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Aswath Reddy: Striving To Achieve Success With Transformative Leadership Approach

Aswath Reddy: Striving To Achieve Success With Transformative Leadership Approach

   Aswath Reddy,    Director

Aswath Reddy


SRM University, Chennai has produced an impressive roster of notable alumni who have risen to become exemplary leaders in their respective fields. From pioneering entrepreneurs and visionary CEOs to influential innovators, these graduates are a testament to the university's commitment to excellence and its profound impact on shaping the leaders of the future. Among them, Aswath Reddy stands out as a distinguished alumnus, exemplifying excellence, vision, and transformative leadership in his field. His achievements inspire and pave the way for future generations of leaders from SRM University.

In this interview with CEO Insights, Aswath Reddy sheds light on his professional journey and describes his path to success.

Can you provide a brief overview of your professional journey?
It all started during my school days. When I changed schools multiple times, I got the opportunity to experience diverse cultures and meet various people. These encounters sparked my interest in connecting with new individuals and learning from them.

When it came to choosing a university, I had the opportunity to attend one in a different city, which excited me as I've always enjoyed traveling and gaining different experiences. After completing my studies in civil engineering, I pursued a postgraduate degree in construction management from Kingston University in London. In 2012, I joined my father's company, which he had founded in 1990. I initially worked on projects with his guidance but soon began managing projects independently.

Over time, I realized the potential for diversifying the business and decided to venture into the hospitality industry. We are currently building a hotel in collaboration with Marriott, and I also started my own refurbishment business in the UK, completing several projects successfully.

While my journey has had its share
of ups and downs, the experiences and challenges I faced, especially during my time in the UK, proved to be invaluable in shaping my current role. My passion for meeting new people and learning from different perspectives continues to drive me every day, and I believe that the lessons from the past have prepared me for a fruitful future.

Embrace ethical reasoning, be practical, and foster humility while encouraging collective growth for a successful future

Could you provide more details about your academic experience at SRM University and the lessons you carry with you to this day?
SRM University provided me with a mix of academic and social experiences, helping me develop a balanced approach to life and fostering lasting friendships. Although I enjoyed spending time with friends and exploring different places, I also maintained a respectful relationship with my teachers, which was important to me.

Throughout my first to fourth year, I had the opportunity to interact with diverse groups of people, including friends from my bus, classmates, hostel mates, and those in the automobile section. Since the university attracted students from various regions of India, there were some cultural differences that occasionally led to ups and downs in friendships. Nevertheless, by the end of the fourth year, we all came together, learned valuable lessons, and gained insights into how to navigate life.

How would you describe Krishna Group as an organization and its position in the market?
The Krishna Group, is a prominent real estate developer in Chennai. With a strong reputation spanning four decades, the company excels in providing affordably priced luxury properties that combine modern conveniences, contemporary design, and futuristic building technology. Our portfolio includes residential and commercial projects, making them a leading player in the Indian real estate industry.

We prioritize quality in our products, building a maximum of around 200 city-exclusive apartments in one project with prices ranging from one to six crores. We source locally to ensure long-term customer satisfaction, facilitating easy access
to post hand over services and support. Our portfolio includes commercial buildings, offices, retail spaces, and high-end apartments. Proximity to main roads and transport stations is crucial. Considering all this we are recognized as a reliable choice for apartments. We strive to meet varied customer needs, even if specific location preferences cannot always be accommodated.

How do you help the company stay up-to date with the latest trends in construction, renovation, and design?
To keep up with the latest trends, we embrace a culture of openness and acceptance of new ideas. When some one presents a better idea or innovation, we encourage and appreciate them, which helps us steer the company in new and exciting directions. We also adopt new technologies like ERP systems and construction management software to streamline processes and improve efficiency. While we are open to trying new techniques, we also assess their cost effectiveness, ensuring they fit within our budget. Our dynamic team contributes to this process with their valuable ideas shared in regular meetings. If a particular approach doesn't work, we quickly pivot and explore the next best option, recognizing that learning and growth are essential aspects not only for the company but also for life.

What advice you would like to give to budding entrepreneurs?
My advice to aspiring industry leaders is to maintain a strong sense of ethical reasoning and decision making in all their endeavors. It's essential to have your own unique style and approach, but humility should always be embraced. Remaining humble, no matter the successes achieved, is crucial for personal growth and building positive relationships with others. Practicality and logic should guide your way toward your dreams, ensuring that your goals are attainable and grounded in reality. Additionally, as a leader, it's essential to create an environment where colleagues feel empowered to share their ideas. Encouraging their development and growth aligns with the company's progress, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Aswath Reddy, Director, Krishna Group
Aswath Reddy pursued civil engineering and a postgraduate degree in construction management in London. He joined his father's company in 2012. He has been instrumental in shaping the future of The Krishna Group.

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