Emerging Trends In Recruitment Process Amidst The Remote Working Culture

 Emerging Trends In Recruitment Process Amidst The Remote Working Culture

Jaymin Bhuptani, Founder & CEO, Uplers, 0

Jaymin Bhuptani, a visionary serial entrepreneur, is driven to create opportunities by building scalable businesses. With a track record of scaling multiple businesses, he instills a relentless commitment to tackling complex challenges faced by both clients and talents. Jaymin's passion lies in harnessing innovative technologies to address real-world problems, ensuring Uplers remains at the forefront of industry solutions.

In today's global macroeconomic scenario, the Indian digital ecosystem relies a lot on outsourcing and serving global companies. Post covid, amidst mass lay-offs and resignations, the demand for tech and digital reached an all-time high. However, despite mass layoffs in US and other countries, most of the companies in India are hesitant to invest money on hiring due to the numerous uncertainties in the global markets. I believe that by mid-2024, the market would stabilize and people will start making investments in hiring again. Also, companies would look for cost-effective ways to hire talent, which will create a surge in demand for skilled talent in outsourcing destinations such as India.

Streamlining Recruitment Process through AI/ML
AI has completely transformed the recruitment sector in recent times, wherein recruitment firms are increasingly adopting AI today to streamline the entire process for their clients. AI has the power to solve many complex problems in the entire recruitment process, which currently has many inefficiencies. Dues to this, companies are leveraging multiple tools to solve all those discrepancies through AI. Recruitment generally comprises of a three funnel approach - sourcing, screening and hiring & onboarding. Earlier, the process of screening each talent used to take four hours. However today, with the implementation of Gen AI, this time frame is now reduced to just 20 minutes. This has enabled the recruitment firms to provide deeply vetted candidate profiles to the clients.

AI/ML based matchmaking is another tech trend that we are witnessing in recent times, wherein the AI/ Ml algorithm automatically matches the candidates and organizations according to their skillsets and job profiles. This is cutting-down the recruitment time frames to a
great extent and making it easy for recruiters to close the job openings in an optimized manner. Using such tools makes the life of recruiters very easy, which will in turn enable the recruitment firms to achieve much more within their capacities. This will lastly result in companies being able to hire better candidates in short time frames at very less costs.

Recruiting a Remote Workforce
Today, most of the companies in India are calling their employees to come and work from office again. This has been one of the major shifts that the market is going through in recent times. In terms of recruitment of remote workforce, the biggest advantage that the concept of 'remote' brings to both the recruitment process and the overall talent ecosystem is that companies gain access to a larger pool of top talent from across India. However, while replacing the face to-face in-person interviews with virtual interviews, recruiters must keep in mind the critical role that technology implementation plays while hiring candidates remotely. Some of the key aspects that recruiters must pay close attention to during the remote hiring process are the authenticity of the answers given by the candidates, their interpersonal skills, body language and many others. Furthermore, not every candidate can excel in a remote work environment, and there are certain key traits such as empathy and self-motivation that every candidate must possesses to be successful working remotely.

While replacing the face-to face in-person interviews with virtual interviews, recruiters must keep in mind the critical role that technology implementation plays while hiring candidates remotely

Upskilling & Building Resumes in the AI/ML Er
AI/ML are expected to have a massive impact on most of the job roles in the coming days. Thus, it is paramount for every professional to have a clear understanding of how these technologies will impact their respective jobs and upskill themselves with these new technologies to be able to leverage them for enhancing their existing job skills, and in turn, their overall productivity at workplace. I strongly believe that every AI led professional must have that section in their resumes on how they leveraged AI to solve which problem in a better, cheaper and faster way. Such candidates will no doubt have a higher demand in the market and be able to have an accelerated career growth irrespective of the impact that technologies will have on various job roles.