J C Laddha: A Business Leader, A Management Consultant & A Renowned Speaker Spreading His Knowledge Across The Globe | CEOInsights Vendor
J C Laddha: A Business Leader, A Management Consultant & A Renowned Speaker Spreading His Knowledge Across The Globe

J C Laddha: A Business Leader, A Management Consultant & A Renowned Speaker Spreading His Knowledge Across The Globe

J C Laddha , Managing Director

J C Laddha

Managing Director

Today, organizations' primary focus is running business operations and that is why they can’t give enough time to other non-operational but equally important tasks like Meeting regulatory obligations, Indirect and direct tax related statutory obligations, Tax litigations, to name a few. To cater to such requirements of the organizations, DAA LLP was started initially followed by DAA Consulting Pvt Ltd.

Under the leadership of J C Laddha, the company is providing consultations in various areas such as GST, Customs, Foreign Trade Policy, Business Valuation, Supply Chain Optimization in Energy sector, Direct Taxation, International Taxation, Transfer Pricing, Business Consulting for inbound investments, Fundraising, Corporate Governance, and more.

J C Laddha is a Commerce graduate and a fellow Chartered Accountant (FCA) from ICAI, New Delhi. He is also qualified to be an Independent Director as per the norms prescribed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. He started his career as an Industrial Trainee with Hindustan Unilever Ltd and went on to become the Managing Director of Century Textiles and Industries Ltd. (CTIL) and now M D at DAA Consulting. He has over 40 years of strategic and business leadership experience across several industry sectors and has held several leadership positions in the companies like MRPL, Hindalco, CTIL, Aditya Birla Nuvo (GRASIM now) responsible for various businesses of Aditya Birla Group. His vast knowledge and rich experiences have brought various laurels to all the organizations he has worked with and is working with today.

J C Laddha shared his thoughts on various issues in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights.
You possess over four decades of experience. How has your path to success and what is your success mantra?
My path to success has been a strong commitment and passion for my professional responsibility. A strong follower of values imbibed by my parents since childhood greatly helped me in my journey to success. I always made sure to take on new responsibilities to newer businesses /newer areas generally every 3-5 years in different geographies. I used to take on challenging assignments in which I had no prior experience. I believe, I made a significant difference in my area of work and took the businesses to newer heights.

Failure Is The Founding Stone Of Great Success

How would you define DAA Consulting as an organization and its current position in the market?
DAA Consulting is a small to medium size company having high profile clients and it believes in offering highquality services primarily in India at the most affordable cost. Our motto is to help small to medium size organizations that have all resources but need support as how to successfully organize their businesses in the most effective manner. The company offers a wide range of tax consulting services such as GST, Free Trade Agreements, Direct Taxes, International Taxation, and Customs, to name a few. DAA Consulting holds a unique position in the market today with strong client connections along with total client satisfaction and it works as a partner with its clients.

Tell us about your flagship offerings and what value additions customers can expect from your offerings.
Although it is not limited to, the flagship offerings of our company are in Management Consulting which comprises of ESG, Cost Optimization, Business Turnaround services, Startup Mentoring Services, M&A- (end to end) services, Fund Raising- Equity & Debt both, Handling IPO related servicesOverall Energy Consulting, Innovation, Automation, Digitization & Digitalization and Taxation & Valuation services. Customer
satisfaction is paramount for DAA consulting. This is the only reason that once the client comes into our fold and experiences our services, he becomes a permanent client for us and goes on expanding the availing of services.

Tell us about your leadership approach, and the guidelines or methodologies you follow to lead your team.
My leadership approach is very simple, “Know the way, show the way, and go the way”. I believe in having total trust in the team, giving them tasks based on their capabilities, totally leaving it to them and only guiding them when they need it. I always focus on the strength of the individual and encourage them to strengthen their strength and try to minimize the impact of their weakness. Only a team can deliver excellence and not Individuals is my mantra, and I am never worried about the failures as these are the founding stones for significant successes.

Considering your strong experience within the industry, what advice would you give to budding industry leaders?
My advice would be to follow the Law of the land, give your 100 percent in whatever you do, challenge the status quo, focus on customer-centricity and exponential growth, be always prepared for future challenges, and take proactive steps to handle them.

J C Laddha, Managing Director, Daa Consulting
A journey from Industrial trainee to becoming Managing Director, Laddha has gained varied and rich experiences in several industries in his stint spreading over 40years. Apart from that, he has been a regular speaker at various Industrial forums such as CRU, CESCO, and Metal Bulletin to name a few. He was also a member of the LME (London Metal Exchange) Copper Committee, London representing India and Southeast Asia.
•Hobbies:Travelling, keeping in touch with global happenings in political and economic developments.
•Favorite Cuisine:Rajasthani(Dal- Bati and Gaate ki sabzi)
•Favorite Book:Jack: Straight from the Gut’ by Jack wells
•Favorite Travel Destination: Kashmir, Ladakh, London and Australia

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