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Kedar Bhide: Creating Launchpad For Painters & Photographers

Kedar Bhide: Creating Launchpad For Painters & Photographers

 Kedar Bhide,    Managing Director

Kedar Bhide

Managing Director

With the belief of helping the local artists to promote their artwork and to provide them with an on demand customized print service, Kedar Bhide established Nature Works. Apart from being an entrepreneur Kedar is also an environmental health expert and holds the expertise of working in the corporate sector. Through this article, Kedar is highlighting his steps taken towards the development of local art and artists.

Kedar engaged in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights, following is the highlight from the same.

Tell us about your professional background and experience. What inspired you to venture into the art segment and what inspires you every day?
I am passionate about nature and wildlife photography, also an environmental health expert with a postgraduate degree in Applied Biology. I have twenty years of experience working as a leader in the corporate sector with various multi national companies. I held my solo photography exhibition in 2017 where I understood that the choice of different media and high end prints to the artists which includes painters and photo graphers was kind of restrictive. After that experience, a new idea came into being, which was about creating a customized archival printing platform. I derive inspiration from amazing artistic talent across India which includes small towns, villages, and rural landscapes of the country. We do archival prints for Madhubani Artists in the hinterland of Bihar or a talented painter from Vishakhapatnam or Patiala or when we discuss Giclee Prints with a photographer in Dharmshala, Silchar, Thrissur or Port Blair, I get immense satisfaction and that's what moves us forward every day. We help Indian Artists' artwork reach across the globe with the best quality archival prints as artists in Europe and America do.
How do you define Nature Works as an organization? How do you ensure the quality and authenticity of work at Nature Works?
Nature Works has been positioned as a customized print-on-demand platform to support artists to give their customers the best Archival or Giclee print experience of their work. There are no restrictions on the minimum quantity on the number of prints or sizes, we do single print-on-demand of any size which is within the range of our printing systems and on everyday media that we offer. Presently, artists or art galleries do not need to keep archival prints of their work, once they receive the order, we do everything possible within the possible time from printing, and packaging to delivery to their customers in customized packing.

Our Motive Is To Help Indian Artists To Sell Their Artwork Across The Globe With The Best Quality Archival Prints, As The Artists In Europe And America Do

We follow quality systems to achieve the best results, but we consider our artist's final decision on that that is why we spend more time collaborating with our artists to find the best media for their visualization and to select the best colour profiles for their final prints. We are trying to bridge the gap between the artists and the online art galleries so there are no washed-out versions of art displayed or sold. The authenticity of the source of material and processes are strictly adhered to including copyright laws and other legal requirements.

What are the challenges that you have experienced so far? What are the views on customer experience while choosing your artwork?
The lockdown allowed people to sit at home and immerse themselves in the world of art both online and offline. After a while, artists started receiving orders, so we converted our platform into a dropship, and we managed to help our artists to fulfil their orders during the lockdown. Another challenge is that in India, the market for limited edition and open edition archival prints is very small compared to the western art world. through our platform, we are looking for an opportunity to create awareness about Giclee prints and artists.
We have created a print ecosystem for artists now in art gallery our objective is to make another platform available for artist to showcase their talent. We wanted to create a gallery for nature and wildlife where some part of the profit can be contributed to the conservation efforts on ground.

How do you help artists and art galleries attain commercial success? What are the goals that you wish to achieve?
We assure our artists that they can concentrate on creating their masterpieces and we will handle the rest and encourage them to initialize the collaboration on finalizing suitable media and colour optimization of digital work. They don't have to spend anything on print till they have order in their hand. Once they receive an order it is forwarded to us and we print, pack, and ship it worldwide.

Our first goal is to create a print culture that will help document the passage of time and the evolution of human society and art is the best media to do that. The next one is to reach out to artists across India to help them develop their own sales platforms.

What advice would you like to give to the budding artists in this domain?
For beginners, I would like to suggest keep exploring, creating, and sharing and for professionals, I would suggest exploring the options of art reproduction and limited edition archival prints of your originals.

Kedar Bhide, Managing Director, Nature Works
A passionate photographer and environmental health expert, whole heartedly supporting the local visual art and artists to showcase their talent throughout the world. Kedar as the Managing Director of Nature Works is promoting visual art and artists with the best quality archival prints.

Hobbies: Photography, Scuba Diving, Off-Roading
Favourite Travel Destination: Ladakh in Winter, Western Ghats in Rain and under the sea in Andaman
Awards and Recognition: Sarpmitra award in 2008 by the Indian Herpetological Society
Herography award from HP Indigo and Better Photography
Associate of International League of Conservation of Writers International certification from Hahnemuhle Germany, as 'CERTIFIED GOLD STUDIO'

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