Pankaj Agarwal: Showcasing A Journey Of Leadership, Innovation, And Impact | CEOInsights Vendor
Pankaj Agarwal: Showcasing A Journey Of Leadership, Innovation, And Impact

Pankaj Agarwal: Showcasing A Journey Of Leadership, Innovation, And Impact

Pankaj Agarwal,   CEO (India)

Pankaj Agarwal

CEO (India)

The field of construction offers economical building alternatives, with clients actively participating to ensure the success of the project. Additionally, well-designed infrastructure projects draw the interest of potential investors looking to engage in business ventures. Dhaya Maju Infrastructure (Asia) Sdn Berhad was established in 1996. Having accomplished a range of esteemed construction endeavors, they have made a significant mark within the local construction sector. Noteworthy projects include involvement in the Central Link KLIA Expressway. Pankaj Agarwal, serving as the CEO for Dhaya Maju Infrastructure in India, has been the cornerstone of the organization, instrumental in driving its accomplishments and leading it towards prosperity. His contributions have played a pivotal role in steering the institution to its current level of success. Under his guidance, Dhaya Maju Infrastructure in India has experienced significant growth and achievement, solidifying its position as a prominent player in the industry.

During a personal interview, Pankaj Agarwal shared valuable perspectives about the company's operations and its meaningful contributions to the economy.

Can you provide a concise overview of your professional history and the experiences you've gained? What drives and inspires you in your daily activities?
I hold B.Tech (Civil) and an M.Tech (Management & System) degree, both of which I earned from IIT Delhi. Throughout my extensive four-decade-long professional journey, I have amassed a wealth of experience working across diverse geographical regions and within various renowned organizations. These include a 13-year tenure at IRCON in locations such as Iraq, India, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia, followed by 15 years at IJM spanning Malaysia and India, another 8 years at GVK in India and Australia, and a further 5 years at DMIA in India and Malaysia. My daily motivation is fueled by a potent combination of Passion, Patience, and Persuasion the three essential elements that drive my
dedicated efforts towards the successful completion of every task.

Kindly elaborate on the distinctive experiences provided by IIT Delhi and the non-academic lessons you gained from your time in campus.
During my years at IIT Delhi, I had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse array of individuals, fostering my ability to work seamlessly across disciplines, cultures, backgrounds, and nationalities. This exposure not only broadened my perspective but also honed my skills in thriving under pressure and systematically analyzing complex problems by breaking them into manageable components for fundamental solutions. Additionally, the campus experience instilled in me the value of foresight, encouraging me to plan ahead and recognize opportunities before they surface, providing a distinct edge. These formative lessons from my time at IIT Delhi have significantly shaped my subsequent business career.

One should always dream high & go after them without the fear of failure; if there is a fire in a belly, one will definitely see success one day

Could you outline your path to success over four decades and share your key principles for achieving it?
In private settings, my approach is consistently hands-on, characterized by a meticulous examination of problems and issues. I draw upon my extensive experience and business management expertise encompassing construction, development, resource allocation, planning, cash flow, and people management. My success mantra, which I ardently believe in, is encapsulated by the phrase 'I believe in Joint Destiny'. This mindset underscores the collaborative nature of success and underscores the importance of shared efforts in achieving goals.

How do you characterize Dhaya Maju Infrastructure as a company, and what is its present standing within the market?
DMIA has successfully executed diverse construction projects spanning railways, highways, and buildings in Malaysia and India, earning notable recognition on both domestic and international fronts. Our core expertise lies in Railway Projects executed under an EPC framework. Presently, we are deeply engaged in the prestigious 'Klang
Valley Double Track Rehabilitation Project' (KVDT-1) in Malaysia, valued at approximately $400 million, with an impressive 95 percent completion rate.

Further adding to our accomplishments, we have secured the monumental "Klang Valley Double Track Rehabilitation Project" Phase-2 (KVDT-2), valued at $1.10 billion, already 20 percent completed. Notably, we possess an exclusive fleet of Railway Equipment and Rolling Stock for these projects, including the sole Track Laying Machine in the ASEAN region. Additionally, through our Indian subsidiary, DMIA Land (India), we have successfully completed the redevelopment of the Malaysian High Commission Building Complex in New Delhi, setting a quality benchmark. In India, we are presently executing two NHAI prestigious projects for 8-lane Expressway between Delhi and Vadodara, with award values of $115 million and $100 million, both exceeding 70 percent completion.

Share your leadership and governance style with us. What principles do you adhere to as a leader?
As a leader, I am dedicated to an innovative mindset. I focus on implementing well-established Systems & Procedures to ensure strong Corporate Governance. My commitment lies in maintaining Business Consistency while remaining adaptable to shifting trends. Most importantly, I am resolute in my belief in maximizing returns for stake holders.

What is the ultimate goal you are aiming to achieve in the future?
I am actively working towards replicating the success of DMIA in the vibrant Indian market, aspiring to establish a strong presence and impact similar to that of DMIA Malaysia. A key milestone on this journey is the strategic goal of listing DMIA in India, a move that not only aligns with our expansion plans but also opens up new avenues for growth and collaboration. This step signifies our commitment to fostering a dynamic and impactful presence in the Indian construction and infrastructure sector, further solidifying our position as a pioneering industry player.

Pankaj Agarwal, CEO(India), Dhaya Maju Infrastructure
Pankaj Agarwals remarkable range of qualifications has left a significant imprint on the construction industry. These credentials not only highlight his dedication to advancing professionally but also mirror his profound industry acumen and wealth of experience.

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