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Dayanand Singh: A Powerhouse Of High Quality Legal Advisory

Dayanand Singh: A Powerhouse Of High Quality Legal Advisory

Dayanand Singh,  Founder & Managing Partner

Dayanand Singh

Founder & Managing Partner

The lack of well-organized law firms always puts citizens at risk of getting delayed justice. With an aim of providing continuous and organized support to clients, Dayanand Singh founded Vidhi associates in the year 2005. Vidhi Associates is one of the leading law firms in Bihar and provides legal services in the field of Corporate, Finance, Conveyancing, and Dispute Resolution to top Indian Companies from the sectors of Insurance, Banking, Manufacturing, Finance, Retail, Investment, E-commerce, Print Media and represent them at various forums including Consumer Forum, Debt Recovery Tribunal, National Company Law Tribunals, High Courts, and Supreme Court of India.

Dayanand Singh has completed his graduation in B.A (Hons) and has also completed M.A in History from Delhi University and has pursued his Bachelor of Law from Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. He has been providing legal assistance for more than 20 Years in the field of various aspects of law including Insurance, Banking &Finance, Arbitration, Conveyancing, Labour, and Compliance.

Dayanand Singh engages in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insight.

Tell us about your professional experience and what influenced you to pursue a career in law. What was the driving force behind the establishment of Vidhi Associates?
I have done my graduation and post-graduation from Kirori mal College, University of Delhi. After that, I started preparing for the civil services and simultaneously, I was also doing my LLB at Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi. I couldn't get through the civil services and therefore I opted to pursue a career in the law field. After my father
retired, I shifted to my home town in Patna and I started practising at Patna High Court. In 2005, I felt the need of creating a law firm in order to provide continuous and organized support to clients. So, generally speaking, this career was not opted for by choice but by circumstances.

Work hard because there is no shortcut to success

The clients use to face many issues with regard to continuous support from their lawyers. Therefore, there was a need of creating a team which can provide uninterrupted services to the clients and that is how Vidhi Associates was established.

How would you define Vidhi Associates as an organization and what is the unique proposition that your organisation offers to its clients?
Vidhi Associates is a law firm which provides services to various clients like e-commerce companies, banks, and insurance companies. In order to fulfil the requirements of the client, we assign the cases allocated by our clients to our dedicated resources associates and they regularly interact with the clients. As per their requirements we provide services in a time-bound manner, because providing the services in time is a prerequisite for a company.

Talk to us about some major challenges you have experienced in your journey so far and how you overcome them.
One of the major challenges that we have experienced in our journey is the pre-conceived notion which clients and companies have about firms or organizations in Bihar. Most of the clients earlier had a notion that the quality of the work of a firm based out of Patna will be inferior to that of a firm which is established in metropolitan cities. We, however, were able to break this notion through the quality of our work, hardwork and persistent efforts and were also able to gain the trust of innumerable clients with this. I learnt that all that matters in order to create your identity and mark your position is honesty, hardwork and persistency.

How has been your journey with Vidhi Associates so far and what is your success mantra?
Actually,being a firstgeneration advocate and entering this field created a lot of obstacles in the initial years. I realized that first I have to develop skills for a few years because the situation was not conducive for an advocate who is the first in the generation. It took me ten years to develop the required skills and faith of the clients. Later on, we created a dedicated team of our associates who are always ready to provide assistance to clients on a real time basis.

How do you maintain a perfect balance between personal and professional life? What advice you would give to budding leaders who want to make a career in law?
In the initial days, it was very difficult to maintain the balance between personal and professional life because the team was small and we have to do a lot of work. Now after 20 to 25 years, I have a lot of people whom I can trust with my work and that is how I can maintain the balance between my professional and personal life.

My advice to all the budding leaders in the law field is that there is no shortcut to success in this profession. It is a very demanding profession where you will need to work really hard in developing the required skills and this process takes time. Therefore, anyone pursuing a career in law should master the skill of having patience and working hard.

Dayanand Singh, Founder & Managing Partner, Vidhi Associates
Dayanand is a litigation lawyer with an experience of over 20 years since 1999 in all branches of litigation civil, criminal, writ, commercial, and corporate matters. He has represented various clients before the various High Courts in India in Criminal as well as Writ Matters and has also appeared before the district courts, consumer forums, and debt recovery tribunals.

Quick Facts:
Hobbies: Reading books, Travelling, and Watching Movies & Cricket.
Favourite Book: Roses in December
Favourite travel destination: Goa and Dubai
Favourite Cuisine: Indian
Awards & Recognition: Our continuous services have been recognized by the companies like HDFC, Reliance Life Insurance, Aditya Birla Life Insurance, and Tata Motors Finance.

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