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Aravind PS: Leading A Commitment Toward Society & Sustainable Development

Aravind PS: Leading A Commitment Toward Society & Sustainable Development

Aravind PS,  Founder

Aravind PS


Disposing of waste has huge environmental impacts and needless to say, the most important reason for proper waste management is to protect the environment. We have heard of the saying, `Waste isn't waste until we waste it.' With the inspiration of this quote and the passion to preserve the planet Earth, Aravind PS established Solwearth Ecotech. It all began during a school alumnus meeting when Aravind and his childhood friend, saw the urgency to address the impact of waste on the biological ecosystem. This is when the idea to create a food waste management system crossed their mind.

Aravind has always been eager to do great things for society and Solwearth Ecotech has been a success because of his thought of transforming waste into a resource. It took him years of hard work, continuous research, and a brilliant team to build an automatic organic waste disposal machine that converts waste into good soil supplements. The influential leader has a strong 25+ years of experience in the automation industry and leading his other venture TMC Automation. It is because of his inspiring vision, creativity, and great leadership capabilities that today Solwearth is one of the leading brands in organic waste management. Let's hear it from him.

Describe the technology implemented in the processing of organic waste. How is Solwearth unique from other waste management companies?
Biodegradable wastes during the process of decomposition starts emitting harmful gases & foul smells. It becomes difficult for companies to handle the mess created by waste. But our indigenous innovation is nothing like the other products in the waste management market. Our machine completely converts food waste into nutrient sand. There are only two things that come out of our machine after the decomposition process one is nutrient-enriched sand and clear water.

We have a lot more plans in store for the coming years; we aim to touch every city in the country and even take our organic solutions across international borders

Other machines in the market take 45 days to complete the process of decomposition, whereas our machine does that in 24 hours. This machine requires no additives, you just need to switch on the power and it starts operating. It is a wonderful innovation that auto cleans itself after every process and unlike others, it works under every weather condition. We have developed this machine from scratch and completely own this technology. This is what makes us unique

How is the team built and what motivates them to fulfill the social commitment?
Solwearth Ecotech is directed towards a common goal of preserving mother Earth. We have been in this industry for around eight years now and as a team are a community that loves nature and doing its part to keep it green & clean. We are extremely passionate about our work and the fact that we can give something back to society is what keeps us motivated and drives us to do more & build more.

What are the significant achievements that you have secu
red through your innovative waste management technology?
Over the years, we have processed massive amounts of food waste resulting in a large amount of carbon footprint. It is our biggest achievement to contribute to producing an important component of the ecological footprint and be able to do good things for the environment. We are happy that we have been able to eradicate the concept of repulsive odors in the waste management process and create interest in people about the technology. Before Solwearth, there has been no solution that had the power of sustaining the market and creating confidence in a permanent solution to waste management. Today we have become a big contributor to the mission to save the Earth.

What plans have you developed for Solwearth Ecotech as the company's founder?
We plan to continue to invest in developing more & more technologies and implement them in our operations. At present we are available in many of the states in India and have our factories in Cochin and Bangalore which focus on exports as well as supplies to Northern and Western India. We are working on inaugurating one more factory very soon. And this can never be the end we have a lot more plans in store for the coming years we aim to touch every city in the country and even take our organic solutions across international borders.

Aravind PS, Founder, Solwearth Ecotech
Having a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kerala, Aravind holds great knowledge & experience in automation & technical fields.Apart from being the founder of Solwearth Ecotech, he is also the founder & director of TMC Automation.

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