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Abhijit A Nanoti: Driving Sustainable Excellence In Steel And Wire Products Industry

Abhijit A Nanoti: Driving Sustainable Excellence In Steel And Wire Products Industry

  Abhijit A Nanoti,   MD

Abhijit A Nanoti


Bringing wealth of experience and leadership to his role, Abhijit A Nanoti, Managing Director, The Indian Steel & Wire Products, has cultivated a profound understanding of business dynamics and strategic management. Under his leadership, ISWP is geared up to accelerate the growth journey and take the organization to newer heights. His vision extends beyond immediate success, focusing on sustainable growth and innovation. Abhijit Nanoti's leadership approach revolves around empowering and nurturing team members, fostering an environment of collaboration and excellence. With his diverse expertise and dedication, Abhijit A Nanoti continues to steer The Indian Steel & Wire Products towards new heights, shaping the company's trajectory within the steel industry while upholding its values of integrity, innovation, and community well-being. Let’s hear more from him in this interaction.

Tell us about your professional background and the experiences that have shaped your journey. Additionally, could you share the driving force behind your daily routines?
Following my engineering graduation, I spent approximately three years in PVC film manufacturing sector and another similar duration in the tire industry. Subsequently joined Tata Steel. During the initial years, I worked in the maintenance domain of a manufacturing unit. This role instilled in me qualities of resilience, patience, and an unwavering determination. The necessity to resolve breakdowns swiftly during maintenance fostered my 'never give up' attitude. Over the past 25 years, I've undertaken diverse roles within Tata Steel, including managing large-scale capital projects, collaborating with a prominent Japanese steel company to establish an automotive steel joint venture, overseeing operations, supply chains, and contract manufacturing for the Tubes business unit, and successfully revitalizing an acquired enterprise.

In terms of motivation, beyond the regular course of business operations and transformations, my drive lies in making incremental improvements in the lives of individuals across all levels of the organization. Empowering team members to harness their potential, encouraging them to devise innovative solutions independently, and ensuring their satisfaction are my guiding principles. All endeavors are aligned with maintaining the organization's values and overarching goals.

Tell us about the unique experiences XLRI Jamshedpur offers and what did you learn from the campus beyond academics?
XLRI Jamshedpur, a premier Indian business school, offers a range of distinctive experiences that differentiate it from other institutions. My time at XLRI was transformative for my professional journey. After an engineering background and technical roles, the General Management Program (GMP) at XLRI provided a fresh perspective. The curriculum closely aligned with corporate demands, enabling seamless application of concepts from classrooms to real-world scenarios. This enriched me both personally and professionally, facilitating seamless transitions between technical to techno-commercial and Business leadership roles. The camaraderie and connections formed during college life continue to endure. Revisiting campus life was rewarding, fostering close friendships. I recommend my friends & colleagues of Jamshedpur to embrace the rigorous management education for corporate readiness. XLRI memories remain invaluable and cherished, shaping outstanding learning experiences.

A leader need not possess all knowledge but should guide the team toward shared goals. Envisioning the future and fostering team ownership are essential

You have over three decade's experience, how has been your path to success and what is your success mantra?
To me, success is a personalized concept, intimately tied to an individual's purpose in life. It revolves around achieving a harmonious blend between personal and professional realms. This balance, however, doesn't solely refer to work life equilibrium; it encompasses growth across both spheres through careful management. While I appreciate the idea of work-life balance, reality often necessitates prioritization, whether towards work or personal matters.

I firmly believe that diligent effort, fuelled by dedication and integrity, forms the bedrock of one's personal brand. This brand represents ‘YOU’ and must be nurtured and elevated continually. Such success, built upon a solid foundation, demands unwavering commitment and has no shortcuts. My accomplishments owe a considerable debt to my team members and superiors who have placed their trust in me over the years. This trust has been pivotal in achieving the milestones we've reached together.

How do you characterize The Indian Steel & Wire Products as an entity and its current market positioning? What distinguishes your organization's offerings for clients?
The Indian Steel and Wire Products Limited (ISWP), an affiliate of Tata Steel since its acquisition in 2003, holds a significant place in the industry. Pioneering the landscape, it marked its inception as one of India's initial wire drawing plants. ISWP strategically occupies a pivotal position in Tata Steel's long
product steel value chain, serving as a downstream value addition unit. The company manufactures TMT bars under the esteemed brand 'Tata TISCON' and galvanized wires under the renowned 'TATA WIRON,' primarily catering to the requirements of Tata Steel's clientele. Further enriching its portfolio, ISWP manufactures rolling mill rolls for the Indian steel long products sector and MIG wires for auto ancillaries. Recognitions such as the "Excellence in Consistent TPM Commitment level -2" award from the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance and acknowledgment as an Emerging Industry leader by the Tata Business Excellence Group underscore our commitment to excellence.

Tell us about your leadership philosophy and the principles you adhere to as a leader. What do you envision for the future?
For me, leadership is rooted in empowering and entrusting team members while establishing effective systems for sustained organizational outcomes. It involves harnessing the team's collective potential to benefit the organization. A leader need not possess all knowledge but should guide the team toward shared goals. Envisioning the future and fostering team ownership are essential. Looking ahead, our team aspires to lead the manufacturing sector, employing advanced technologies and sustainable practices in wire manufacturing. Our commitment extends beyond products to environmentally conscious processes, efficiency, and an informed workforce. Embracing automation, AI, and data analytics, we'll pioneer innovation and continuous improvement. Our journey emphasizes community wellbeing, fostering empowered individuals who contribute diverse skills to a united vision. Through training and mentorship, we'll cultivate pride and fulfillment in collective accomplishments.

Given your extensive industry experience, what guidance would you offer emerging leaders?
My focus leans toward the younger generation, a potent force shaping India's future. Today's youth, raised in a digitally connected world, holds superior potential. Embracing failure as a valuable lesson is crucial failures impart enduring wisdom. Furthermore, cultivating patience is essential. Life is akin to a marathon, and there exists no shortcut to attaining success. The process demands the gradual accumulation of experiences, wisdom, and skills. Building a robust network is equally crucial forging meaningful connections with peers, mentors, and professionals across diverse fields can provide insights, encouragement, and avenues for advancement. Be a lifelong student, embrace challenges, and risks. Empower your team with resilience, integrity, diversity, and inclusion at the core.

Abhijit A Nanoti, MD, The Indian Steel & Wire Products
With a rich and diverse background, Abhijit has carved a notable path in the steel industry. His journey encompasses over three decades, during which he has gained significant expertise and leadership insights.

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