Why Enterprises Build Technology-Services Ecosystem to Build Products

Why Enterprises Build Technology-Services Ecosystem to Build Products

Navdeep Gill, Founder, XenonStack, 0

Technology Transformation drives businesses to provide value and improve operational efficiency by unifying business and technology strategies. Businesses need to develop an Engineering Centric Technology Services ecosystem and develop a new engagement model with vendors to adopt the Business of Experience (BX) approach. Hence, become customer obsessed and reignite growth. An engineering mindset focuses on how to get the best engineering in the world so your company can better compete and end up with a lower cost to serve.

Technology Ecosystem Orchestration and Platform Approach
The technology ecosystem model integrates a large set of crucial providers, each focusing on a specific domain or products and all functioning together to deliver a product or service. Businesses have interoperability between providers, and it enables plug and plays flexibility and a wide range of capabilities.

The Hyperscalers develop Cloud Platforms and Technologies with more plug-and-play flexibility, high scalability, and performance.

Today, Businesses need niche firms to develop customized layers and solutions on top of hyper scalers cloud platforms. Few players build unique and proprietary solutions to compete with standard hyper-scale tools and ecosystems.

Diffirent Benefits of Developing Technology Ecosystem
Experimentation and Innovation:- Niche Players and IT services providers provide a wide range of capabilities, ideas, and experience for continuous experimentation.

New Technology Capabilities:- With niche technology service providers, businesses can access new modern applications, Infrastructure, and Professionals Services. Specialized Players also provide the experience to accelerate product delivery and experimentation.

Agility and Speed for Delivering Products and Solutions:- When enterprises work on Technology Services Ecosystems, they can work with different providers in an agile delivery model to deliver products quickly and use plug and play functionalities.

Working Model Flexibility:- With different technology
service providers, enterprises can work on small assignments and contracts, which will provide greater flexibility and less dependency on vendors.

Modular and Zero trust Security Environment:-With well defined account abilities and Modular components, the technology ecosystem develops an architecture for a zero trust environment.

Building Platform Ecosystem 2.0 - Orchestration Layer for Services
Platform Technology Ecosystem 2.0 needs an engineering centric approach for building capabilities and a roadmap of integration of different providers with processes, people, and systems.

The platform approach needs Platform Architect, Platform managers, Enterprise architects, Business Leads and Financial analysts, and the SRE capabilities team.

Platform technology ecosystem 2.0 needs an engineering-centric approach for building capabilities and a roadmap of integration of different providers with processes, people, and systems

Questions for CIO Consideration
●Do you have a clear perspective of your services’ business benefits?
●What makes part of your organization engineering-focused, and which are limitations in the internal capabilities and capacities that constrain the organization?
●Which of those do you plan to build up from your technology service providers’ ecosystem, and which internally?
●What technologies and capabilities accelerate your digital transformation endeavors?
●What are the three most important sources of value that technology service providers in your external ecosystem can provide?
●How quickly can you integrate the services of your technology service providers into your services?
●Can consumption charge the majority of your services?
●How well does your incident-resolution mechanism work?
●How you establish governance principles and standards

Businesses need Technology Ecosystem Orche stration for Datacentric Customer experience
Technology Services Ecosystem with players provides a customized and flexible model of cloud operation with agility and resilience. With the right Technology Services Ecosystem, businesses will be able to provide continuous experimentation culture, innovate their products and services, and optimize the processes and operations.