Dr. Avinash Gowda: Pioneering Innovation While Driving The Future Of UAV Technology | CEOInsights Vendor
Dr. Avinash Gowda: Pioneering Innovation While Driving The Future Of UAV Technology

Dr. Avinash Gowda: Pioneering Innovation While Driving The Future Of UAV Technology

Dr. Avinash Gowda,   Director Engineering

Dr. Avinash Gowda

Director Engineering

Dr. Avinash Gowda, the Director of Engineering at IDEAFORGE, is a seasoned leader with a strong background in product and innovation management. With over 20 years of experience in autonomous systems and smart mobility, Dr. Gowda plays a pivotal role in empowering the UAV technology sector. His expertise in sensors and automated driving technologies drives IDEAFORGE's advancements in UAV solutions. Through his strategic vision and commitment to high-quality corporate governance, Dr. Gowda leads IDEAFORGE in pushing the boundaries of UAV technology, delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of various sectors. As a visionary leader, he inspires and empowers the team to drive technological advancements and make a significant impact in the UAV industry.

Could you provide a concise overview of your professional background and experiences? What motivates your daily routines?
My professional journey commenced during my Ph.D. days, where I established credibility, led purposefully, delivered results, and honed interpersonal skills as a research fellow. I gained invaluable industry exposure at Mando, a Korean automotive multinational. Subsequently, at Samsung Electro-mechanics, I assumed the role of chief manager, showcasing thought leadership and technical prowess while leading the Algorithms team at the India Software Centre. Transitioning to Continental, a renowned German automotive company, I spearheaded the Camera Sensors function in Bangalore. Recognizing my accomplishments, I was offered an expat contract at Continental in Germany, assuming the position of Product Family Manager for ADAS Cameras in the Program Management department. Driven by my aspirations for executive leadership, I pursued an Executive-MBA while in Germany. Returning to India, I assumed planned executive roles, including Vice President of Product Management at Jekson Vision, and currently serve as the Director of Engineering at IDEAFORGE. In these roles, I continue to lead diverse functions within the organization, looking forward to future possibilities to assist organizations and enterprises.
You have more than twenty-two years of experience. How did you achieve success, and what principles guided your journey?
When reflecting on this question, I am reminded of a valuable piece of wisdom shared by one of my professors on the eve of my Ph.D. thesis defense. He said, “Avinash, never believe that you have reached the pinnacle of success because once you reach the peak, it's a downhill journey from there.” This lesson taught me that success is an ever-evolving "process" and an ongoing journey with no definitive endpoint.

When developing effective corporate growth strategies, we prioritize customer satisfaction as the key factor

In my experience, my success mantra has been centered around focusing on three key aspects ‘People’, ‘Products’, and ‘Processes’ and meticulously executing them.

In terms of people, I have created initiatives that foster an innovative mindset, embrace cultural diversity, build resilience, enhance team engagement, articulate a clear vision, develop leadership and talent aligned with business objectives, and more.

From a product standpoint, I lead initiatives to explore new business innovation opportunities and prioritize quality, reliability, and performance.

While product development requires adherence to established organizational processes, I also construct processes for many other people-driven activities. This guarantees that efforts in the initiatives become self sustaining with minimal additional energy required from our everyday activities.

By focusing on these principles of people, product, and processes, I have been able to navigate my path to success and continue striving for further accomplishments.

How would you define IDEAFORGE as an organization and its current position in the market?
IDEAFORGE is the pioneer and pre-eminent market leader in the Indian unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) market, holding a market share of approximately 50 percent as of Fiscal 2022. IDEAFORGE is ranked 7th in the world as a top dual-use category (civil and defense) drone manufacturer, reflecting the company's ongoing growth and impact. Furthermore, the company has the largest operational deployment of indigenous UAVs in India and its customers have
completed over 300,000 flights using IDEAFORGE’s UAVs. IDEAFORGE designs, develops, engineers, and manufactures UAVs inhouse, emphasizing performance, reliability, and autonomy, and its extensive product portfolio caters to both civil and defense applications, primarily for surveillance, mapping, and surveying purposes.

Elaborate about the technology framework built within the company’s solutions and which are the latest technology trends that the company is planning to adopt.
We have developed a technology architecture within the company that preserves our values of performance, reliability, and autonomy across all our products. We continuously strive to enhance our product portfolio while remaining true to these core principles.

Currently, our focus is on the burgeoning trend of autonomous mobility. We prioritize the development of features and applications related to autonomy, ensuring that our drones remain at the forefront of technological advancements.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?
My current goal is to elevate myself into executive leadership roles and effectively lead successful businesses and organizations. Regarding the geographical aspect, throughout my career, I have held leadership positions in Korean multinational companies, starting from entry to mid-level roles. Later, I gained senior leadership experience with a German multinational both in India and through expatriate assignments in Germany. Looking ahead, I am considering a move to the United States as a potential destination to pursue executive leadership opportunities and continue my career progression.

What advice would you give to budding industry leaders?
As an experienced industry professional, my advice to budding leaders is to establish a clear vision, inspire their teams, and foster collaboration. Acting with integrity, driving results, and effective planning is crucial. By creating a shared sense of purpose and enthusiasm, leaders can empower their teams to achieve collective goals.

Dr. Avinash Gowda, Director – Engineering, IdeaForge
Dr. Gowda has been leading the way in various organizations as a strong leader with a sound, product & innovation background. He has worked in domains such as Sensors and Automated Driving technologies in his 20+ years of experience, exhibiting business and technical leadership roles in global top-tier companies specializing in autonomous systems and smart mobility.

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