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Ayush Aggarwal: Shaping Trust & Long-Term Investments In Financial Markets

Ayush Aggarwal: Shaping Trust & Long-Term Investments In Financial Markets

  Ayush Aggarwal,   Director & CIO

Ayush Aggarwal

Director & CIO

The financial market industry serves as a dynamic and intricate ecosystem where investments, trading, and economic activities converge to shape global financial landscapes. In this arena, Ayush Aggarwal stands out as a prominent figure, contributing to its advancement and enhancement. Holding the position of Chief Investment Officer at SMC Private Wealth Vertical within SMC Global Securities, Ayush Aggarwal exemplifies a commitment to cultivating trust among investors within the capital market. Through his strategic leadership, he has fostered an environment that encourages long-term investments and instills confidence in their clientele. Ayush's role involves a keen understanding of financial market dynamics, a skill honed during his MBA studies at SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai. His proficiency in recognizing dynamic market trends empowers him to find emerging investment opportunities for his HNI clients. Let’s discover more in the below interview snippets.

Could you provide a brief summary of your professional history and expertise? What drives your daily activities?
Currently, I serve as the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at SMC Private Wealth, a division of SMC Global Securities. My association with SMC dates back to 2015, and I have been affiliated with the SMC Group for a total of eight years. While pursuing my Chartered Accountancy course from ICAI and while doing an MBA from Mumbai's SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, I acquired insights into the various elements impacting the economy and financial sectors. My perspective has also been featured in renowned media outlets such as the Economic Times, CNBC TV18, and including Zee News.

I head the PMS Division at SMC and notably under my leadership, SMC's SEBI registered PMS Growth scheme has given our investors an impressive 30 percent CAGR returns
over the past three years as of March 31st, 2023. My core objective revolves around instilling investor confidence in the capital market and enhancing it as a conducive ground for long term investments. I firmly believe that every investor should aim to achieve a Compounded Annual Growth Rate of at least 12-15 percent over the long term by diversifying their investments across different asset classes.

I Firmly Believe That Every Investor Should Aim To Achieve A Compounded Annual Growth Rate Of At Least 12-15 Percent Over The Long Term By Diversifying Their Investments Across Different Asset Classes

How would you characterize SMC Private Wealth as an entity and its current standing within the market?
SMC Private Wealth, a subsidiary of SMC Global Securities, commenced its operations in 2008. In 2019, this wealth management division was integrated with the parent entity, SMC Group. Cut to 2023, SMC's reach extends to 456 cities across India, facilitated by a network of approximately 2,558 Sub Brokers and Authorized Persons. The company operates 165 branches, including one in Dubai, and has demonstrated a formidable presence in the market with a dedicated staff of 4,050 individuals.

At SMC Private Wealth, we have a team of highly skilled and qualified investment advisors who excel in cultivating strong and productive client relationships. Our approach sets us apart in the industry because we don't merely distribute products instead, we provide comprehensive investment solutions. Unlike our peers, we adopt a holistic perspective on our clients' wealth, ensuring that their financial needs are met with precision and sophistication. Our commitment to efficiency, effectiveness, and a client-centric approach positions us as trusted partners in the journey toward their financial growth and success.

In the last few years, SMC Private Wealth has also won several accolades and awards. Some of them include the ‘Best Financial Services Provider Award’ by Assocham ‘Wealth Creator in
Financial and Consulting Sector’ by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India(ICAI); ‘Company of the Year (Financial Services)’ by Zee Business ‘Investments Management and Advisory Company of the Year’ by Brands Academy among others.

Could you provide a concise overview of your flagship offering, and its unique selling points, and touch upon your performance history?
Our array of services encompasses a variety of products tailored to meet our clients' requirements. Among these, our primary offering is the Portfolio Management Services (PMS), a source of considerable pride for us. Within our PMS, we adopt a proactive approach by consistently monitoring shifts in the market landscape. Our methodology is characterized by poised and strategic decision-making, even amidst periods of volatility. A foundational element of our strategy involves robust risk management, designed to safeguard portfolio stability. As mentioned above, our SMC Growth scheme has translated into an impressive 30 percent CAGR for our investors in the last 3 years. As a result, we maintain a confident outlook that this product can generate substantial returns for investors over long term.

Given your industry experience, what advice would you offer to emerging leaders in the field?
To aspiring industry leaders, I urge them to perceive learning as an ongoing voyage. Grasp the intricacies of the market, embrace shifts, and nurture resilience. Infuse ethical considerations, integrity, and empathy into their choices. Success is driven by a client-centric philosophy and a willingness to innovate. Failures are inherent to the journey, not setbacks. Instead of belittling competitors, extract lessons from their errors and appreciate client insights. Embrace the importance of digitalization, as it embodies the future heartbeat of the industry. Through unwavering dedication, learning from each stride, and the courage to adapt, they can carve out a pathway to triumph in this ever-evolving landscape.

Ayush Aggarwal, Director - SMC Group CIO - SMC Private Wealth (A Division Of SMC Global Securities)
Ayush is the Chief Investment Officer at SMC Private Wealth, Ayush's keen understanding of market dynamics and his knack for identifying growth opportunities in the financial world have earned him a reputation as an industry influencer.

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