Divyanshu Singh: Leading With A Vision To Provide Automated And Scalable Solutions For The Beauty Industry | CEOInsights Vendor
Divyanshu Singh: Leading With A Vision To Provide Automated And Scalable Solutions For The Beauty Industry

Divyanshu Singh: Leading With A Vision To Provide Automated And Scalable Solutions For The Beauty Industry

 Divyanshu Singh,   CEO & Co-founder

Divyanshu Singh

CEO & Co-founder

The beauty industry is changing rapidly, with people expecting better products and services from their service providers. Professionals working in the salon industry are often so occupied with helping customers that, at times, it can be difficult for them to manage multiple customer appointments and other operations. Keeping track of customer information is vital for salon owners since this data can be used to generate targeted campaigns to increase customer loyalty. Styling professionals often find it challenging to manage customer appointments during peak hours.

Without the right software in place, they can risk double-booking appointments, which can lead to lost customers. Salon management software enables easy appointment scheduling, single-touch rescheduling, and the ability to confirm appointments with customers, so time isn't wasted. Glamplus is the brainchild of the 3 founders CEO, Divyanshu Singh, COO Rohan Singh and CTO Vatsalya Agarwal, a customized SaaS platform for all salons, spas, and beauty service providers, helping beauty professionals with employee management, inventory, analytics, marketing campaigns, and more.

CEOINSIGHTS engaged in a one on one interaction with Divyanshu Singh, Founder and CEO, Glamplus. Here are the highlights from the interview.

Tell us about your professional back ground and experiences. What inspired you to establish Glamplus?
I am an alumnus of VNIT Nagpur and IIM Lucknow. Before starting Glamplus, I have worked across multiple startups like OLA, Bounce, Ninjacart, PagarBook setting up their operations and sales vertical along with launching new categories.

Glamplus as an idea got its kick-start over a breakfast conversation with Rohan, who is the other co-founder. During the immediate post lockdown period, we saw a possibility amidst a confusion filled buzz happening in the Beauty and salon industry or, more specifically, the salons and that is when we got the idea for Glamplus. Hence, this necessity led to the invention of the
SaaS enabled beauty market place Glamplus. Just not solving for features related to CRM and ERP management to improve holistic experience at SMB beauty centres, it also caters to a plethora of beauty brands across professional and retail range.

Bringing a sense of togetherness, work independence among people and building a sense of integrity in the company

Could you talk about the learnings and experiences you acquired from IIM Lucknow and how you apply them in your current role?
Being a proud IIM alumnus, I'm grateful for the skills I imbibed during my PGDM tenure, which include leadership skills, perseverance under pressure, and lean operations in an organization. The skill-oriented environment I was exposed to during my IIM days helped awaken the entrepreneur inside me. The business insights I gained there have helped me tremendously in setting up Glamplus and performing my role as CEO.

Could you tell us about the unique services that are provided by Glamplus that make it stand out from the rest of the market?
Glamplus is an all-in-one customized SaaS platform for all salons, spas, and beauty service providers in APAC region. The services include appointment management, staff management, client data management, inventory management, expense management, membership data, business promotion campaigns, revenue analysis, etc. Glamplus has successfully been able to set a benchmark in the SaaS industry. Glamplus is a SAAS platform in the beauty and wellness space to digitize the $200bn economy of salons, spas, and gyms in India and the South-East Asia market. The availability of wide ranged multi branded beauty and wellness products as another vertical highlights the companies USP.

Tell us about the philosophies you follow as a company leader and how you ensure it is an employee friendly work space?
As a company leader, I ensure that the organizational atmosphere remains encouraging and employee friendly. We strive to bring a sense of togetherness among people and build a sense of integrity in the
company as a part of the work culture. I believe in patience as the success mantra that constantly helps me achieve positive outcomes. I focus on the long term perspective and believe in resolving conflicts in an amenable way. As the company's CEO and co-founder, it is my essential and prior duty to focus on inclusive personnel growth on all possible grounds. I believe personal growth is directly proportional to inclusivity and keeping this a significant motto, and we are always keen to develop plans and strategies to facilitate the same.

To ensure a fair and friendly work environment, we hold interactive sessions with the teams, focus on mentorship, and have improvised employee engagement plans to reward them accordingly, which helps develop a flexible and dynamic work atmosphere. We believe in fostering a culture of trust, transparency, quality, and meaningful autonomy. We're a team of relentless problem-solvers with a hunger to learn, inspire, and drive value. We are a company of data people, a group of determined problem-solvers eager to learn, inspire, and drive value. I always feel that teamwork makes dreams work. We're not here to win personal glory but to succeed together.

In the future, what goals do you wish to invest in and how do you plan to take them further?
We have plans to take our organization to new levels, becoming an industry leader. We are focusing on creating a cross-functional working agenda that allows operations to become integrated and go smoothly. We will develop a unique talent acquisition agenda that works purely on a strategy driven mode, helping us get the most suitable talent. We are also building a company to become an HR-driven organization with employee friendly policies across all levels. We are currently working on a few things that will help drive us forward as we are presently spread across 15+ cities.

Divyanshu Singh, CEO & Co-founder, Glamplus
A seasoned professional who loves to try new things and an innovator at heart, Divyanshu likes to play table tennis in his free time and is a traveler who loves to explore new places

Awards & Recognition:
Winner of Indian Achievers Award for most promising startup by IAF-2021
Featured in Entrepreneur Insights Magazine “20 Most Inspiring CEO To Watch in 2020”
Amongst top 30 startups to watch out for- Glamplus by Inc42 media
Sales Champion Award at Magma Fincorp, 2014
Star Performer Award in Operations dept. in Bounce Share

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