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Harish Suryavanshi : Be Compliant Ready In The Digital World For Better Risk Management

Harish Suryavanshi : Be Compliant Ready In The Digital World For Better Risk Management

 Harish Suryavanshi ,   General Counsel

Harish Suryavanshi

General Counsel

Great leaders are not merely defined by their positions but by their ability to inspire, innovate, and lead by example. In today's dynamic business landscape, good leadership is essential for navigating challenges and steering organizations towards success. One such leader exemplifying these qualities is Harish Suryavanshi, the General Counsel at COLORTOKENS. With a rich background spanning 20 years in corporate and five years in academia, Harish brings a wealth of experience in managing legal affairs for Multinational Corporations. His expertise encompasses a wide array of areas including international commercial contracts, risk management, litigation, cross border M&A and strategic partnerships.

Transitioning to his role at COLORTOKENS, Harish's motivation lies in the realm of cybersecurity and product licensing, where he thrives as a pragmatic advisor. His leadership approach emphasizes strong performance, transparency, ethical conduct, teamwork, and fostering a supportive environment. Harish's commitment to staying abreast of industry trends and his dedication to driving organizational growth make him an invaluable asset in today's rapidly evolving landscape. Let’s read.

Can you provide a concise summary of your professional history and experiences? What drives your daily activities and routines?

With 20 years of corporate and five years of academic experience under my belt, I've served as a seasoned corporate counsel, addressing challenging legal assignments and matters for numerous Multinational Corporations. My expertise encompasses various areas including international commercial contracts, risk management, litigation and commercial settlements, advisory services, M&A, strategic partnerships, and IP portfolio management.

Transitioning to COLORTOKENS as Global Legal Head/General Counsel in September 2022 from my previous role as Chief Corporate Counsel at Tech Mahindra, I bring extensive experience in handling substantial IT technology contracts, international litigations, and cross-border M&A deals. My motivation thrives in the dynamic realm of cybersecurity, product licensing, and IP management, where I excel as a pragmatic advisor. I'm committed to facilitating business endeavors, while also prioritizing team mentoring to ensure effective risk mitigation and safeguarding of the
company's commercial and business interests.

What is your definition of COLORTOKENS as a company and its current standing in the market?

Being a leading enterprise micro segmentation firm, COLORTOKENS specializes in preventing the lateral spread of ransomware and malware within organizations' complex network infrastructures. Through our COLORTOKENS Xshield platform, we offer a comprehensive visualization of traffic patterns spanning workloads, devices, and internet connections.

Our platform features precise micro-perimeters designed to obstruct unauthorized traffic and promptly isolate critical assets and compromised systems in the event of a breach. By effectively halting ransomware and malware activities, COLORTOKENS ensures organizations are shielded from major disruptions in business operations, leading to substantial cost savings reaching millions of dollars.

Harish's commitment to staying abreast of industry trends & his dedication to driving organizational growth make him an invaluable asset in today's rapidly evolving landscape

Can you provide insights into the enhanced SaaS platform from a cybersecurity standpoint, highlighting its ability to prepare companies for potential breaches?

The COLORTOKENS Xshield platform's latest version, launched in early February 2024, brings expanded asset protection and a reimagined Zero Trust microsegmentation approach. These updates emphasize the company's dedication to empowering IT and security leaders with confidence in thwarting lateral malware spread, enhancing breach readiness. In today's landscape, network breaches are deemed inevitable for most enterprises. Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Risk Officers, and IT managers aim to fortify their organizations' information systems for business continuity and data protection, even after successful attacks.

Microsegmentation is crucial, preventing malware and ransomware spread by halting unauthorized lateral traffic between network resources, and averting catastrophic damage. COLORTOKENS' Xshield ensures comprehensive protection across potential breach points, including data center servers, cloud workloads, Kubernetes containers, user endpoints, operational technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and legacy operating systems, leaving no vulnerabilities in proactive cyber

Share with us your leadership style. What principles or methodologies guide your approach as a leader?

I advocate for leading by example, placing a strong emphasis on practical solutions, process and performance driven, transparency and ethical conduct in my capacity as a chief counsel/advisor. With a foundation rooted in facts and figures, I prioritize transparent, ethical work practices, and being vocal in the interest of the organization. I am a proponent of teamwork and prefer collaborative, pragmatic methods to boost workflow efficiency. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential to me, and I highlight the importance of fostering a supportive environment. I actively engage with teammates, encouraging open discussions and brainstorming sessions to cultivate enhanced opportunities and performance across various aspects.

How do you ensure you stay abreast of industry trends while steering our organization towards the future, and what destination are you aiming for?

I keep myself updated by maintaining strong connections with global organizations and actively networking with General Counsel (GC) associations in India and abroad. Engaging in various national and international forums and GC summits, both as a speaker and participant, allows me to exchange insights on the latest industry trends and legislative changes.

Additionally, I stay informed through a global fraternity network, participating in seminars, reading newsletters, magazines, and legislative updates from reputable law firms and research firms. As for my future destination, I find fulfillment in successfully closing assignments and contributing to safeguarding the company's interests alongside my team. I believe in continual learning, a pragmatic approach, attention to detail, and fostering positive relationships within the team and with stakeholders. Given my competence and the potential opportunities, I aim to continue adding value and contributing to the organization's growth by embracing new responsibilities and ventures.

Harish Suryavanshi, General Counsel, ColorTokens

Harish Suryavanshi is an experienced General Counsel at COLORTOKENS with 20 years of corporate and 5 years academic background. He excels in IT/technology contracts & products licensing, litigation and advisory role IP portfolio management, licensing and data protection, cross border M&A, JVs and strategic partnerships, and risk management across the regions, fostering a process and performance driven work culture with ad-vocating transparency and ethical conduct at all levels.

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