Online Recruitment: The Magic Wand for HR in Tech Companies

Sachin Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO at HackerEarth

Sachin Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO at HackerEarth

With companies not really carrying labels that say they are tech or non-tech anymore, finding and retaining great tech talent is what the hiring game is now all about. Organizations focus on operational excellence, innovation, expansion, branding, and risk management, however, talent remains their prime challenge.

With nearly 20 million programmers world over, hiring tech talent can’t be that easy, right? Wrong.

Although there is not always one hiring process, sourcing, screening, interviewing, and hiring are common to all of them. Unlike other professionals where so many of the required skill sets are qualitative, testing the programming skills of developers is much easier. With recruiters latching on to technology that’s “smartifying” the hiring process, tech hiring was never easier, and never more reliable.

Time for a Change

Traditional recruiting processes often fail to acquire the best and brightest. With automated strategies, recruiters are no longer limited to interviewing candidates within a limited geographical radius, and they are less likely to make bad hires based just on snazzy résumés. Recruiters can forget about sourcing candidates from job portals. They don’t need to put in hours sifting through résumés or manually evaluating tests. There is no place for unconscious bias either.

Automated online technical-skill assessments are replacing traditional methods that don’t always work. Entrepreneurs are ready to invest big in amazing assessment tools that automate complex screening and recruiting tasks to add real value.

Using traditional hiring methods are deal-breakers especially for companies looking at acquiring quality technical talent. There is no one-size-fits all approach. Different requirements warrant different tools or processes. Be it a campus recruitment drive or hiring for niche profiles, technical assessment tools have an answer.

Online technical assessment tools are totally worth it.
Here's why.

Using tech assessment platforms, recruiters have a huge pool of candidates to source from without any increase in the time and effort to hire or in costs. Recruiters have a wider reach in case of online tools. With technical assessment tools, sourcing becomes easier with a pipeline of top programmers who have been pre-screened.

Technical assessment tools intelligently summarize key information about the applicants. Hiring managers are saved hours sorting through profiles looking for the right candidate. Also, think about it from a candidate’s perspective—he or she doesn’t have to sit through a coding question if the job is really about digital marketing. Relevant technical assessment will not make anyone feel cheated at the end of the whole exercise. Only qualified candidates get to the interview rounds. The whole lot—recruiters, managers, candidates—doesn’t have to make a mad dash for the fire escape.
With automated assessment, there is no room for accusations such as poorly communicated job descriptions or badly organized hiring. Technical Managers can spend their time interviewing only those candidates who possess the requisite skill sets. To hire “the one,” it is surely better to interview 4 candidates instead of 20. Detailed insights from performance reports can be leveraged by the interviewers.

Traditional recruiting processes often fail to acquire the best and brightest. With automated strategies, recruiters are no longer limited to interviewing candidates within a limited geographical radius, and they are less likely to make bad hires based just on snazzy résumés

Online technical assessment can take the form of customizable coding tests or mini-audition projects in programming. Online compilers can evaluate code to identify candidates who have “real skills.”

Only the best will pass through. These tools help HRs eliminate candidates who do not meet their technical standards early on. On an average, recruiters spend 60 percent of their time on sourcing and 40 percent of their time on screening. With automated online technical assessment, recruiters will spend only 10 percent of their time on screening.

Manually evaluating tests and shortlisting candidates are obviously time-intensive and not quite easily scalable.

When recruiters can match the right candidate to the right job, it can mean an increase in productivity, employee satisfaction, and a decrease in employee turnover. That’s a lot of time and money saved!

Automation eliminates unconscious human bias, perceptions, and preconceived notions. Proven competencies guide the hiring decisions and candidates can forget being discriminated on the basis of race, age, or gender.

It also helps a company standardize the interview process across functions and levels.

Administrative tasks are minimal when recruiters opt for technical assessment tools. Results are quick, so is the feedback. And think of the storage space recruiters can save because they are no longer keeping paper records.

How companies are leveraging platforms

At a time when even the field of tech recruiting is competitive, companies have to stay one step ahead with innovative offerings.

By using an automated tool, even non-tech recruiters can conduct technical screening without a hitch. Coding platforms are significantly better than processes that already exist in most companies. As online tools are easily integrable with the recruiting workflow of an organization, software giants should be happy to take this route.

Research has time and again proven that this is a smart investment. The technical assessment tools are sophisticated, reliable, and systematic. They are easily accessible and godsent for recruiters who want to save time and money. To ensure a seamless experience, the companies that offer these assessment platforms even have dedicated and impressive 24*7 support.

When there are amazing recruiter-friendly tools in the market, finding intuitive, sharp minds hardly seem an insurmountable challenge, does it?