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Anshuman Agrawal: Leading The Charge In Cleantech Solutions For A Sustainable Future

Anshuman Agrawal: Leading The Charge In Cleantech Solutions For A Sustainable Future

Anshuman Agrawal,   MD & CEO

Anshuman Agrawal


In India, the oil and gas sector is a powerful force that sets the pace for decision-making across other vital industries. It holds a coveted position as one of the nation's eight core industries, serving as a critical component for driving economic growth. As the demand for oil and gas continues to surge upward, the sector's investment potential continues to flourish, signaling a promising future for businesses looking to capitalize on the opportunity. Minimac Systems has been a ruling entity in this field.

During an exclusive interview, Anshuman Agrawal enlightened us on the key to effective leadership and showcased how remarkable results can be achieved even in the face of challenging circumstances.

Can you provide a summary of your professional history and accomplishments, and what drives your daily routine and work ethic?
I graduated from Mecca of Earth Sciences Studies, IIT-ISM Dhanbad in 2005 and then joined Tata Motors as an Assistant Manager. I worked there for about one and a half years, where I was involved in the commercial vehicle business unit and handled some prestigious projects. Later, I resigned from Tata Motors and started a trading firm named Minimac Solutions in 2007, which focused on filters and filter parts. In 2012, I started my second entrepreneurial venture, Minimac Systems, which focused on manufacturing and exporting cleantech solutions for lubrication and the usage of the same. Since then, we have expanded our customer base and team size significantly. We serve various sectors like oil and gas, power, steel, cement, mining, railways, and defense, offering customized products and services as per the
application area and the requirement of customers. Our vision is to reduce 860 Gigagrams of CO2e by 2034 through better technologies, services, and products customized to different application areas. We never say no to any challenge and that's our team's biggest motivation every morning.

Minimac team eagerly embraces challenges & problems, approach them with a resolute mindset & is determined to find solutions

What are the values that customers can anticipate from the solutions of Minimac Systems?
Minimac Systems provides significant value addition to companies and countries aiming to achieve Net Zero targets through decarbonization. The utilization of oils and lubricants is a significant contributor to carbon dioxide emissions and GHG emissions. By enhancing the life cycle of lubricants, Minimac Systems reduces overall lubricant usage and helps to decrease the generation of hazardous waste oil, resulting in a reduction of GHG emissions.

Could you share your approach to leadership and the principles or methods you adhere to as a leader?
In my leadership philosophy, I firmly believe that true empowerment means allowing my team members to spread their wings and soar. Instead of spoonfeeding them, I offer them opportunities to grow and evolve by taking on responsibilities and facing challenges head-on. My role is to guide and support them, not to micromanage them. By giving them the necessary tools and resources, I enable them to make decisions and take risks, even if it means the possibility of failure. This approach not only helps them develop pride and self-confidence but also fosters experiential learning and development. To me, it doesn't matter if they are fresher or experienced team members everyone is given high level projects that push them to their limits. While the ultimate responsibility for success rests in their capable
hands, I am dedicated to providing an environment where they can maximize their potential and achieve remarkable outcomes.

What is the ultimate goal or objective you are aiming to achieve in the future?
Over the next five years, we aim to achieve a 50 percent CAGR and expand our market presence to new geographies by establishing offices and offering new products, technologies, and services. Additionally, we plan to explore diversified business opportunities such as implementing reverse logistics for lubricants to establish a circular economy for the industry. This will involve collecting used lubricants and sending them to re-refiners for further purification and reconditioning.

As some one with significant industry experience, what guidance would you offer to aspiring industry leaders?
It's crucial for upcoming leaders in the tech industry, as well as all stake holders, to focus on ESG cleantech solutions as the world moves towards decarbonization. This includes taking action in their personal lives, professions, and organizations to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute towards a sustainable future. The threat of global warming is significant, and achieving NetZero targets for organizations and countries is essential. Therefore, decarbonization activities should start at the household level and not just rely on policy-making at higher levels. By working together and taking small steps towards decarbonization, we can achieve bigger targets and mitigate the impacts of global warming.

Anshuman Agrawal, Managing Director& CEO, Minimac Systems
Anshuman Agrawal’s infectious positivity and tireless efforts have been instrumental in putting Minimac Systems at the forefront of the fight for a cleaner and greener world.

Hobbies:Listening to music, Playing with my daughter
Favourite Cuisine:Indian
Favourite Book: Harry Potter Book Series
Favourite Travel Destination:

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