Abhijit Shanbhag: A Trailblazer In Shaping The Future Of Smart Cities, Enterprises, & Smart Spaces | CEOInsights Vendor
Abhijit Shanbhag: A Trailblazer In Shaping The Future Of Smart Cities, Enterprises, & Smart Spaces

Abhijit Shanbhag: A Trailblazer In Shaping The Future Of Smart Cities, Enterprises, & Smart Spaces

 Abhijit Shanbhag,   CEO & President

Abhijit Shanbhag

CEO & President

As the demand for security and operational efficiency continues to increase, businesses and public spaces are turning to artificial intelligence to enhance their CCTV camera systems. Abhijit Shanbhag, the founder of Graymatics, recognized the potential of AI-powered solutions in this area and established his firm to provide innovative security and operational solutions to gain a competitive advantage in the market. By using AI and machine learning, Graymatics offers deep video analysis in real-time, providing scalable and efficient solutions to enhance security and improve customer experiences.

Abhijit Shanbhag is an accomplished entrepreneur who has transformed the tech industry with his innovative use of AI-powered solutions in the field of video analytics. His leadership has helped position Graymatics as a leader in the market, while his entrepreneurial spirit and vision continue to drive the company forward. Below is an excerpt of Abhijit Shanbhag’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

How would you describe your experience as an entrepreneur so far?
I have had an exciting entrepreneurial journey thus far, starting with my work at Qualcomm in the late 90s driving the 3G Wireless standards and leading the first 3G base station transceiver effort in the industry. After Qualcomm’s Base Station business was acquired by Ericsson, I decided to take the leap and start my venture, founding Scintera Networks in 2001 soon after 9/11. Scintera Networks’ development of high-speed multiGHz intelligent signal processing chips in the mixed signal domain was revolutionary at the time and received backing from top venture capital firms such as
Kleiner Perkins and August Capital and corporate partners, including Samsung and Maxim. After Scintera Networks was acquired by Maxim Semiconductors, I went on to found Graymatics, a video AI company that has pioneered the use of deep AI within computer vision technology for video content analysis.

Graymatics is paving the way for a smarter, safer future by leading the charge in AI-powered cognitive multimedia solutions

What lessons did you learn from the institute and how have they helped your journey?
My time at IIT Mumbai has been a crucial part of my professional journey. The experience helped me cultivate a passion for building technologies that could make a difference in people's lives. The exposure to diverse and talented individuals instilled a strong desire in me to make an impact on a global scale, which became a driving force in my career. I am grateful to the talented students, alumni, faculty, and staff who have all played a vital role in my development and success. The education and network I gained from IIT Mumbai have been instrumental in my career journey, and I will always cherish my time there.

Define Graymatics-SG as an organization and its position in the market.
As the CEO of Graymatics, I'm proud to say that our company is at the forefront of video and artificial intelligence systems, particularly when it comes to CCTV videos. Our platform is one of the most versatile and scalable in the industry, and we're dedicated to serving a wide range of verticals. We work with every domain from smart cities and safe cities to airports, seaports, construction sites, fast food restaurants, retail stores, hospitals, and even ships. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions that enhance security, improve customer experience, promote worker safety, and streamline operations across various industries. We're passionate about using technology to create a safer, more efficient, and more connected world.
Can you elaborate on the strategic plan you have developed for the company's growth over the next five years?
As the CEO of Graymatics, my vision is for our company to become a global leader in the video AI space, positively impacting the lives of over a billion people and millions of enterprises within the next five years. To achieve this, we have set two major goals for the company.

Our first goal is to be the market leader globally in video-based safety and security, leveraging our cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. Graymatics aims to be synonymous with safety, security, and efficiency, expanding our solutions to different verticals like retail and construction, and driving the digital transformation of processes through multimedia AI. We are proud of our diverse solution base with over 100 tailor-made offerings, continuously refining them to meet customer requirements. Our expansion plans encompass 100 cities and 1000 locations globally, including critical infrastructures such as hospitals, airports, seaports, and retail stores.

Our second goal is to foster a great work culture, providing a platform for young engineers and professionals to develop leadership and technical skills. We believe in empowering young professionals with autonomy and responsibility to keep us innovative in this ever-changing digital world.

In addition to our key verticals, we are exploring new opportunities in renewable energy, manufacturing, and automation to reduce human error and workplace accidents. We are operating in LATAM, focusing on manufacturing and smart cities, while restarting operations in key markets like KSA and Japan.

By pursuing these goals, Graymatics aims to reshape the industry, leaving a lasting impact on safety, security, and the future of AI.

Abhijit Shanbhag, CEO & President, Graymatics-SG
A successful entrepreneur, technologist, and innovator, Abhijit Shanbag completed his B. Tech from IIT Mumbai. In his professional journey so far, Abhijit has been part of various prominent companies like Qualcomm Incorporated, as well as, has established two firms Scintera Networks and Graymatics-SG.

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