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Chirranjiev Khanna: Reframing The Learning In Financial Markets

Chirranjiev Khanna: Reframing The Learning In Financial Markets

Chirranjiev Khanna,  Chief Learning Officer

Chirranjiev Khanna

Chief Learning Officer

An educationist, magical reframer of problems to possibilities, voracious reader, team player, mentor, continuous learner, and music lover, Chirranjiev Khanna (Chief Learning Officer, Stockdaddy) is undoubtedly a dynamic and multi skilled professional. His interest in the Financial Market grew during the years of his Graduation. This is when he started taking the NSE Technical and Fundamental Analysis courses to learn the different dimensions of stock trading. Apart from having a keen interest in the financial markets, Chirranjiev also enjoyed teaching from an early age. Therefore, he decided to combine both his skills to become an educator of the Financial Markets and shifted towards teaching & training people about the trading processes. Currently, as the Head of the Learning Department at Stockdaddy, he is leading a mission to empower one lakh individuals to become self-dependent traders or investors by 2024 by spreading awareness about the Financial Markets and the power of Real Estate Investing.

“I feel I am born to make the life of people much easier by acting as an unbiased mentor and making them understand the complexities of the financial world in a most simplistic manner”, says Chirranjiev. Additionally, he is also a numerologist and graphologist, Neurolinguistic programming practitioner, and Memory trainer who is passionate about understanding the concept of the role of the subconscious mind in our decision-making and has a keen interest in studying different human behavioural aspects. Let’s hear it from him.

What is the unique proposition that Stockdaddy offers to its clients?
There are multiple proprietors in the financial market training domain, but when we think about trust in a brand or we ask people about a single SOP-driven organization brand name, no one comes up with a single name. Hence, we are trying to occupy this vacant space by offering a 360-degree solution in the market. We are focusing more on
the training and learning aspect of the market and concerning the execution, currently, we are offering some free services like EDIC which is not offered by any of the proprietors here we share knowledge on how these analysis are done in the live market.

Our online app consists of learning modules from the basics to the advanced level programs in the stock market. Our goal here is not only to create traders or investors but also to provide them with in depth knowledge of such trading and investing concepts so that they can be self-sufficient and independent in financial decision-making after learning from Stockdaddy as we are organizing this abruptly unorganized sector in a systematic manner.

Our goal here is to make BHARAT FINANCIALLY LITERATE by bringing organization, systems, and processes into this financial education industry

Elaborate about the learning & development framework built within the company.
Our learning modules are in the online format/ app which is developed by our inhouse tech team. Through our application learners can attend both live learning programmes and recorded courses. Even after learning from courses learners are offered assistance in the live markets to learn about the execution and implementation of their learnings. One of the unique features of our learning framework is the kind of support that is provided after learning through our 'live doubt counters' where mentors answer the queries of learners live in the market through our application.

We also develop custom indicators that have a base of learnings from our programmes which make the execution of the concepts taught much easy in live markets. Apart from it, we help people in micro learnings through our workshops conducted live where some of the concepts for the traders are automated to assist them in live markets.

Reflect on some of the toughest challenges you have encountered while reframing the strategies of learning in Financial Markets.
The biggest challenge in financial education industry is learners try to chase money and keep on finding a
holy grail whereas it's not one strategy, system or method they need to learn they need to understand the process and building blocks of such systems and then wealth creation will be a by-product. Making people aware about this fact is the toughest challenge we faced and we are successfully taking it heads on. I personally feel people need to know the importance of continuous learning in this ever changing financial world as that can only help you stay ahead in this game.

People spend a lot of money at many avenues but they forget to spend money to learn about money that's the most important shift we need to bring in the mindset. Right now the financial education market is flooded with proprietors showing the results of their setups/strategies/ systems but a few of them will be able to explain the building blocks of it and that's where people start making losses as when those systems fail they are unable to identify as all the systems have an expiry or they need modifications in this dynamic financial world.

What advice would you give to the upcoming business leaders?
For me leaders must have two qualities in them, first, they must be great listeners and great delegators. You hire people many times for your organization for your departments but you forget to listen to their feedback suggestions and challenges, a great team can only be built if the leader is all ears to the team members so as to bring the best out of them but only listening will not work apart from it you need to know how to be an efficient delegator as it prevents the wastage of resources and more productive use of a leader's time in taking strategic decisions not the operational ones.

As if you have both the above qualities you will not be blindsiding your team by telling them what not to do all the time but you will be making them efficient achievers by guiding what to do, as they will be goals driven.

Chirranjiev Khanna, Chief Learning Officer, Stockdaddy
Having a bachelor's degree in commerce and post-graduation in finance and moreover, a master's in education several certifications from NSE & NISM 11+ years of experience in teaching and training, Chirranjiev is currently helping in designing programs and bringing new services and products to the financial markets and parallelly he is pursuing a Ph.D in finance.

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