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Dr. Surajeet Patra: Facilitate Patients To Reduce Diabetes-Related Complications

Dr. Surajeet Patra: Facilitate Patients To Reduce Diabetes-Related Complications

  Dr. Surajeet Patra,    MBBS, MDF DIAB  Director & Consultant Diabetologist

Dr. Surajeet Patra

MBBS, MDF DIAB Director & Consultant Diabetologist

Rapid technological advancements make it difficult to generalize how people with diabetes should utilize their newfound resources. Transdermal and optical glucose monitoring and insulin delivery are two examples of recent developments in diabetes care. These innovations improve the effectiveness and efficiency of diabetes management. Without proper education, training, and ongoing support, however, no diabetes management device will perform at its best. Dr. Surajeet Patra, a Senior Consultant Diabetologist, has been involved in patient care/clinical care for 18 years and has focused his career on caring for people with diabetes. He tailors his care to the needs of each patient (individualisation in diabetes care). In addition, he has extensive training and experience in diabetes care. As a consultant in diabetes clinic, he is committed to going above and beyond for his patients and offering them every resource that patients need to help them manage their condition. His goal is to make diabetes care accessible, available and affordable thereby reduce the financial and logistical barriers that prevent people from receiving diabetes treatment.

Engaging in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insight’s magazine, Dr. Surajeet spoke about his diabetes clinic’s journey so far and the position of the firm in the diabetes care segment.

Please tell us about your professional journey and notable achievements.
I have completed my MBBS, MD and Fellowship in Diabetes from the Royal Liverpool Academy, UK and Apollo Hospital, Kolkata, as well as a CCDM: Certificate Course in Diabetes Management from the Royal College of Physicians, London and Fortis Hospital, New Delhi. As a diabetes consultant with 18 years of experience in Clinical care, I've made it my mission to make diabetes care accessible, available & affordable (lower the cost of diabetes treatment without sacrificing quality). For doing such
good works, I was honored with the “Diabetes India Award” 2022 by “Diabetes India” for “Best Contribution in Diabetes Care in Challenging Situations”, “Most
Innovative & Iconic Diabetologist of the Year” 2022 at Iconic Healthcare Summits 2022, “SEVA RATNA Award”, Odisha State, 2022, “Young Investigator Award” for the Best Paper in Diabetes, APSAVD 2012, International Atherosclerosis Society (IAS), 2012.

The treatment of DIABETES is better & economical than treatment of Complications Of Diabetes

I have contributed a Chapter (on Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults, LADA) as an author in the most prestigious Medical Textbook in Diabetes (Chapter 16, RSSDI Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus, Fifth Edition, 2022).

Additionally, I have professional membership in various prestigious organizations (RSSDI, AACE, ACP, IPA) and have been a guest speaker on numerous radio and TV shows raising awareness about diabetes. A number of prestigious medical publications have published my work.

What facilities have you introduced to educate patients and enable them to take health measures?
Accessibility, availability and affordability of diabetes care are our top priorities. When me and my team founded the Diabetes Center of Excellence, we intend to make metabolic care more accessible and reduce the burden of diabetes and its complications. And to do so, our center has diabetes educators, Insulin educators, dietician, pharmacy, lab, and diabetologists. This holistic approach to managing diabetes addresses medical, lifestyle, and dietary requirements. In addition, we provide diabetes education and lifestyle management as primary treatments to empower patients to manage their health. Diabetes educators & dietitians emphasize the importance of diabetes education and family support.

They educate patients and families about lifestyle changes and medication adherence. Educating individuals on lifestyle management factors, such as diet, exercise, stress management, and sleep hygiene, enables them to make informed decisions that improve diabetes management.
Furthermore, our public awareness efforts contribute to the prevention, detection, and comprehension of diabetes and its complications. By promoting awareness, we assist individuals in making healthier lifestyle choices. We conduct Diabetes Awareness, Education & Detection Camps at various towns/villages (reaching the unreached). We had been a part of the All India RSSDI’s Initiative of largest diabetes detection camp in a single day (diabetes awareness camp conducted on 29th September, 2021), where one million individuals were tested for free and this initiative entered in the Aisa Book of Records. Our centre received the Certificate of Participation in this initiative (Asia Book of Records).

What has been your success mantra and where do you see yourself going in the coming years?
The foundation of our successful clinic is the efforts to raise public consciousness, educate patients about diabetes, and encourage healthy lifestyle choices. By emphasizing these factors, we are able to treat patients and encourage them to take an active role in managing their own health. Therefore, our clinic's success mantra is to prioritize the prevention of diabetes complications and the provision of high quality, cost-effective care for diabetes and metabolic disorders. We are also making sure that people in semi-urban/remote areas of Odisha have access to quality diabetes care by opening outreach clinics there.

Hence, our long-term objective is to lessen the effects of diabetes and its complications by facilitating the provision of high-quality, cost-effective diabetes and metabolic care to those who need it. To better the lives of those who suffer from diabetes and advance public health as a whole, we place a premium on prevention, education, and proactive management.

Dr. Surajeet Patra is specialized in type 2 diabetes remission/reversal, diabetes care & management, technology in diabetes, digital therapeutics, nutritional care in diabetes,therapeutic lifestyle management, lipidology, lipid management, obesity management, ASCVD & HF prevention, CKD prevention, and hypertension management.

Hobby- Watching cricket and listening to music
Favorite Cuisine- Biriyani
Favorite Book- Start With Why (Simon Sinek)
Favorite Destination- Switzerland

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