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Balasubramaniam M: Navigating Challenges In Healthcare With Leadership Approach

Balasubramaniam M: Navigating Challenges In Healthcare With Leadership Approach

Balasubramaniam M,   CEO

Balasubramaniam M


Medical Technology experts are witnessing a surge in need as healthcare demand for both communicable & noncommunicable diseases is increasing due to lifestyle changes. MedTech domain experts help in developing life-saving technologies, resulting in more connected and data-driven healthcare solutions. As these experts continue to push the boundaries of medical technology, the healthcare industry will benefit from its advanced electronics and software, in shaping the future of healthcare delivery and patient care.

Balasubramaniam M, Co-Founder and CEO of 3i Medical Technologies group is one such visionary with a proven track record of three decades in the Medical Technology domain. With a strong commitment to innovation, he has led the company's success in developing cutting-edge technology solutions in the field of Diagnostic Imaging. Bala's strategic acumen and commitment have established 3i Medical Technologies as a leader in the advancement of healthcare technology in Diagnostic Imaging.

In an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights Asia, Bala enlightens us more about his professional traits and 3i Medical Technologies.

Give a brief account of your profes-sional journey and how you chose Medical electronics in late 1980s as your career.

I graduated in Electronics & Communi-cations degree from NIT Warangal during a pivotal period when Computer Science was emerging. Despite most peers opting for Computers or Telecom, my interest lay in IT, fueled by a software-focused college project. Joining Indchem Electronics in Chennai, with divisions in Telecom, IT & Medical Electronics, I initially hesitated about the medical electronics role offered. Advised by a mentor on the impactful nature of medical technology and its role in saving lives, I decided to explore it for six months.

In that time, I not only embraced the field but flourished. Over three decades, I devoted myself to medical technology, holding leadership roles in global companies like Toshiba and GE Healthcare. What started as a
detour evolved into a rich, fulfilling journey in the dynamic world of medical electronics and contributing to the 'chain of saving lives'.

Could you share your academic experience at NIT Warangal? What did you learn from the campus beyond academics?

NIT Warangal is the first REC in India and was founded by then PM Jawaharlal Nehru with a vision of bringing academic excellence and cultural understanding to different states of India with students from every state represented in every stream of study. This multi-regional mix of students which was further enhanced by the compulsory hostel life created an environment of excellent bonding among students, creating a tight-knit community of different regions. NIT Warangal not only offered me excellent academic development but also fostered lifelong relationships and camaraderie, making it the most memorable chapter in my life.

Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence & making sure that impact lasts in your absence

Define 3i Medical Technologies as an organization and its position in the market.

Following an extensive stint in GE Healthcare as Regional Director, over-seeing ASEAN & APAC regions, my fervor to return to India led to the association with CURA Healthcare in 2013, spearheading India's transition to digital radiology. Pioneering the nation's first digital X-ray, CURA surpassed multinational competitors, cementing leadership. After exiting from CURA in 2018, I partnered with industrial giant Refex group, to launch 3i Medical Technologies. We also acquired CURA in 2022 to pursue in our mission to introduce core technologies, positioning us as India's second-largest Diagnostic X-ray equipment manufacturer.

With our three factories, our focus is on offering Diagnostic Imaging products which includes launching a premium 1.5T MRI scanner, blending advanced technology and patient-friendliness. We offer a full suite of advanced diagnostic imaging solutions, curated in India through global technology partnerships. 3i Medical Technologies is committed to making cutting-edge diagnostic technology accessible and affordable to clinicians across the country and also other emerging markets of the world.

How have you built the team and how do you guide them to build
highly reliable, quality, and safe diagnostic imaging products?

My foundation in the healthcare industry stems from extensive training at my first job and subsequent professional leadership roles in Global MNCs. I consistently convey to my team the importance of their roles in delivering outcomes in the shortest possible time, whether as service engineers who fix the machine or a dispatch of a part immediately, and its effect on timely delivery and its impact in patient outcomes. Every minute counts in the healthcare industry. While we do not provide healthcare service delivery, but we help clinicians to provide better diagnoses and treatments. The desire to work in an industry where every day has the potential to save lives drives my team, inspiring them to wake up every day and be aware that they can make a difference that day to someone else's life.

As the CEO, what are the factors you take into account when developing effective corporate growth strategies?

I stress to my team on growth with profit-ability in today's fiercely competitive landscape. Company size is secondary; agility and swift execution are paramount. Our strategic focus centers on differen-tiating ourselves in a market dominated by multinational corporations. We prioritize frugal and relevant innovation to meet the diverse needs of tier 2 & 3 customers. Committed to providing accessible, user-friendly solutions, we emphasize tailoring our products to the unique requirements of our diverse customer base. Our growth strategy involves market expansion, both domestically and internationally, targeting unmet clinical needs. Collaboration with tech companies enhances our medical devices, ensuring continuous quality improvement for sustained brand reputation, market growth, and profit-ability.

Balasubramaniam M, CEO, 3i Medical Technologies

Balasubramaniam M, Co-Founder & CEO of 3i Medical, boasts three decades in medical electronics. Leading 3i Medical Techno-logies, he prioritizes agility, market understanding, and accessible healthcare solutions. His strategic acumen and dedication have solidified 3i Medical Technologies as a leader in advancing healthcare technology.

•Hobbies:Travelling & relaxing in nature on farmland
•Favourite cuisines:South Indian, North Indian, Italian & Thai
•Favourite books: Management & biographies of great leaders
•Favourite Travel Destination:North India especially the Himalayas

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