What Stars Decide About Human Fate

 What Stars Decide About Human Fate

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Life is full of surprises and sometimes, all the plans we made for 2020 stand cancelled. The credit goes to the pandemic and its scare. The lockdown is also getting extended and impacting people financially and mentally. The cases of depression had increased and the demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput is a proof to that. His suicide has compelled us to think about mental health, and here I have tried to explain it according to astrology and different sun signs. Each sun sign is ruled by a certain planet and thus it affects the mental state of a being accordingly. For example, Aries is ruled by Mars and the tendencies of mars affect the person subsequently.

2020 is the year of Rahu and like I have predicted before, we have to face a lot of challenges this year. We will be dealing with problems but there would be relief at the end of the year. Moon and Jupiter depict the mental state of a being, so when these two gets imbalanced, they affect the mind. Let’s read one by one:

Aries: It is ruled by planet Mars. Aries are very energetic, but stubborn by nature. Whenever their moon gets imbalanced, they get disturbed. Though they won’t look disturbed but inside, they deal with stress and a lot of tension. They are good listeners but unable to open their heart in front of others. For them, I would like to suggest that share your feelings with friends and family. Worshipping Lord Hanuman would be beneficial.

Taurus: People with the Taurus sign are ruled by planet Venus. They are soft-hearted and don’t talk much. They are good listeners and that’s why they have a lot of friends, but they like to be on their own. They love solitude, especially at the time of distress. Their mood could fluctuate as per the charts this year. Taurus people should in the full moon to make their moon stronger. The more energy you absorb from the moon, the stronger your mental state will be.

Gemini: This sign is ruled by planet mercury. Gemini’s are good in business. They like luxury and have a lot of friends. They are always appreciated among their friend circle. In case of any stress, they like to share it with their friends. That's why they are likely to beat stress faster than others. They should worship goddess Durga. Another suggestion is to let all your tension go away while sleeping and meditation is one of the ways to do it.

Cancer: It is ruled by the moon itself. Moon has a special effect on these people. Cancerian girls are beautiful and spend a lot of money. Their mind remains stress-free for 15 days and under stress for 15 days because of the positioning of the moon. During your stress-free days, plan for the future. They should worship lord, Shiva.
Leo:Leo is ruled by the planet Sun. These people are born with leadership qualities; they like to take responsibility whether it’s about the family, office or even a friend who is reeling under stress. They are mostly overloaded because of the issues others are facing. Their stress is due to others so I would like to suggest them to not get into other business too much. Meditation is a must for these people to maintain their energy.

Virgo:Virgo is ruled by Mercury. They are stubborn and once they have decided to do something, they spend their entire energy on it, due to which, they deal with a headache, and sometimes it even leads to stress and depression. So, let go of your stubbornness. Worship lord Ganpati as much as you could. You can also work on your presentation skills.

Each Sun Sign Is Ruled By A Certain Planet And Thus IT Affects The Mental State Of A Being Accordingly

Libra:It is ruled by Venus. Librans have inbuilt leadership quality. They are the kingmakers and they know how to do a task with efficiency. They are well-natured being and have a lot of wisdom. They are good in planning, they can easily attract people. They should take out the insecurities from their lives and believe in themselves and karma. Worshipping Lord Vishnu is beneficial for them.

Scorpio:Scorpions are ruled by Mars. They have the capabilities to make friends. They are religious but they keep on wondering about one thing or the other. I would suggest them to let go of their insecurities ad fear and worship lord Hanuman. They earn a lot of fame and want to keep it secured, but remember nothing is permanent.

Sagittarius:They are ruled by Jupiter, the guru of gods. Sagittarians are very kind, well-wishers and compassionate. In their bad phase, they get into depression easily so I would suggest them to share their concerns with the closer ones. Worship the holy river Ganga, because you are pure like that river and always want to help others. Drink the holy Ganga water often to bring positivity in your lives.

Capricorn:They are ruled by Saturn and have wisdom and a lot of talent. They are good planners, rich and make a lot of money. A bit of disturbance in the business can reel them under the stress. They should work on this. After November, things will get much better for you. Worship lord Shani for better health and growth.

Aquarius:They are also ruled by planet Saturn. Aquarians are born lovers, rich and plan very meticulously. They occupy bigger posts in the private and industrial set-up. While dealing with challenges, they get into the silent mode. I would suggest them to open up in the difficult times, spend time with the family and don’t be alone.

Pisces:They are ruled by Jupiter due to which they are soft-spoken, interested in spirituality and kind-hearted. If somebody ditches them, or hurt them emotionally, they take a lot of time pick up their pieces. They start to find the fault in themselves due to the negligence of others. Whenever you go through this phase, contemplate and look at the brighter side.