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Dr. Vasudha Sharma: Bringing A Positive Change In The Lives Of People Through Innovative Learning Programs

Dr. Vasudha Sharma: Bringing A Positive Change In The Lives Of People Through Innovative Learning Programs

 Dr. Vasudha Sharma,   Director

Dr. Vasudha Sharma


More than ever before in Indian subcontinent history, public interest in education and its life-sustaining social and private advantages is at an all-time high. Globally, the current state of management education, management concepts, managerial abilities, and managerial approaches has shifted.

Speaking of which, Dr. Vasudha Sharma, Director of Vidya School of Business, has been instrumental in her desire to make a positive difference in people's lives. She has extensive experience instructing both small and big groups. She has a track record of success in utilizing educational theories and methodologies to create, produce, and execute successful training programmes, as well as integrating instructional technologies to give experiential learning. Capable of organizing and facilitating training programmes and activities for management, leadership and team development.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights Magazine, Dr. Vasudha Sharma walks us through her professional journey along with the unique traits of Vidya School of Business.

Brief us about your educational and professional background. What inspired you to venture into the education sector? What is the motivation that fuels your daily routine?
I have a doctorate degree in psychology. However, I believed that there were not many employment opportunities in psychology at that time in UP. Meanwhile, I wanted to tie together my postgraduate studies in music, English literature, and education. I also completed my computer science course from NIIT India Limited. From being a professor, I turned my focus towards becoming a trainer, and in 2007, I was hired as a training manager by a reputed Air Hostess Academy. Following that, I joined an engineering college, where I worked in the personality development and training department for nearly four years. Meanwhile, I wrote my GMAT and got selected for my MBA program from IIM Lucknow. In 2019, I also went to London School of Business for a leadership course as well. I was also associated with the Indian Society of Applied Behavioral Sciences for seven years. After garnering the needed expertise across various portfolios, I was offered the role of professor and director in Vidya School of Business.

Define Vidya School of Business as an organization and its position in the current education sector?
Vidya School of Business focuses on preparing students for the future. Vidya School of Business is synonymous with educational excellence and an active dedication to innovation and entrepreneurship. The MBA programme at VSB offers an advanced course of education to students interested in pursuing a successful career in management. VSB is committed to developing innovative leaders and is consistently ranked among the top business schools in India, particularly in Meerut, Ghaziabad, and surrounding areas. Vidya School of Business falls under the umbrella of Vidya Knowledge which consists of seven colleges and two pre-schools.

Among the fields addressed bythe organization are engineering, management sciences, creative education, journalism, fashion, mass communication, and polytechnics. Vidya School of Business is currently well-known in the business for its standardized BBA, BCA, BCOM, MBA, and PGDM programmes. The primary goal of the programme is to assist students in realizing their full potential through a pedagogical method that employs theories and rigorous reasoning to demonstrate practices that leverages the participant's work experience, instills new skills, and delivers new information in a real-world business setting. Through experiential learning, we develop skill and an attitude for breaking through barriers. Given this ability, we have received numerous accolades over the last 11 years, including recognition as the Top Engineering College in North India. Vidya School of Business is situated on a 75-acre lush green campus with all academic and co-curricular facilities in place.

Proven success in leveraging educational theories and methodologies to design, develop, & deliver successful training programs while also integrating instructional technology to provide learning through practical experience

What is your take on the dynamic technology trends in the education sector and how would you describe its interventions in your organization? What drives the adoption of the latest technologies in your institutions?
Today, it has become imperative for any given businesses or learning institution to leverage certain technologies to stay abreast of the changing market dynamics. Design thinking and creativity has been inculcated in the new education policy right from school level where AI/ML and other advanced technologies have been incorporated in their courses. So there is a huge transformation when
we talk about integration of technology so as to deliver an intuitive learning experience. As a result, education is reliant on technology. Hence, under standing the role of technology in making students future-ready we have varied courses which includes Python, Data Science, Data Analysis, Business Analytics, Digital Media Marketing, Social Media marketing to mention a few.

We are also associated with IIM Kashipur where our students go for the MDP for entrepreneurship. And while talking about our infrastructure, we have incorporated latest technologies and systems which are backed by seasoned faculties to ensure students are offered with best-in-class learning experience.

Tell us about the most effective methodology and technologies used in your organization to ensure better learning experiences for your students.
We use a combination of different methodologies processes. One major aspect that I would like to specify here is experiential learning a robust approach towards delivering an immersive learning ecosystem. Further, we use syllables and processes which are being regulated in IIM and other competent universities and schools across India and abroad. There are practical activities related to every single subject that our students study. We believe in practical implementation of what is being taught with our unique experiential learning approach. We also have a camp program, where students will stay in groups and are given different tasks to understand who can come up with the best possible solutions.

The students also carry out research and surveys which are published through our inhouse journal Vidya International Journal of Management and Sciences. We don’t limit our students with theoretical knowledge but also offer them with practical scenarios to make them more agnostic to their respective field.

As a leader, what would be your advice to the educationists who are starting a new in this domain?
Any individual who is aspiring to be a leader in their respective field must put in their heart and listen to it. I don't want to preach but rather act as a facilitator to relay knowledge to students what I’ve garnered over the years. Also, one has to have good intentions so as to connect like minded people. As every individual is different, they have different expectations and will be at different levels. Hence, hand holding is important. One should be true, transparent and ethical, wherein, it is not only about making profits but a bigger picture where one should give back to society.

Dr.Vasudha Sharma, Director, Vidya Knowledge Park
Dr. Vasudha Sharma brings brings 19 years of unparalleled experience in mentoring, guiding and developing today’s students to become future-ready

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