Anand Dhall & Preeti Dhall: A Dynamic Duo Renowned For Their Unique & Sustainable Designs | CEOInsights Vendor
Anand Dhall & Preeti Dhall: A Dynamic Duo Renowned For Their Unique & Sustainable Designs

Anand Dhall & Preeti Dhall: A Dynamic Duo Renowned For Their Unique & Sustainable Designs

  Anand Dhall & Preeti Dhall,   Chief Product & Technology Officer

Anand Dhall & Preeti Dhall

Chief Product & Technology Officer

The leaders in the interior design industry are currently witnessing several noteworthy market trends. Sustainability and ecofriendly design practices are gaining prominence, focusing on using renewable materials and incorporating energy-efficient solutions. Technology integration, such as smart home systems and virtual reality tools, is becoming increasingly popular. Clients seek personalized and experiential designs, emphasizing unique aesthetics and creating spaces that reflect individuality. Additionally, a growing demand for wellness-oriented designs prioritizing health, comfort, and mental well-being is growing. These trends are driving innovation and reshaping the interior design landscape. Preeti Dhall, Principal Designer of Livespace Interiors, is a highly accomplished woman with over two decades of experience in the interior design industry. With a passion for interiors and a diverse skill set, Preeti's leadership has enabled Livespace Interiors to flourish, establishing multiple offices and expanding into international markets, including Canada and the United States. Let’s read to know more.

Please provide a brief overview of your professional background and experiences.
Over the course of 29 years, I have been immersed in the interior design industry, commencing my career after completing a three-year diploma in interior design from Delhi in 1993. Working alongside talented designers in esteemed companies, I garnered valuable experience that shaped my passion for interior design. Subsequently, I ventured into freelancing, and a pivotal opportunity as a vice president with a renowned developer fueled my confidence to establish my own interior design firm. Recognizing the synergy between our skill sets, I merged my company with my husband's Electrical Engineering firm, which he founded almost 16 years ago. This collaboration enables us to offer a comprehensive range of services, harnessing our collective expertise in interiors, electrical, construction, and technical aspects.
On the other hand, my husband, Anand Dhall, embarked on a journey in civil and electrical engineering. Beginning in prominent construction firms and thriving during a transformative period in Dubai, Anand built a robust foundation in civil and electrical engineering. Sixteen years ago, he founded his successful company, and seven years ago, we strategically merged our ventures, blending our shared vision and unique strengths. Today, as a CEO, Anand drives our combined entity towards new heights, embodying the principles of collaborative leadership and adaptation in our ever-evolving industry landscape. Together, our journey has been characterized by growth, innovation, and a passion for delivering exceptional interior design solutions at Livespace Interiors.

I believe the beauty of design is its ability to transform a space into something truly extra ordinary & it should be timeless, elegant look that never goes out of style

How does Livespace Interiors define itself as an organization, and what is its position in the market? What unique proposition does your organization offer to clients?
As the Principal Designer of Livespace Interiors, I am proud to define our organization as a dynamic and versatile design, Construction and Electrical firm. With our multi-disciplinary approach encompassing architecture, electrical, and interior design, we provide a holistic solution to our clients. Our team of detail-driven professionals strives for perfection in every project, from the foundation to the finishing touches. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to stylish designs and flawless execution, backed by 25 years of experience. We love pushing the boundaries of creativity to meet our client's unique needs, ensuring their satisfaction. With a team of over 500 contractors across Canada and India, we are positioned as a market leader in the interior and architectural industry, delivering exceptional results to our valued clients.

How does Livespace Interiors maintain alignment with technological advancements in the industry, and what measures do they take to ensure customer satisfaction?
At Livespace Interiors, staying aligned with technological advancements in the industry is a priority for us. We understand the significance of utilizing new
technology to save time and enhance our design process. We explore every angle with 3D scanning, enabling us to quickly calculate measurements and export scans directly to tools like SketchUp or Revit. This streamlines our workflow and ensures accuracy in our designs. Additionally, we embrace online platforms such as Pinterest, and Architectural Digest to create visual collections and gather inspiration.

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business model and philosophy and we prioritize accessibility, solution oriented service, and prompt delivery to every client, regardless of location. Direct contact with our clients is vital, and our team me and Anand we remain closely involved in project progress. This direct interaction ensures effective communication and enables us to promptly address any concerns or provide updates. Every client is equally important, irrespective of the project's size, and we strive to offer the same level of high-quality service to all. Our geographical presence in India and Canada also contributes to our commitment to customer satisfaction and leveraging different time zones allows us to execute tasks efficiently.

What are your leadership traits, team guidelines, future roadmap, and anticipated market changes?
As a leader, we prioritize accessibility, open communication, empathy, and being solution-oriented. We encourage an open-door policy, allowing team members to approach me or my co-leader with any challenges they may face which fosters transparency, trust, and effective communication. Being empathetic, we actively listen and provide practical solutions to address concerns. We follow guidelines emphasizing organization, time management, and budget adherence, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within the allocated resources. Looking ahead, we anticipate market changes, such as focusing on sustainability, digitalization, and flexible spaces. We plan to leverage these trends to continue delivering our clients high quality, innovative, and sustainable designs.

Anand Dhall & Preeti Dhall, Principal, Designer Livespace Interior
An accomplished and visionary interior designer, known for their creative flair, sustainable design approach, and expertise in delivering exceptional spaces.

•Hobbies: Reading Inspirational books ,Travelling and exploring New Trends
•Favorite Cuisine: Indian Food
•Favorite Book:'The Power Of Letting Go'by John Purkis
•Favorite Travel Destination: India, Canada and US

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