Mukarram Mohiuddin: A Frontrunner In The Field, Helping Businesses Stand Out With Memorable Brand Stories | CEOInsights Vendor
Mukarram Mohiuddin: A Frontrunner In The Field, Helping Businesses Stand Out With Memorable Brand Stories

Mukarram Mohiuddin: A Frontrunner In The Field, Helping Businesses Stand Out With Memorable Brand Stories

 Mukarram Mohiuddin,   CEO

Mukarram Mohiuddin


There is more to a successful branding strategy than just designing a logo and compiling a brand style guide. A company's image and reputation, as well as the feeling that it elicits in customers, are all products of a brand, which is composed of several pragmatic and poetic components that work together to achieve these results. Having a brand that is instantly recognizable to customers is one of the most important factors that can affect a company's success. Accordingly, Mukarram Mohiuddin established Total Brand Consulting to assist companies in developing brands that not only attract customers' complete attention but also win their loyalty for life.

Mukarram was inspired to pursue a career in branding by his experiences working for both established companies and innovative new ones. However, while earning a diploma in Brand Theory from the University of the Arts London, Mukarram saw the opportunity and started to carve out a place for himself in the field of Brand Consulting. In 2017, Mukarram chose to follow his natural inclination toward entrepreneurship by launching Total Brand Consulting.

Below is an excerpt of Mukarram Mohiuddin’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

What is the motivation that fuels your daily routine?

I think the agency's year-on-year development has been rewarding for me and the team we built over years, but as an entrepreneur, the urge of wanting more drives me. My daily motivation comes from the responsibility of managing a globally distributed team across our offices in Dubai, Dammam, Hyderabad & Bengaluru to help and guide them to achieve client success, which is truly what fuels my daily routine.

I appreciate all we have accomplished at TBC, but what drives me and my teammates
forward is the opportunity to assist companies in developing stories that resonate with their target audiences.

How would you define Total Brand Consulting as an organization and its current position in the market?

Total Brand Consulting (TBC) was established to help and assist both established and fledgling businesses streamline their branding and communi-cations efforts. We understood the importance of branding and how it could be used to make the company’s marketing and communication activities more effective to give it an edge over the competition.

We have worked hard to establish ourselves as a reputable full-service branding and creative agency that clients can trust for Strategy, Content, Design & Execution

In a recent move that astounded the advertising industry, Airbnb bet more on brand development than on performance marketing, increasing spending in this area by 175 percent. This was a major factor in the company's 300% gain in revenue. This serves as a wakeup call for companies that put too much emphasis on assessing marketing effectiveness without first defining their brand's values and story.

Furthermore, we have worked hard to establish ourselves as a reputable full-service branding and creative agency that clients know they can rely on for expert advice across all stages of brand development.

Tell us about your flagship offerings and what are value additions customers can expect from your services and solutions.

It's incredible how many excellent branding and creative design firms there are. We've carved out a special place for ourselves by suggesting to businesses that they come to us for help if they're having trouble gaining customers’ trust.

Branding is our main service; it includes but is not limited to brand consultancy and brand advertising. We collaborate with CEOs who have a clear vision for the company and marketing departments that want to
stand out from the crowd by developing a unique selling proposition and telling an engaging narrative about their brand to win their customer’s trust and loyalty.

What are the major factors you take into consideration while suggesting your services and solutions to clients?

When working with a company's brand managers or chief marketing officers, we always keep in mind the company's long-term goals and objectives, and we work with them as an extended branding and marketing team. Through this method, we can construct a bespoke service offering that is in tune with the needs of the company and which aids the business stakeholders in realizing the full potential and financial benefits of branding investments.

Our transparent consulting-led methodology enables us to lay out the Why before the What and When. In my experience, this approach also aids customers in comprehending and integrating a marketing agency into their operations.

To ensure our new customers enter into our relationship with clear expectations, we take special care to explain that our firm is primarily motivated by creative ideas and that most of the work we do is done out of pure passion.

Going forward, what are the changes in market behavior that you anticipate, and what are the opportunities that you foresee?

This is a fascinating moment for every marketer and business owner, as companies and brands increasingly put effort into the Customer and Employee experience to earn the loyalty of customers. Since day one, this is the stance we've taken and the information we've given to our clientele. It's a great source of comfort and satisfaction for us. As for the possibilities of expanding our company, we're thrilled by the referrals and recommendations we've been receiving from our satisfied customers. This is an important step in our journey, and we appreciate our customers' faith.

Mukarram Mohiuddin, CEO, Total Brand Consulting

Mukarram fondly remembers the roles he played with both market leading and challenger brands, it was when he got attracted to the multifariousness of branding and creative communication. In 2017, he geared up to kick start Total Brand Consulting.

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