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Gursimran Singh: Determined To Be The Best Wealth Management Advisory Leaders

Gursimran Singh: Determined To Be The Best Wealth Management Advisory Leaders

   Gursimran Singh,     Director

Gursimran Singh


The secret to wealth is hard work and good management”, this quote by John Patrick Hickey precisely defines the key to managing wealth, but it undoubtedly remains a tough task that only a few can manage on their own considering the risks associated with it. Hence, seeking help from an expert or a professional wealth management firm remains the only option for individuals and businesses looking to invest their capital in markets and manage their wealth.

While there are many businesses in the country that offer these services, Paramasa Wealth Advisory that stands out owing to its consistent focus on quality, transparency and unbiased and knowledge-backed advisory. The company’s foundation was laid by Gursimran Singh, who continues to lead the business exceptionally well by continuously focusing on dealing with every client himself. Gursimran is an alum¬nus of National Institute of Securities Management, IIM Calcutta and Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies and brings in-depth knowledge and expertise in wealth management.

Here's his exclusive interview with CEO Insights, wherein he talks in detail about his professional journey Spanning 30 years.

Please tell us about your professional background and the inspiration behind venturing into the wealth management domain.
I am a professional with a vast experience in not just wealth management space but also IT , BFSI and Retail My journey has been exciting as I have grown from being a waiter in Pizza Hut to heading different departments at Fortune 500 companies like HP, Dell, Nielsen Deutsche Bank,ICICI and Ministry of Finance in a career spanning decades Soon after passing school , I didn’t opt for Regular College instead I joined Pizza Hut as crew member and enrolled myself in B.Com Distance learning of Delhi University as I was eager to learn about the business world and I envisioned doing something on my own rather than taking the obvious route of joining my family business.
Hence, I started working at Pizza Hut as a waiter and gradually found my way through the Corporate Sector and success followed. Having managed multi million USD worth of projects at different companies I have gradually grown in my career and today, I manage Paramasa Wealth Advisory, which I founded to pursue my passion for wealth management which started when I was in 7th Standard in School Even though I was working at different organisations over the years, my passion was always to pursue wealth management. So, when I was at the peak of my career, I founded Paramasa Wealth Advisory.

Instead of being the biggest player, we want to be best in the industry

Could you tell me about how your experiences during your eventful professional journey have favoured you in your current role? What are the lessons that you have learnt over the years?
The various roles and responsibilities I have performed during my professional journey have benefitted me in many ways, shaping me into an experienced and learned professional. A unique factor that even my clients point out about me is that the way I view things, which is definitely different from others. This can definitely be attributed to my growth over the past three decades. While I started with a low rank, I continued to learn and acquire new skills and knowledge, which proved critical in establishing my own company. Thus, right from the clients who want to start their own business to those who face issues in their own career get the right kind of advice from me.

They feel a connect when they interact with me. Another factor that makes me a preferred choice for them is the fact that I bring real-life experience and knowledge to answer questions ranging from how to mitigate their risks, how to manage finances to how to manage the various challenges in their careers.

Since, I have done a variety of things in my career, my clients can relate to me. My knowledge combined with the investment and wealth management skills and my real-life experiences in the corporate world for past 30 years gives me a unique

How would you define Paramasa Wealth advisory as an organization and its current position in the
Paramasa Wealth Advsiory stands apart from other companies in the industry owing to its flat fee model whereas other wealth management firms commonly charge 2 percent of a client’s assets. Hence, as a client’s assets increase, the fee increases too. Additionally, our company has knowledge of working with clients not only from India but worldwide. Our Client base is spread around the world From North America , Europe to Japan , Australia and so on.

Also, we onboard limited clients every year. We are a very focus based organization. All the financial plans that we make for our clientele are customized and specific to their requirements rather than using one common template/Software for creating plans , It’s a Founder Led Advisory so every plan is vetted personally by me , also I have team of CFP’s (Certified Financial Planner) from FPSB USA which is considered to Gold Standard in financial Planning certification World Wide This explains our Model of taking limited number of clients and which makes us unique.

How do you strike a perfect balance between your personal and professional life?
Unlike other industries, Financial Planning is a Domain where dedicating more time doesn’t guarantee results. Rather, it’s more about the skills , Analysis , Research we put in to assure outcomes for our customers. I follow a simple mantra – I and my team work only work six hours a day irrespective of the volume of the work we have and we are very transparent about this approach while bringing new clients onboard.

We are focused on quality and Research Based Service rather than Transactional and volume Based. As financial planners, we are a one stop shop for all personal Finance requirements our clients. Instead of being the biggest player, we want to be best in the industry.

Gursimran Singh, Principal Founder,
Paramasa Wealth Advisory

Gursimran Singh has pursued MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies along with certifications in investment and wealth management from National Institute of Securities Management. He is also an alumnus of IIM Calcutta where he completed management courses. Gursimran holds an extensive experience of over 30 years in Corporate world and Wealth Management Space. He believes in offering knowledge-backed and unbiased advice to his clients and prefers playing piano and reading books in his free time to unwind.

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