Kutty Prabakaran: A Pioneering Professional On A Quest For Affordable, Sustainable Power, Water | CEOInsights Vendor
Kutty Prabakaran: A Pioneering Professional On A Quest For Affordable, Sustainable Power, Water

Kutty Prabakaran: A Pioneering Professional On A Quest For Affordable, Sustainable Power, Water

Kutty Prabakaran,     CEO

Kutty Prabakaran


The canvas is still huge and there’s a lot to accomplish”, says Mr. Kutty Prabhakaran who is the CEO of Enzen Group which is a is a global knowledge enterprise specialising in the energy and water industries. The company’s mission is to make these two life essentials more affordable, accessible and sustainable to all. Enzen acknowledges the fact that energy scarcity is a rising concern forus all and can only be tackled with sustainable renewable solutions. To ensure this, the company aspires to build a better future and under the watchful guidance of Kutty Prabhakaran, Enzen Group is determined to solve energy shortages through sustainable and affordable models.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Kutty shares his vision and passion that drives him towards casting an impact.

Can you tell us about your professional background and experiences? What is the motivation that fuels your business routine?
I have served the industry for 25 years and worked with various corporations in the energy sector. I started my career in the technology sector but was always passionate about bringing about meaningful change. The rising energy poverty, the crisis in water and energy sectors, the climate change, and the rising prices of resources is something that needs to be addressed with sustainability. Enzen was born out of the same motto for making energy and water accessible to all.

How do you define Enzen Group as an organization?
Enzen Global thrives to provide consulting, technology, engineering, and innovation services to the energy and water industries. It believes in pioneering new technologies that lead towards
sustainability and in the process build a better, smarter, and more sustainable future

The focus areas for Enzen are digitalisation, decentralisation, and decarbonisation. The USP is sustain ability. It is at the heart of all that we do and everything revolves around it.

All our endeavors are targeted towards accessibility and preservation of clean water and energy. We are surrounded by a group of leaders and a hard working team that works towards a mission, and passionate about sustainability. Out-of-the-box thinking makes the team unique.

Despite all the failures and challenges that hurdled our way,we as an organization never backed away from the challenges and kept refining ourselves to become more robust

What are the steps you have imposed to improve the sustainability of resources and conservation for your customers?
We are trusted advisors who remain at the fore front, aligning us with the challenges, technology, and transformation that keep happening around us. We help our clients to adapt to the changes and advice them on being power driven with sustain ability being the core agenda. For instance, measures needed to reduce water leakage, minimize water wastage from 2 liter to 1 liter, and reduce energy consumption. We help them to optimize their value chain through various customer centric models where they have equal power over the process.

Brief us about your latest projects on renewable resources which you believe could have a huge impact shortly?
We have many projects in the queue and we are passionate about each one of them. We pick up a certain project only when it’s aligned with our goal sustainability. We stay focused on optimum use of energy and clean technology while delivering. We are currently working on a project in the Caribbean Islands
where there is an electricity shortage and the cost is comparatively higher than the other places due to power being run by diesel run generators.

We are working on a model that will provide 6-12 hours of electricity and hence improve the quality of life of the locals. We plan to do this with alternative energy resources thus bringing down the consumption of fuel.

What did the pandemic mean for your company as well as for you as a professional? How did you tackle the challenges?
The pandemic has been an awakening call for all. The brighter side of the pandemic was that all businesses further adopted digitalization and that has acted as a good momentum for Enzen too. It gave us a nudge to pace faster in the digital space. We helped our clients to adapt to digitalization and catered to them through digital models. We further invested in team-building, learned new strategies to better the entire ecosystem within.

Despite all the failures and challenges that hurdled our way, we as an organization never backed away from the challenges and kept refining ourselves to become more robust. We have learned from the mistakes and have become resilient to the challenges. Being a young and small organization, we have achieved much and we look forward to starting scaling faster.

Kutty Prabakaran, CEO, Enzen Global Solutions
Kutty always wanted to make a difference in whatever he did. He is a world traveler and is fond of all the historical places around the world. He loves all authentic cuisines but his personal favorite is Spanish Paella from Valencia. He loves reading leadership books and Elon Musk is a huge inspiration. His native city, Madurai remains close to his heart. “The beauty of the Meenakshi temple is the vision of the leader behind building it. It’s the same vision that drives a leader to make an organization what it is”.

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