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Chandramouli Chowdhury:  A Strategic Pathfinder Redefining Healthcare Technological Paradigms

Chandramouli Chowdhury: A Strategic Pathfinder Redefining Healthcare Technological Paradigms

Chandramouli Chowdhury,  Managing Director

Chandramouli Chowdhury

Managing Director

In India, the imperative for cost-effective healthcare solutions, specially tailored for smaller facilities, underscores the need for accessibility and inclusivity in the medical landscape. Chandramouli Chowdhury's commit-ment to developing such solutions reflects a profound understanding of the industry's diverse needs. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by smaller healthcare establishments, his strategic approach aims to empower them with affordable, cutting-edge technology, contributing significantly to the enhancement of healthcare services and fostering a more equitable healthcare infrastructure in the country.

Chandramouli Chowdhury, affectionately known as Mouli, stands as a dynamic force in the realm of healthcare technology, serving as the Managing Director of RADIQ IMAGE Information Systems. With a career steeped in dedication and a visionary leadership approach, Mouli has become synonymous with transformative initiatives in the healthcare landscape. His journey began over a decade ago, a testament to his enduring commitment to innovation and excellence.

Below is an excerpt of Chandramouli Chowdhury’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

Could you give a brief account of your professional background and experiences? What is the motivation that fuels your daily routines?

Embarking on my professional journey in 2007 as a Sr. Super Advisor at Apple, I swiftly transitioned into the dynamic realm of healthcare. After diverse experiences in roles ranging from development to sales, I found my niche in Picture Archival Communication System (PACS) technology in 2010, with the belief that it would be the future technology. Over the past 11 years, I have cultivated skills across various domains, from (Server Deployment, Application Engineering, Testing, and Training) application engineering to trouble shooting. In 2022, I assumed a pivotal role as the Managing Director for Southern Asia at RADIQ IMAGE Information Systems.

With a presence in 120 countries,
15000 plus installation, our initiatives have significantly contributed to reshaping diagnostic landscapes, moti-vating me daily in this transformative and impactful industry.

How would you define RADIQ IMAGE Information Systems as an organization and its current position in the market?

RADIQ IMAGE Information Systems despite its inception during the challenging times of 2019, has embarked on an inspiring journey of resilience and growth in the healthcare technology landscape. Acknowledging initial hurdles, a positive shift occurred with my entry into the organization, bringing a fresh vision and an extensive industry network. Through dedicated efforts, we've successfully overcome skepticism in the market and garnered notable installations, including a significant venture into Bangladesh's scientific research sector.

In the Indian landscape, we've celebrated achievements with installations in many prestigious institutions of India. This positive momentum, achieved in just two years, showcases RADIQ's commitment to excellence and positions us on a trajec-tory of sustained success and influence in the healthcare technology sector.

A monthly salary offers motivation, yet a positive work culture inspires daily. Departing from my predecessor's outdated leadership, I've fos-tered transparency, uniting the team for continuous progress & marketplace success

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?

My leadership ethos revolves around approachability and transparency. I discard the traditional notion of hierarchical distance, opting for a friendly demeanor that fosters open communication. Breaking away from the archaic leadership style of my predecessor, I have built bridges of transparency, ensuring that every team member is aware of our collective progress. Daily huddle meetings have become a ritual, where sales, support, quality, and administration converge to share updates, fostering motivation.

Addressing pending issues promptly, I engage in one-on-one interactions, understanding and resolving pain points. I view my team not as subordinates but as indispensable pillars, recognizing that our collective strength forms the bedrock of organizational

How do you keep yourself up-to-date with ongoing industry trends to steer your organization toward the future?

Remaining at the forefront of industry dynamics is pivotal. Attending annual seminars, and global conferences, I engage with professionals from leading companies like Siemens, Philips, AGFA, SAMSUNG, Care Stream, Toshiba GE, and many more. This exposure aids in understanding emerging trends. Extensive reading of business and healthcare literature further broadens my perspective.

Actively establishing connections at the state and ministerial levels, I aim to introduce innovative healthcare solutions to the public sector. By cultivating relation-ships with health secretaries, I facilitate a deeper understanding of the efficiency and dedication embedded in our products. This multifaceted approach ensures I am well-informed and positioned to steer the organization toward a progressive future.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?

My trajectory envisions a future where my organization captures a substantial 70 to 80 percent market share within the next five years. The challenge lies in the financial aspect, given the high price of our sophisticated software. To address this, I'm passionately working on developing an economically friendly version, catering to clients with smaller case volumes in the outskirts and along with new startups regarding Diagnostics, hospitals, and Teleradiology.

My vision extends to making our products accessible to everyone, from individuals with limited cases to renowned hospitals like Apollo Hospitals, Fortis Hospitals, Medica Hospitals, Manipal Hospitals, AIIMS, and more. I'm diversifying offerings, ensuring affordability across various income brackets. Amid uncer-tainties, my solid commitment is to propel RADIQ IMAGE Information Systems into the spotlight, making our innovative health-care solutions widely known and attainable.

Chandramouli Chowdhury, Managing Director, RADiQ IMAGE Information Systems

Chandramouli Chowdhury, known as Mouli, is the accomplished Managing Director of RADIQ IMAGE Information Systems. With a rich background, he has been a driving force in Apple, Microsoft, Zingotel, E4E Solutions, Aditya Birla Group, Teleradiology Solutions, and Meddiff Technologies. A solid educational foundation complements Mouli's extensive career, and his visionary leadership has made a lasting impact on the healthcare technology landscape.

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