EBIX Smartclass Educational: Revamping The Classroom Experience

EBIX Smartclass Educational: Revamping The Classroom Experience

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Of late, technology is widely catching up in teaching methodologies across the education space and teachers are bringing the vital elements of experience, discovery, excitement, engagement, fun, and interaction to the classroom by using various technological tools. Efficient usage of the new age technological tools has the power to make a better teacher out of a good teacher - one who would be cherished and remembered by the students, parents, and teaching institutes alike.

It is proven that utilizing technology in the classroom is a great way to bring enthusiasm among the students, improve student engagement, enrich the teaching process, and bring and liveliness in the classroom.

With 70,000 classrooms; 7000 schools, 3 million students, and 3.5 Smartclass sessions everyday, Ebix Smartclass Educational has been bringing in exceptional 21st Century eLearning solutions. Abundant with 12 different learning activities, Ebix Smartclass has always kept the priority set to providing adequate exposure to kids to learn & grow. Not only this, the offerings cater to the entire range of stakeholders in the learning space.

Since its inception in 2017, Ebix has been impacting the learning outcomes and needs of over 3 million K-12 students. With backgrounds in business development, R&D and customer engagement, the Ebix team of 450+ professionals work relentlessly to provide customer satisfaction of the utmost quality. “We believe that the customer is at the heart of everything that we do. And therefore, we have been touching lives and enabling learning transformations,” says Sahil Kapoor, National Sales Head, Ebix Smartclass Educational.

The Ebix Step Skool
While the pandemic threw a lot many industries/sectors off their balance, Education sector was the hardest hit. More so, the students suffered as their learning cycle was jeopardized, which in turn affected their ability to cope with anything other than traditional teaching methods. However, among the winners was Ebix, that beating all odds, emerged with a new solution called Ebix Step Skool. More like a school in itself, this Online School Portal the teacher to conduct her entire lessons, do assessments and prepare reports all under one solution. What’s more praiseworthy, is it gamified avatar that allows students to play & learn. The gamified model of learning allows kids to resolve their queries, and memorize the topics all with great interest.

As mentioned earlier, Ebix is a pioneer to a great many such learning solutions. The R&D team at Ebix is a group of 135+ professionals including the extended team, which is constantly working to ideate & innovate new products and solutions for the school segment. Via an ensemble of distinctive products such as Smartclass, Virtual Labs, smartstem, smartCTILab, Student Robotics, English Forever, and Ebix Step skool, Ebix has been successfully empowering its users with tools and technologies that give them an engaging and fruitful learning experience.

A truly transcending way of Education – Smartclass
Ebix’s flagship offering Smartclass is the largest repository of 3D/2D content. An end to end solution, this solution showcases the entire session right from the teachers entering the class and setting up the day’s objective to preparing activities and worksheet. More so, the product comes with hardware support too making it a tailor made solution. Sahil explains that Ebix has been on a constant endeavour to make learning simple and seamless by leveraging on the endless technologies available. Ebix is ready to introduce Ebix Library, wherein teachers can share their lectures and other materials on cloud. Apart from its vast repository of digital rich-media content, what’s more commendable is it reach across grades K-12, mapped to meet the specific objectives laid out by the central and state boards across the country. The content is available across 12 boards and 5 regional languages (Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil and Kannada). In addition to the rich-media content developed by Ebix’s R&D team, it includes aggregated content from other partners such as Educomp and Bodhaguru.

Transformational Products
Offering students with a real-life experience is Virtual Labs. Via its partner products, Yenka and Crocodile, Ebix provides simulations and activities that help students in comprehending concepts and their application in real-life. At the same time, teachers use the 3D visualization capabilities of these products to explain abstract concepts to students and breathe life into it.

Innovation leads to new products and processes that sustain our economy. This innovation and science literacy depends on a solid knowledge base in the STEM areas. STEM education creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators. If fed at a considerably early age, it can help kids not feel pressurized with the elementary school’s syllabus. More so, doing it in a smart way can work wonders for the teachers as well. Two of Ebix’s products - smartstem and Computational Thinking & Innovation Lab (smartCTILab) - offer an environment to students where they can learn by experimenting,
discovering, thinking and collaborating. In partnership with Designmate, smartstem brings in the fun element in Math and Science classrooms with few dynamic engaging videos and simulations.

With Student Robotics with Arduino, Ebix brings in a futuristic Curriculum designed to introduce innovation, creativity, and problem-solving skills into computer labs and classrooms by engaging and involving the student at every step. Ebix’s vision here is to develop the inquisitive streak in students so that they don’t shy away from learning by experimenting and learning from failures.

Children need a reason to communicate in English. If both parent and child can communicate more effectively in your mother tongue, children will be less motivated to join in. Besides, English is the second language (ESL) for most Indian students, and hence the desired levels of proficiency can only be achieved with constant and consistent practice, and under able mentorship. Learning English—as a second language—requires a different approach and a greater focus on the part of the students for success in school tests as well as competitive exams. Ebix has therefore placed an English-training solution on the table and called it, English Forever. English Forever is designed to improve language skills of students keeping in mind the education requirements of learners from every grade. English Forever marries sound pedagogy with smart technology to bridge that need gap between learning requirements and resources at hand. “If I talk about mastering the speech; word content, content stress, subject specific words, public speaking activities, combination of sounds, interactivities, and a lot of things and ideologies are put in to making this syllabus. Moreover, its an open ended collaborative platform”, adds Sahil.

Sahil Kapoor, National Sales Head, Ebix Smartclass

The Way Forward - Improvising, Innovating and Winning
Ebix lays special focus on the content part of its offerings which is highly influenced by the team comprising academicians, consultants, child psychologists etc. Carrying his experience of 10 years in the Edtech space, Sahil provides a crucial hand that has helped Ebix to address a myriad of challenges that the education sector at large is facing, now more than ever due to the pandemic.
Given the full scale global makeover of the education domain and its ways, Ebix stands as an early mover and victor due to the Ebix Step Skool. Keeping this revolutionary product at the centre, Sahil expresses his firm’s intention to explore B2C market in the coming few months. The pace at which Ebix has been innovating and introducing new methodologies while adding valuable content, it is only a matter of time before Ebix Smartclass Educational becomes a household name for education.

With backgrounds in business development, R&D and customer engagement, the EBIX team of 450+ professionals work relentlessly to provide customer satisfaction of the utmost quality

Robin Raina, Chairman & CEO
He is one of the few die-hard Indian folks whose leadership in business circles and social philanthropy both is an example that is hard to follow. In spite of running a very successful $2.5 Billion plus business enterprise (the Ebix group of companies that trades on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol EBIX), he has dedicated his life to public service focusing all his efforts on education of the underprivileged children and housing for the homeless in India.

Sahil Kapoor, National Sales Head, Ebix Smartclass
Seasoned Edtech Professional comes with multi-dimensional experience in successful management. As a passionate leader he is able to push performance improvement whilst at delivering growth. He has served multimillion dollar enterprises and has been instrumental in setting up new initiatives. Currently at Ebix smartclass he is focusing on building across world class solutions for next generation.

EBIX In Spotlight
• Conducted its first Smart Learning Schools Conclave in 2020
• On boarded principals of 50 schools to educate about smart learning solutions
• Conducting Coding Championship for early introduction to the next bif thing in the world – Coding

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