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Paul Francis Valluvassery: Bringing A Revolution In Construction & Infrastructure Domain

Paul Francis Valluvassery: Bringing A Revolution In Construction & Infrastructure Domain

 Paul Francis Valluvassery,    CEO

Paul Francis Valluvassery


In today's fastpaced modern world, businesses are only looking at making profits than improving their products and services. Especially in the construction sector, hiring a reliable, trustworthy commercial building contractor and construction company is the key to success.

Headquartered in Cochin, India, Valluvassery Builders is a full-fledged construction company. The company's services include general contracting, building, and managing construction. The company was founded when the owners realized the growing demand for an honest, efficient, and customer-focused service provider in the market. The company's objective is to provide high quality, time bound construction solutions to consumers in the market. The Company is present in Cochin and Thiruvananthapuram and can execute work across Kerala. The company is also in the process of expanding further into southern India.

In this interview with Ceo Insights Magazine, Paul Francis Valluvassery, founder of Valluvassery Builders shares insights about his company's value proposition, his journey in the construction business, and plans for the future.

Could you give us a brief overview of your journey?
I completed my graduation as a lawyer from a national law school in 2014. Post-graduation, I started working in the commercial contracts and finance sector for about three years in Bangalore. As the job was unsustainable for a long period, I decided to take a break. When I came home, my family was doing some construction as an investment. Observing this for six months, I realized the importance of a reliable, trustworthy building contractor and construction company. With the right construction company and
contractor, every aspect of the build out will be managed and carried out appropriately, from planning construction to executing the interiors, and everything in between. That's when I decided to venture into the construction sector and laid the cornerstone for Valluvassery Builders.

Being a close observer of the market I have understood the pain points and needs of the customers in this industry

Please mention how have you positioned yourself in this competitive construction sector.
Being a close observer of the market, I have understood the pain points and needs of the customers in this industry. With our years of real estate investment, development, and management experience, Valluvassery Builders offers an unmatched track record of customer-centric service excellence in India.

We strive to give our customers the best experience while at the same time ensuring that there's no waste. As seen in the industry, if we are not able to meet customer requirements and complete projects on time, we lose our reputation as a builder.

In terms of positioning in the market, we started as a small company in 2018 and now we are spread across Kerala and we have projects in Bangalore. We hope to expand our services beyond Kerala and other cities in India.

Could you talk about your flagship offerings?
The foundation of our services incorporates best practices from design knowledge, technology, cutting-edge safety measures, and sustainability. We offer a variety of products like completed homes, apartments, and commercial spaces and services like turnkey contracting of homes, apartments, and commercial spaces. We take up private work on a contract basis and we finish them within the time stipulated. With our stress on finishing projects on time, we have proven to be the best in the market.Our history and track record of being the most dependable and trustworthy builder with a repertoire of beautifully designed properties across southern India speaks for itself.
We believe in maintaining good relationships with customers even after the projects get completed. We provide all kinds of maintenance and any kind of repair or post-construction service that customer needs. Everyone is active, from the board of directors to the laborers. To get a complete picture of how the business project can be timed, everyone is involved in the project's planning and execution. We have made it our core mission to provide real estate development, management, and other services of the highest caliber.

Based on your experiences, what would be your advice to entrepreneurs starting a new in this domain?
In today's construction world, be ready to experiment. With that mindset in industry, there is so much opportunity every day. We always believe in collaboration more than competition. So if you feel someone is your competition, you can work together on a project and learn from them.

While starting up, look out for 'what's the need?' with a perspective to make meaning for others rather than starting solely to Make Money. A winner has the ability to win the game. A champion is someone who knows how to get back up from a failure, work harder, and win at the next opportunity.

At Valluvassery Builders, we make use of our special position as industry pioneers to rewrite the history of Indian real estate. We take satisfaction in going above and beyond to solve the greatest problems plaguing our nation while implementing the highest standards of quality.

Paul Francis Valluvassery, CEO, Valluvassery Builders
Paul has a great passion towards building construction,realestate and infrastructure. In addition to his company, he has built and runs a restaurant in Bangalore, Karnataka. He is also interested in transport, logistics, and entertainment sectors. He is skilled in venture capital, private equity, and corporate law and governance. To stay current, he read books and makes an effort to absorb information from the most reliable sources. He also makes an effort to keep himself physically active at all times. Most importantly, he believes only a body at its prime and a peaceful mind can help him conquer the many goals he has set for himself and his business.

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