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Amit Sarda: Visionary Financial Strategist Driving Growth & Innovation With Industry Expertise

Amit Sarda: Visionary Financial Strategist Driving Growth & Innovation With Industry Expertise

 Amit Sarda,  Head-Finance

Amit Sarda


A role of a leader in finance domain extends beyond number crunching and financial management; they often serve as key influencers shaping the overall direction of the company. Amit Sarda, a seasoned financial professional, offers more than 12 years of extensive experience in strategic finance positions spanning various sectors including IT, Retail, and Logistics. His proficiency covers crucial domains such as MIS, Budgeting, Treasury Management, and strategic fundraising. Renowned for introducing inventive financial approaches and demonstrating robust leadership qualities, Amit has played a significant role in enhancing the growth and effectiveness of KARMALIFE AI in his tenure. Let’s hear from him in this one on one interaction.

Can you provide a concise overview of your professional history and experiences? What inspires and propels your daily activities?

Having accumulated over 12+ years of experience as both a Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary, I've cultivated my proficiency across various industries such as IT, Retail, Logistics, and currently, Fintech. My responsibilities encompass crucial financial tasks such as MIS, Budgeting, Treasury Management, among others. What motivates me every day is recognizing the essential role finance serves in empowering management with vital tools and insights necessary for strategic decision-making.

How would you define KARMALIFE AI as an organization and its current position in the market?

Established in 2020 by Rohit Rathi, Naveen Buddha, and Badal Malik, KARMALIFE AI has swiftly emerged as a thriving presence in the Fintech sector, focusing on the financial requirements of Gig workers. Our noteworthy achievement includes securing a substantial Series A funding of Rs. 44 Crs in February 2023, showcasing strong investor belief in our vision. Particularly, we've solidified our position as the leading entity in the Earned Wage Access program within the market.

As the Finance Head of KARMALIFE AI, how do you plan to apply your long professional experience in this
domain to add more stars to the organization's profile? Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?

In my capacity as the Finance Head at KARMALIFE AI, I aim to leverage my extensive professional background to elevate the organization's standing. With a strong foundation in logistics and retail, particularly in optimizing working capital, I intend to solve this issue for our partners, with the help of KARMALIFE AI. Our objective is to empower Gig workers financially by facilitating early access to wages, ultimately enhancing retention rates and positively impacting our business operations.

Beyond facilitating convenient access to financial products, we're pioneering innovative financial solutions tailored specifically to address the distinctive challenges& opportunities inherent in the gig economy

As a leader in the finance department, I anchor my approach in transparency, collaboration, and strategic vision. I prioritize empowering my team, providing them with autonomy and fostering an environment that encourages innovative thinking and critical problem-solving. My strategy involves maintaining a balanced perspective, addressing both short-term financial stability and long-term strategic objectives. Open communication is key; ensuring each team member comprehends our financial goals and their individual contributions to our collective success. This inclusive and forward-thinking leadership style is paramount in navigating the ever evolving landscape of the Fintech industry.

How do you ensure your awareness of ongoing industry developments to guide your organization into the future?

Remaining updated on the swiftly evolving Fintech landscape is crucial. I actively involve myself in industry reports, frequent attendance at key Fintech conferences, and active participation in think-tank discussions. Networking with prominent figures and trailblazers in the field grants invaluable insights into emerging trends. Moreover, I advocate for and allocate resources to continuous learning and development initiatives for our
finance team. This commitment guarantees not only our current relevance but also positions us as pioneers in adopting cutting-edge financial strategies and technologies. This proactive approach allows KARMALIFE AI to maintain agility and responsiveness in the face of market shifts, preserving our competitive advantage.

What novel financial strategies or advancements is the organization currently pursuing? What financial roadmap has been charted for KARMALIFE AI?

At KARMALIFE AI, our financial objectives transcend conventional frameworks, focusing on empowering gig workers financially. Acknowledging the anticipated growth of the gig economy, projected to rise from 7.7 million in 2020-21 to 23.5 million by 2029-30 according to the Niti Aayog Report, we're strategically positioning ourselves at the forefront of this evolution. Our strategy involves close collaboration with over six NBFCs, harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence not solely as a tool but as a pivotal force in engaging a wide spectrum of gig workers.

Beyond facilitating convenient access to financial products, we're pioneering innovative financial solutions tailored specifically to address the distinctive challenges and opportunities inherent in the gig economy. This encompasses exploring new pathways in micro-financing, flexible credit options, and personalized financial advisory services aimed at augmenting the financial literacy and autonomy of gig workers.

As the head of finance, my primary focus areas encompass establishing and upholding robust financial controls, ensuring meticulous adherence to the swiftly evolving Fintech sector regulations, and driving operational efficiencies. These endeavors aim not only at attaining EBITDA positivity in the forthcoming fiscal year but also at laying a resilient, sustainable financial groundwork that aligns with our long-term strategic objectives. This roadmap is crafted to propel KARMALIFE AI towards a future where financial inclusion and empowerment become tangible realities for the gig economy workforce.

Amit Sarda, Finance Head, KarmaLife AI

Amit Sarda, with 12+ years' expertise in strategic finance spanning IT, Retail, Logistics, excels in MIS, Budgeting, Treasury Management, fundraising. Renowned for innovation, leadership, driving organizational efficiency.

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