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Dr. Dnyaneshwar Shelke: Dynamic Leader With A Passion For Emergency Medical Services

Dr. Dnyaneshwar Shelke: Dynamic Leader With A Passion For Emergency Medical Services

 Dr. Dnyaneshwar Shelke,    COO

Dr. Dnyaneshwar Shelke


A true leader is one who always pushes for excellence and inspires others to achieve great things. Dr.Dnyaneshwar Shelke is a renowned leader who is transforming business operations for BVG Emergency Medical Services. Dr. Dnyaneshwar Shelke's professional journey began with a resolute dedication towards Emergency Medical Services (EMS), shaping his entire career. Two decades ago, when India lacked EMS, Dr. Dnyaneshwar played a pivotal role in establishing the first local EMS in Pune, granting free emergency access to citizens. The genesis of EMS in India stemmed from the generosity of the local Rotary organization, which donated ambulances to the hospital where he served.

Driven by the profound impact of saving lives, Dr. Dnyaneshwar's passion for EMS grew exponentially. He pursued it as a career, and went to UK to earn a Master’s Degree in Health Services Management, equipping him with the skills and expertise to make a significant impact in the EMS arena. Committed to improving EMS, Dr. Dnyaneshwar Shelke's extraordinary journey became a beacon of hope, inspiring countless lives with compassion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to the noble cause of emergency medical services.

In this interview with CEO Insights, Dr. Dnyaneshwar, COO shares his insights into his professional life and his passion for EMS.

Please highlight some key aspects of BVG Emergency Medical Services?
With all the projects and best implemented practices towards Emergency Services, overall 1.2 Crore emergency patients have been served by BVG EMS under the leadership of Dr. Dnyaneshwar Shelke.

MEMS included establishing world class control room, EMS training center and processes to have Seamless EMS operations. Maharashtra is the first state in the nation to have Doctors available 24/7 as part of this project. It has
served over 88,08,268 patients including over 39000 deliveries in ambulance and over 6,01,715 Covid-19 patients at MEMS. 195742 number of emergencies have been served by bike ambulances.

As a COO, one of my key roles is to ensure that the company's policies are shaped in a way that delivers the best possible EMS to the community

Various Systems established under his leadership enabled establishment of EMS services like Samruddhi Expressway Emergency Response, Atal Arogya Vahini for Tribal School Children, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir EMS. Mass Casualty and Mass Gathering Events were streamlined for reduction of mortality and morbidity. Processes executed for Kumbhmela ensured safest in the history with Zero deaths reported. First-Response training was executed for students and community.

What factors do you consider when shaping the company's policy in your current position?
As a COO, one of my key roles is to ensure that the company's policies are shaped in a way that delivers the best possible services to the community. To do this, I look at two main factors developing leaders and adopting technology. I ensure that we have the best people in the company and that they are developed as leaders.

I make sure that we are using the latest technology to deliver our services in the best possible way.

What are the metrics that you use to keep track of the company's progress?
We ensure our processes comply with regulations and operate efficiently. To achieve this, we diligently monitor them while also tracking our budget to make wise use of our resources.

Our unwavering commitment lies in providing excellent patient care. To achieve this goal, we actively gather feedback from patients to ensure we meet their needs. Moreover, we constantly monitor the response time of our system and the quality of our ambulances and professionals.

We offer various training opportunities to enhance their skills. Furthermore, we encourage them to attend conferences and present their research, fostering a culture of continuous learning.
What is the key to your success in achieving positive outcomes?
I am passionate about providing quality patient care. This passion has been the foundation of my success. I constantly check to see if I am meeting the expectations of my patients. Expectations have changed over time, so it is important to stay up-to-date.

Technology is another driving force in the emergency medical services industry. By adopting new technologies and automating processes, we can stay ahead of the competition. A strong team is essential for success. I am constantly working to keep my team motivated and engaged. Our core team has remained constant for over 10 years, which is a testament to their passion, commitment, and professionalism.

Where do you see the EMS market growing in the upcoming years?
The pandemic has also accelerated the adoption of technology in healthcare. This is especially true for emergency medical services (EMS). In addition to technology adoption, the development of leaders in EMS is also essential for the future of the field. Leaders who can quickly understand the needs of patients and deliver the necessary care will be essential for ensuring that EMS providers reach the last mile.

Finally,the healthcare world is witnessing a rise in use of artificial intelligence (AI). AI can be used in EMS to triage patients so that only the most critical cases are transported to the hospital. This will free up resources for other patients and help to ensure that everyone receives the care they need.

What would you advise budding entrepreneurs?
Discover your core passion within you. Understand what truly drives you to excel. Focus on making a difference in that area dedicating time and hard work. Patience is the key; success takes time. Don't lose heart if the results aren't immediate. Adapt to local challenges, understanding the unique aspects of your system. Always prioritize on quality it is the ultimate pathway to success. Stay committed, and you'll reach your full potential in this rewarding field.

Dr. Dnyaneshwar Shelke, COO, BVG Emergency Medical Services
Dr. Dnyaneshwar Shelke is a seasoned executive with over 20 years of experience in the EMS space. He is passionate about driving growth and innovation, and he is committed to develop EMS in India.

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