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Dr. Anjulika Salhan: A Technology Leader Elevating The UK Fintech Space

Dr. Anjulika Salhan: A Technology Leader Elevating The UK Fintech Space

 Dr. Anjulika Salhan,  Managing Director

Dr. Anjulika Salhan

Managing Director

The IT service and software solutions industry has been rapidly evolving with emerging technologies such as cloud computing, AI, and ML reshaping the landscape. In this dynamic and ever-changing industry, where many leaders drive innovation and bring fresh perspectives, one that makes it to the list is Dr. Anjulika Salhan, Managing Director of System Holdings a Financial technology company empowering the new tech-powered financial services ecosystem.

A Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics(UK), Post doctoral Research Fellow (UK), and Master’s from Delhi IIT, Dr. Anjulika Salhan is a Chartered Mathematician, Chartered Scientist, Member of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications(IMA), Member of European Mathematical Society (EMS), and Affiliate Member of Institute & Faculty of Actuaries (IOFA). She holds close to 25 years of professional experience across the financial domain, winning several prestigious awards.

Dr. Anjulika Salhan engages in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights Magazine, here's the highlight.

How do you perceive the changing financial services scenario in Europe? Also, how is System Holdings matching the demands of the new tech-powered financial services ecosystem?
The financial services scenario has been evolving for some time in Europe partly led by government policies and also the changing technologies. Any organization in Europe will benefit from the deployment of some existing cloud-based technologies, automation, and new AI technologies. These are critical in the growth of businesses in Europe and require to be used in innovative ways with the work force to get the best results.

System Holdings operates in the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) market and it has always remained ahead of the curve as far as the technology for SMEs is concerned. The SME market in the UK is price sensitive. System Holdings has worked very hard to provide software and service packages to SME businesses, providing excellent service and software at an affordable price. We have invested heavily in cutting-edge technologies in our operations so that we are very efficient and provide the best possible service.

Moreover, our positive attempts have crowned us with significant awards. In 2011, our firm was highly commended in the Best General Tax Practice category of the 2011
Taxation Awards, which is recognized as a gold standard of excellence within the tax sector. In 2012, we were named Business of the Year in the Institute of Asian Businesses Awards and winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year category in the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Group Business Awards. In 2013, we were short listed in the Independent Firm of the Year – Midlands category of the British Accountancy Awards.

The challenging business experiences have motivated me to create solutions & innovations in the sme space, where i have always tried to make a difference & reflected

In 2014, we were shortlisted as a finalist for the British Indian Awards, under the category of Services to Accountancy. The same year (2014), we were also named as a finalist in the Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners (STEP) 2014/15 Private Client Awards in the Boutique Firm of the Year Category, followed by Midlands Accountancy Firm of the Year by Corporate Live Wire. In 2015, we were awarded the Independent Firm of the Year – Midlands category of the British Accountancy Awards 2015. In 2016, we were shortlisted in the Tax Investigations Team category of the Taxation Awards 2016, and were also awarded the Firm of the Year in the Midlands category of the British Accountancy Awards 2016. In 2017, we were shortlisted in the Independent Firm of the Year in the Wales & Midlands category of the British Accountancy Awards 2017. In 2018, we were named Independent Firm of the Year – Wales & Midlands at the British Accountancy Awards.

What are the radical factors you consider while building a successful financial experts’ team? What are the traits that you look for in a potential member of your team?
The factors that I consider while building a team of financial experts are how agile they are, if they are team players, can adapt easily, go the extra mile, absorb the changing technologies, and be caring of customers’ requests. Well, it goes without saying, we only hire the best.

How has the journey been so far? What have been the most significant takeaways from this journey?
This journey has been very exciting and rewarding as it entailed creativity, thinking of out-of-the-box solutions, and creating the best solutions that the market needs. It was entirely driven by self-belief, a lot of courage, and hard work, where I discovered the daily struggles of small and micro businesses and their challenges. This journey has drawn to me the most invaluable opportunities from giving the first employment contract to a graduate coming out of a university to promoting and recognizing a
member of my team to seeing the excitement on a member of my team when they have bought their first house or their first car. These experiences have motivated me to create solutions and innovations in the SME space, where I have always tried to make a difference and reflected.

On a personal level, it has been a very long journey for a girl born on the banks of the river Ganges in Munger, Bihar to being a business leader in the UK. Witnessing my ventures become successful, and receiving awards as recognition for my work has always been very humbling. The most significant takeaway from this journey has been my interaction with people customers, collaborators, partners, and team members. I deeply care about them and have always been motivated to work for our customers, my team members, partners, and collaborators. These priceless interactions have helped me grow into the person that I am and I am gratified.

Tell us about your leadership approach and success mantra.
My leadership style is Transformational, which inspires employees to strive beyond required expectations and to work towards a shared vision.

Furthermore, my success mantra has been to make a difference, by going on routes that have not been trodden before with a deep connection to my roots, imbibing very strong business and personal values.

Based on your wealthy professional experiences, what would be your advice to budding finance leaders, especially women leaders?
The best advice that I can give to any budding finance leader is to believe in themselves and not be daunted by any challenge. For women leaders, it is very important that they prioritize themselves as this will not only bring them professional success but also gives them a lot of work satisfaction. So, if they have a dream then they must follow them!

Dr. Anjulika Salhan, Managing Director, System Holdings
A FinTech entrepreneur and two-time English Women’s Award winner who’s been forging new paths in technology and software development since 1996, Dr. Anjulika Salhan is also a mathematician by training and has a proven track record leveraging technology to solve challenging problems across diverse sectors. During her 10Years of professional engagement at Malvern Panalytical (a Spectric Company), she has led the way in using technology for hightech instruments using laser technology, ultrasound, and enhanced digital imaging. Working with Schlumbergershe was instrumental in creating technology to detect oil bubbles in the sea. Also, having worked with Rugby Cement on oil well cement using mathematical chemistry, and on a MOD (Ministry of Defense) project on an underwater explosion, currently she is the Managing Director of System Holdings, Salhan Accountants and Xpert Technologies.

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