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Jay Patel: From Mechanical Engineering To Societal Impact, A Trailblazer In Water Treatment

Jay Patel: From Mechanical Engineering To Societal Impact, A Trailblazer In Water Treatment

Jay Patel,  Director

Jay Patel


Playing a key role in ensuring the availability of clean and safe water for various purposes, ranging from drinking to industrial use, Jay Patel, Director of Nav, stands out as an innovative leader in this dynamic space. With a comprehensive back ground in mechanical engineering and a Ph.D. obtained in the United States, Jay and his team at Nav have embarked on a journey to provide purified drinking water to under privileged school children, hospitals, and more. Their innovative approach, including patented products and a focus on environ mentally sustainable solutions, reflects a dedication to advancing water treatment technology for the betterment of public health and environmental sustainability. Jay Patel's professional journey is a testament to his commitment to leveraging expertise for societal benefit, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable future. Let’s hear more from him.

Tell us about your professional background & experiences. Also, tell us What motivation fuels your daily routines.

I have a comprehensive professional background with a focus on mechanical engineering, enriched by a Ph.D. obtained in the United States. My academic journey began in India, where I completed my bachelor's degree. Subsequently, I pursued my master's at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and further advanced to attain my PhD at the University of Texas, Austin. Both my master's and doctoral studies specialized in mechanical design, with a significant emphasis on incorpo-rating artificial intelligence and algorithms into the design process.

Throughout my career, I have garnered valuable experience working for various companies in the United States. Notably, my tenure at a medical device company involved contributing to the development of a heart implant. Commencing as a design engineer, I progressed to a director-level position within five years.

Driven by personal and familial considera-tions, my spouse and I decided to relocate to India. From here, I continued working remotely for a year before embarking on an entrepreneurial journey. Recognizing a pressing need for innovative water treat-ment systems and a lack of awareness regarding the impact of water on health, we established a business dedicated to water

Our motivation stems from the belief that water, constituting 70 percent of the human body, profoundly influences overall health and well-being. We initiated our venture with a focus on creating innovative products, some of which have been patented. Observing a burgeoning opportunity, we transitioned into medical water treatment systems, particularly dialysis water treatment. Our systems adhere to stringent standards to provide hospitals and patients with water conforming to AAMI standards for hemodia-lysis.

The groundwork laid in product development, coupled with successful implementations in renowned institutions, positions us well to ascend confidently into a more expansive market presence

Tell us about your experiences at the University of Texas Austin. Also, tell us about its offerings and what you learn from the campus beyond academics.

I am delighted to share my impressions of the unique experiences the University of Texas Austin provided, extending beyond the academic realm. Austin, in essence, captivated me with its cosmopolitan ambiance, distinguishing it from other places I've visited across the United States. The city stands out as a hub of diverse opportunities, both in terms of business and education.

My academic journey at the university was particularly enriched by the privilege of working under the guidance of Dr. Matt Campbell. Dr. Campbell's expertise in crafts and design optimization was truly commendable, contributing signifi-cantly to my learning experience. The University of Texas Austin, known for its academic excellence, provided an environment conducive to fostering skills beyond the traditional curriculum.

Beyond the academic sphere, Austin emerged as a vibrant and dynamic city, offering a plethora of activities and experiences. Its energetic and lively atmosphere extended beyond the confines of the university, making it an ideal location for holistic personal and professional growth. The city's tightknit community added to its appeal, creating a sense of belonging and contributing to an overall enriching period of my academic journey.

How would you describe Nav as an organization and its current position in the market?

Over the past seven to eight years, our organization has dedicated substantial efforts to product development, focusing on creating
unique and innovative solutions. Our products have been successfully supplied to prominent institutions in the Indian healthcare sector. Securing partnerships with AIIMS has positioned us favorably, as their association often translates to accessibility to various government hospitals.

Our reach extends beyond healthcare, encompassing collabo-rations with esteemed institutions like IOCL and HDFC, among others. These partnerships underscore the versatility and applicability of our products in diverse sectors.

As we pivot towards an intensified sales and marketing strategy, we are confident in our readiness to showcase our products and capabilities. The groundwork laid in product development, coupled with success-ful implementations in renowned institu-tions, positions us well to ascend confidently into a more expansive market presence.

Could you outline the envisioned future plans for yourself and the company over the next five years?

Our primary focus has been on the development of our products. Having reached a point where we are confident in the sustainability and societal benefits of our offerings, our next strategic move involves an assertive push into the market. We are poised to target the major markets, beginning with Gujarat, and subsequently expand our reach across India, promoting the same product or similar offerings. The upcoming years will see a concerted effort towards marketing and establishing a strong market presence for our products.

What advice would you offer to emerging leaders?

My recommendation for upcoming leaders is to regard learning as the cornerstone of their foundation. Therefore, I suggest continuously updating skills by taking advantage of online courses and other educational opportunities, parti-cularly in emerging technologies like AI. The capability to leverage software and algorithms is increasingly vital in today's landscape.

Moreover, it is imperative never to underestimate the significance of prioritizing employee satisfaction. Employees serve as the backbone of any industry, and fostering a positive and supportive work environment is key. A happy and content workforce contributes significantly to the overall success and well-being of the organization.

Jay Patel, Director, Nav

Dr. Jay Patel, Nav Director, blends mechanical expertise with a Ph.D. from the U.S. Notably contributing to a heart implant's development, Jay now spearheads NAV's mission, employing technology for revolu-tionary water treatment solutions, impacting under-privileged com-munities and healthcare institutions positively.

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