Leveraging Enterprise Grade Solutions For Employee Safety & Well Being

Leveraging Enterprise Grade Solutions For Employee Safety & Well Being

Leveraging Enterprise Grade Solutions For Employee Safety & Well Being

Harold Gubnitsky, President & Chief Strategy Officer, ProcessMAP

An entrepreneur and a veteran in the corporate realm, Harold has over three decades of experience at handling leadership roles at diverse array of multinational companies such as Accenture, Atos, Proxicom, and PetroAlgae.

In recent years, employee health and safety have gained great significance within the safety literature of an organization. Employees form basis of "human capital" for companies and therefore maintaining a safe and healthy workplace has become a crucial part in the functioning of a company, irrespective of whether it's a large scale enterprise or an emerging small to medium sized organization. Therefore, organizations are investing in enterprise grade HSE (Environmental Health & Safety) solutions and best practices to transform from being reactive to being predictive about potential safety incidents, and to adopt a zero incident & zero accident workplace environment. Automated alerts and digitized work flows enabled robust HSE solutions help create significant efficiencies for a company and realize accelerated return on their software investment.

Employers today are becoming committed towards providing safe working conditions, and have dedicated programs to protect the health, safety and well being of its employees, contractors, partners and visitors. About 48,000 workers die in India yearly due to occupational accidents of which 38 fatal accidents take place every day in the construction sector. Overall, workplace deaths are twenty times higher in India than in the UK. These numbers are staggering, and the worst part is that each one is preventable. Taking preventative action such as adopting decision grade HSE solutions in the workplace can not only spare workers needless pain and suffering, but also help companies avoid financial impact that stems from lost productivity. A safety and health management software solution, or a safety program, can
help organizations with actionable, decision grade intelligence to focus their efforts at identifying root cause of incidents, improving the work environment and in preventing injuries and illnesses at the workplace.

Traditional methods of maintaining safety in the workplace, especially in large industries, included having notebooks full of written policies and procedures and a fulltime safety director. However, robust cloudbased HSE solutions with deep integration with native mobile capabilities increasingly form an integral part of today's overall business operations. Process MAP, the pioneer of cloud based HSE solutions and an established global leader, offers a comprehensive suite of HSE solutions, which can be rapidly deployed to realize a significant return on the soft-ware investment. With such HSE software solutions, an enterprise can easily access and visualize ACT(Accurate, Complete, Timely) data intelligence that can help identify underlying safety trends and hazards at the workplace. Such detailed information will not only help enterprises to focus on the areas that need improvement, but also these tools and features help to reduce workplace costs. As incident rates go down, so do the associated direct and indirect costs. Some of the key HSE solutions areas are:
•Incident Management
•Behavior Based Safety Management
•Audits Management
•Risk and Hazard Management
•Occupational Health and Well being Management
•Quality and Compliance Management
•Sustainable Operations Management

One of the key advantages of cloudbased HSE solutions is that the software can be easily configured to specific business requirements without incurring significant costs associated with customization of on premise solutions.

Reporting of incidents and workplace hazard is undergoing a tremendous change with the arrival of enterprise grade health and safety software solutions. These solutions have been able to push the boundaries of enabling companies to undertake proactive and preventative measures for safety instead of being reactive to safety incidents. As forward looking organizations get increasingly cognizant of the benefits of sustainable operations, they are leading the charge by adopting robust EHSQ solutions and engaging employee at every level to drive informed business decisions.
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