro, Lean Six SigmaBlack Belt Certified, Life Coach