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DV Naveen Solomon: Empowering Individuals For Success Through Career Coaching

DV Naveen Solomon: Empowering Individuals For Success Through Career Coaching

  DV Naveen Solomon,   Founder & Managing Director

DV Naveen Solomon

Founder & Managing Director

The career coaching service provides individuals with a comprehensive understanding of themselves from a career and work perspective. It assists in identifying the right role and employer profile that the individual will thrive in. Career coaching helps individuals become clear and focused on what's next in their career by offering an external perspective on their situation. Live Forever Academy is at the forefront of offering online career coaching and guidance to aspiring young individuals. It serves as a pioneering platform that supports and advises the youth in their career development journey. DV Naveen Solomon, Founder & Managing Director started this organization to help individuals make the right choices and have a well-planned successful career future ahead. DV Naveen Solomon, the Founder & Managing Director, established this organization with the aim of assisting individuals in making informed decisions and mapping out a prosperous and well-structured career path for their future.

During an interview, Naveen Solomon emphasized the significance of guiding individuals in making excellent career choices and highlighted the positive impact his services would have on shaping a promising future.

Can you provide a summary of your professional history and accomplishments?What drives and inspires you on a daily basis?
As a mechanical engineer with expertise in photo grammetry and mapping, I gained valuable experience in design engineering for doors and windows during my six-year stint in Malaysia. Returning to India, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, establishing my own company and becoming the master licensee in Neuro-linguistic Programming and a member of the Society of NLP Worldwide. This venture has provided me with continuous learning and growth opportunities. In my current role, I act as a bridge between employers and employees, addressing the professional and personal needs of individuals through coaching sessions. Guiding aspiring entrepreneurs toward entrepre
neurship is another fulfilling aspect of my work. I am motivated by the belief in the untapped potential and the desire to make a positive impact on others' lives. Continuous learning and adaptation enable me to provide valuable career coaching services that foster personal and professional growth for individuals and businesses.

Our approach as leaders at Live Forever Academy is to connect, equip, empower and make a lasting impact on individuals' lives

What is the organization Live Forever Academy and how would you describe its current position in the market?
As Live Forever Academy, we have come a long way as a company driven by a powerful vision to connect, equip, empower, and make a lasting impact on individuals' lives. Our mission is to provide people with the knowledge, skills, and strategies they need to improve their lifestyles and become inspiring examples for future generations. Today, Live Forever Academy is a well-known and respected brand, especially in Telangana, where we have established strong connections with colleges, universities, business schools, international schools, and various business networks. Our expertise as NLP trainers and internationally credentialed coaches sets us apart, with a particular focus on business coaching, career coaching, and mentoring. We cater to a wide range of individuals, from students and professionals seeking career growth to aspiring entrepreneurs and those aiming for higher positions across different locations in the country.

Could you please share insights into your leadership style? What principles or methodologies do you adhere to as a leader?
Our approach as leaders at Live Forever Academy is to view ourselves not merely as trainers, but as creators of leaders during our sessions. This perspective is particularly emphasized when we train executives, managers from corporates, and individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. One essential skill we focus on is fostering resilience, as it is crucial for transforming followers into leaders and leaders into role models. As trainers, we adopt a 360-degree learning approach, aiming for comprehensive growth in our participants. Our sessions prioritize practical exposure and experiential learning, minimizing theoretical approaches. Whether our attendees are students, working professionals, teachers, lecturers, or entrepreneurs, our goal is to facilitate a mindset
shift and enable transformative growth. Ultimately, our purpose is to empower individuals to become leaders in their respective fields.

What are the most challenging obstacles you have faced in your journey? How did you overcome them and what did you learn?
We faced one of our toughest challenges when we initially started our business, as we had to establish our brand in the market without the support of official certifications or recognitions. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic posed another significant obstacle, affecting businesses across various industries. However, we adapted to the situation by leveraging technology to promote our company and experienced a surge in coaching and training sessions even during this difficult time. In 2019, we successfully completed Master's license certifications and obtained International Coaching Federation (ICF) ACC certifications, which set us apart in the market and increased our demand. Overcoming these challenges required patience and adaptability, teaching us valuable lessons about seizing opportunities when they arise and utilizing them effectively.

What is the ultimate goal or vision you are striving to achieve in the future?
Our future direction entails a strategic emphasis on the launch and mentoring of specialized programs catered to aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. With a well-defined structure spanning two years, we are committed to utilizing our established systems to provide comprehensive support to individuals in these roles. Additionally, we are dedicated to cultivating a vibrant community that extends assistance and guidance to diverse segments of professionals and individuals, drawing upon our extensive experience and expertise. A particular focus is placed on fostering the growth and development of female coaches within India, as we strive to empower and uplift a wide range of individuals.

DV Naveen Solomon, Founder & Managing Director, Live Forever Academy
DV Naveen Solomon, an NLP Master Practitioner and ICF ACC Business & Leadership Coach specializes in empowering individuals, transforming them into Leaders and Leaders into Role Models to overcome self doubt and career challenges. Through his self-confidence, business coaching and leadership courses, he guides people to address personal and professional challenges, enabling them to unleash their full potential and become the best versions of themselves.

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