Dr. Pramod tripathi: An Inspiring And Kind Leader Helping Diabetics Across The Globe Become Diabetes-Free | CEOInsights Vendor
Dr. Pramod tripathi: An Inspiring And Kind Leader Helping Diabetics Across The Globe Become Diabetes-Free

Dr. Pramod tripathi: An Inspiring And Kind Leader Helping Diabetics Across The Globe Become Diabetes-Free

  Dr. Pramod Tripathi,       CEO

Dr. Pramod Tripathi


Diabetes is one of those chronic diseases where the patient’s body doesn’t get enough insulin supply and is characterized by high blood sugar levels. It is also responsible for several long-term health complications and is also majorly responsible for premature mortality among diabetics. While there have been many treatments followed across the world based on the type and severity of the disease, none of them can provide long-term prevention of diabetes. However, Dr. Pramod Tripathi, CEO, Freedom from Diabetes, has been helping people across the globe in reversing their diabetes and making them Diabetes-free through his holistic transformation training program. For around 8 years, Dr. Tripathi has helped around 12000 people become diabetes-free and planning to touch the magic number of 100000 soon.

In an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights, Dr. Tripathi shares his prior motivations before FFD, his inspiration behind starting the firm, and much more:

From both academic and non-academic perspectives, how has been the influence of Symbiosis International University on you? Tell us about your professional journey so far. What have been the experiences and how do you apply those learning?
I would like to highlight a gentleman from my academic days named Kumar Srinivasan, fondly known as KS. He helped us understand deeper aspects that are connected to consumer behavior, and the deeper thoughts that go into any kind of product or service before it is presented in front of the customer for one full year. Those engaging discussions with him left a deep mark on me and it still influences the work we do at FFD from a customer’s need and behavior perspective. Even my summer training at HP, Delhi had a deep influence on me. Throughout the summer training, the way we were treated and the way everything was organized by the firm gave us an understanding of HP as a people-oriented organization and gave me a deep perspective of how culture needs to be built in any organization,
which has helped me a lot in shaping the culture at FFD.

Even my winter training at Pragati Leadership Institute, where I got into different kinds of projects on creating learning organizations and healing learning and development, and so on gave me a nice insight into the learning orientation of human beings. All these experiences have been very valuable and I apply them literally, even at an unconscious level building a very positive and powerful culture at FFD. “High tech, High touch” was a nomenclature introduced by KS in 1998 which is still with me in my heart and we are implementing the same in our organization.

Once you have the right intention and it has made its roots in your unconscious mind, then great energies get developed for it's accomplishment!

What is the story behind Freedom from Diabetes? Could you elaborate on your mission to free India from Diabetes? What would be your suggestion for the people who are suffering from Diabetes?
The story behind Freedom From Diabetes (FFD) has been a search for sustainable and purposeful work. FFD is all about making people healthier, fitter, younger and stronger through a one-year program. In 2011, I came across some books by Dr. Neil Barnard, and Dr.Gabriel Cousens and they inspired me because they are research published. Initially, I couldn't believe that diabetes can be reversed and people can be free of medications. I started experimenting with it first and we got around 20 percent of the people becoming diabetes free in the first two years slowly we were able to improve the process and make almost 50-60% of people diabetes-free over the next five to six years. As of now, we have crossed 12,000 and my mission is to get the first 100,000 diabetics free of medications.

My suggestion for people who are suffering from diabetes is to be open to the possibility that they can be diabetes-free. They can reverse it and can transform their lives. My suggestion for diabetics is not to live in an illusion that they have to take medicines for life, though that has been programmed in them, they should overcome their doubt, become curious and the moment they start becoming open to reversal and transformation, they will start educating themselves.
How has been your response to the challenges posed by the Covid-affected market and the need for new strategies? How would you describe your role in tackling those challenges?
Interestingly, in the last two years, we could get almost 7500 people out of 12,000 free of diabetes which is more than two-thirds of the share. During the pandemic, diabetics became more acutely aware of the need to increase their immunity and started realizing that just tablets are not going to work. That’s when they started contacting us more helping us expand our work, as well as employee strength, expand threefold and all of it happened in the last two years. We started providing online help to people during the pandemic and people from more than 90 countries have opted for our training program during the same. So while the pandemic has affected everyone badly, it also has brought more awareness and seriousness towards health.

What according to you is the success mantra that helped you to reach where you are today? What advice would you give to the young medical professionals in this industry?
Energy follows intention” is my success mantra and has been installed in me a long time back. It simply means once you have the right intention even if bought in by your unconscious mind, then you're also developing great energy for it automatically. If your intention is really strong, then actions will follow that energy and things will slowly start falling into place.

With regards to its Greek and Latin definition, the word doctor means a teacher. My advice to all the young medical professionals is to take on this original responsibility of educating deeply. Apart from doing all those basic healthcare stuff such as setting up more hospitals or doing more surgeries, the young professionals need to bring more care and depth to the healthcare industry.

Dr. Pramod Tripathi, CEO, Freedom from Diabetes
Apart from being an accomplished doctor, Dr. Pramod Tripathi also holds an MBA degree from Symbiosis Institute Of Business Management. After training more than 150 corporates on health and stress management, he focused on helping Diabetics become Diabetes free through a holistic training program through his organization FFD and has already helped around 12000 people become diabetes-free successfully.
•Favorite Book:Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins
•Favorite Cuisine:Indian
•Favorite Travel Destination: Himalayas

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