MITVA: Illuminating Millions of Lives with Affordable & Eco-Friendly Solar Products

MITVA: Illuminating Millions of Lives with Affordable & Eco-Friendly Solar Products

Nidhi Modi, Executive Director

Nidhi Modi

Executive Director

The biggest impetus behind the global climate change – fossil fuels – is gradually disappearing as the might of solar energy is being harnessed in a spectrum of ways. No more a buzzword, solar energy has evolved into the most reliable and affordable renewable energy source. Thus, giving us hope towards achieving PM Modi’s target of building 100 GW of solar capacity by 2022. The recent report of Bridge to India presents an estimation of adding nearly 16 GW of clean energy capacity in 2019, wherein 0.29 GW would belong to the off-grid solar which is an entirely self-sustaining system. This off-grid solar is the core competence of MITVA (Estd. 2007), a well-established brand of RAL Consumer Products Ltd. (RCPL), functioning with the sole social idea of empowering millions of lives with electricity. RCPL is a 47-year old global organization built on sheer trust with presence in FMCG, child care, housekeeping, and off-grid solar brackets.

So far, MITVA has made incredible strides in the off-grid solar energy sector by impacting 10 million people through ‘MITVA Solar’ in just a span of five years. Nidhi Modi (Executive Director) currently heads the solar, LED, child care and personal grooming divisions of RCPL and is also responsible for making all its strategic decisions as well as its growth. She was also the mastermind behind establishing Manya Education in 2003 and further took-up eminent roles in other organizations too. When interacting with CEO Insights, Nidhi has personally articulated a great deal about MITVA’s differential factors, its vast rural presence, and many more aspects. Here are the snippets!

In accordance with the on-going 100 percent penetration of electricity in villages, the expectations of rural customers are shifting towards home lighting systems rather than basic lighting. How is MITVA addressing these concerns through its portfolio of products?
Keeping in mind the adverse
fluctuations in India’s weatherconditions, we have designed & developed a range of robust off-grid and portable solar products. Right from lanterns, lights, torches, hanging bulbs to fans, we produce a wide spectrum of advanced home lighting systems at less expensive prices to the rural people. All our solar products are designed by our strong, internal R&D team across production facilities spanning Delhi, Mysore, Rajasthan and China. We also own an online ERP system connecting all our warehouses with the head office to the distributor points that ensures effective sales, service, inventory planning and execution. Moreover, to seamlessly address the delivery to customers and logistics, we have acquired a technology-driven last mile company apart from deploying our robust manpower of 400+ salesmen. Our expertise extends even into the retail and exports categories.

"Keeping in mind the adverse fluctuationsin India’s weather conditions, we have designed and developed a range of robust off-grid and portable solar products"

In this pursuit, we face prime challenges in edifying our customers on the significance of solar power, reaching the interior parts of rural regions and also conforming to the Government policies. Re-innovation and automation of products are other areas, wherein we face difficulties at times.

Tell us about your endeavours in empowering the rural areas of India.
We at MITVA breathe the common goal of eliminating poverty in rural regions of India through the provision of an affordable and greener source of electricity. Our presence is extremely strong across the rural and semi-urban areas (especially B & C towns), wherein we serve all villages that are home to 2000+ people. To offer them products at subsidized rates, we go hand-in-hand with various NGOs and CSR foundations, while our employees are readily available to deliver top-notch customer support & service to them when required. We also provide loans to the rural women by closely associating with MFIs.

Presently, MITVA has grown to the status of a well-established brand with active participation in CSR activities on its own and also through the assistance of a few public sector companies and NGOs.

MITVA is the well-established brand of RCPL. Kindly walk us through the magnificence of RCPL.
It has been over four decades since RCPL started building multiple brands across India and SAARC countries and currently holds the deepest collaborations with international brands such as Panasonic, Mother Care, Fuburg, Nokia, Samsung, Fisher Price & Feel Free, to name a few. Leveraging the best of its industry experiences and associations, RCPL today proudly caters to more than 500,000 retail outlets through 800+ distributors PAN India. These outlets range right from the grocery shops in small villages to mega lifestyle chains, electrical & solar outlets, hypermarkets in metros, NGOs, Microfinance Institutions (MFIs), social impact organizations, Government sectors and other institutional/corporate trade. Essentially, the firm owns a dedicated rural sales & services team emphasizing on building and boosting rural entrepreneurs who will be working in the deepest interiors of India.

While RCPL is equipped with a strong service network, its well-established eight brands undertake marketing & distribution out of which five brands are self-owned. The firm also extends its arm in the field of exports to several countries like Bangladesh, Iran, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.

How are innovations being executed at MITVA?Also, share us your future plans.
I personally initiate the development of products at MITVA as I diligently comprehend the variegated needs of customers by closely interacting with all of them. We are looking forward to include more up-gradations and innovations across our products portfolio by encouraging our leadership team to gain exposure on international markets. On the other hand, our well-versed technical team assures to stay abreast of the unfolding trends in the industry. This way we are honing ourselves to emerge as the No.1 player in India while we believe that the other international players here won’t survive long as they quickly use up their funds merely to run the business.

Key Management:
Nidhi Modi, Executive Director
Nidhi is a true business leader with exemplary business decision skills and almost 16 years of experience across diverse industries.

NewDelhi(HQ),Mumbai,Hyderabad,Chennai and many others

A wide range of off-grid & portable solar products

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