Joy e-bike: Next-Gen E-Bikes Meet Design Excellence

Joy e-bike: Next-Gen E-Bikes Meet Design Excellence

Yatin Gupte,CEODuring the 20th century, the automotive industry had become a global industrial force. An engine of economic growth and prosperity today, the industry owes thanks to several innovators and leaders, the ambassadors of change, who set and reset the benchmarks of adapting to the need of the hour and remaining relevant to the society. A part of Ward wizard Innovations & Mobility Limited, Joy e-bike is one such automotive industry leader, who aims to bring something new to the market that will also help in combating climate change, or as they call it – solution to pollution. With more than eight trendy models of electric bikes, Joy e-bike creates a positive impression on the future in an utmost stylish manner. Headquartered in Gujarat, the organization's vehicles are ideal for any day, climate and age, because they are cost-effective and need very little maintenance.

Automotive emission is one of the leading causes of environmental destruction. To fight the culprit, air pollution, and prevent the climate change, the organization brings together electric bikes that use tomorrow's technology designed with classy exteriors. Joy e-bikes come with long-lasting batteries, so that there's no need to replace batteries frequently, and that's a great way to reduce the carbon footprint. The company is seeking to adopt something creative and ground-breaking to foster a greener future and create an eco-friendly environment.

The latest addition to its bike range is the high-performance ‘Joy E-Monster’, which can cover 75 km with only four hours of charging. The modern design of the E-Monster bike has a sturdy pair of wheels and offers an exciting ride experience. With a power-packed Lithium-Ion
Fixed Type Battery and Hydraulic Suspension, E-Monster does not obstruct the planet’s atmosphere. It goes up to a distance of 100 km at a single charge (charging time for e monster is 5 hrs) and costs only 25 paise per km. "We are the only manufacturer in India with eight plus models of electric vehicles. The bike categories range from bicycles to performance bikes." says Yatin Gupte, CEO, Joy e-bike.

Glob is extremely smart with its unique design and innovative technology. Powered by lithiumion batteries, it creates zero emissions to protect the decaying earth. Wolf is another super-smart e-scooter product of the company with extra leg and boot space, making it easier to carry additional luggage without hindrance. The remote lock is another exciting feature, which helps to start the vehicle without searching for keys. Gen Nxt Nanu E-Scooter is another next generation electric scooter that comes with a contemporary finish, promising a stylish and comfortable ride. On the other hand, the organization has also launched a sleek 2-wheel mountain bike, a dream come true for any cyclist, which comes with single suspension and an electric boost.

Building an empire from the scratch might seem adventurous in a book, but making it possible is not a walk in the park

The Success Path
With the emergence of Vyom – the first & original brand from the company – and its warm reception in the market, Joy e-bike has long discovered that amalgamating technology while taking care of the environment is a great business model. This indeed was how Joy-e Bikes was formed. It was challenging for the company to get to the automotive sector right from a technical background. In terms of material supply, competition depends on the market availability in other countries and not being the only company in the supply sector, which is the most significant issue faced by the company. Competing with enormous names in the automobile industry, it’s no wonder that the journey was adventurous for Joy e-bike.
Today, with 1700+ distribution channels, with presence in Uganda, and 300 plus working executives, Joy e-bike has become one of the major manufacturers of electric vehicles. Going forward in this technology-driven environment, the company is trying its hands on AI, cloud technology, database management, digital marketing, and software development as well. While creating and fostering eco-friendly devices and machines, the company has ensured to be a helping hand for more than ten plus entrepreneurs.

Yatin Gupte, CEO
Since a very young age, Yatin Gupte has always been passionate about starting something of his own. He drives so hard to work and to be able to push himself to the limits. He has worked in this industry for almost 4 years and has won numerous accolades from different entities, but Yatin considers seeing his company being listed on the bombay stock exchange as the first electric vehicle in the automobile. He ensures that the organization is growing stronger, not only financially, but also in terms of the foundation and the value systems set in place.

1. Outstanding contribution for environment conservation and innovative product – Mr. Yatin Gupte (Wardwizard Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.) Received at “house of commons London, UK parliament”, in presence of HON MP’S organized by WBR (in association with Forbes India) and ministry of skill development and government of India
2. Bharat Gaurav awardee 2018 – for environment conservation
3. India’s top 500 CEO award – 2018, by benchmark trust, TQV
4. India’s 5000 best MSME award - 2018, by benchmark trust, TQV
5. Award for best innovation in automobile sector – franchise India
6. Best corporate innovative product by Divya Bhaskar eminence award- 2019
7. Best corporate innovative product – 2019 by times icon of Vadodara
8. Leading e-bike manufacturer award – 2019, by pride of Gujarat – news 18 Gujarati, Ahmedabad by, chief minister of Gujarat – Shri Vijay Rupani
9. Best electric vehicle manufacturing CEO – 2019 by, global CEO excellence award

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