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Pooja  Agarwal: Leading A Line Of Ethnic & Fusion Clothing For Modern Women

Pooja Agarwal: Leading A Line Of Ethnic & Fusion Clothing For Modern Women

  Pooja Agarwal,      Founder

Pooja Agarwal


Indian traditional clothing has been steadily expanding. Experts indicate a considerable increase in demand for men's and women's ethnic apparel over the last several years due to factors like shifting consumer preferences, rising urbanization, and more awareness of the importance of dressing elegantly. Juniper Fashion is one of the most well-known names in the Indian fashion business. They are known for their ethnic and fusion wear brand, which caters to modern women while maintaining traditional aesthetics.

PoojaAgarwal embarked on her entrepreneurial adventure in 2004 and, with much energy and diligence, hence established Juniper Fashion in 2012. It's no secret that Juniper has become an industry powerhouse over the years, because of its willingness to adapt to new circumstances, redefine what constitutes style, establish new norms, and ultimately make an impact. The garment's individuality shines through in the meticulous editing of historically accurate depictions of actual Indian fabrics and the addition of famous crafts, all while maintaining a firm grasp on the commercial awareness of consumer trends.

Engaging in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine, Pooja spoke about Juniper Fashion's journey so far and the position of the firm in the fashion industry.

Tell us about the journey of Juniper Fashion. Where is the company positioned in the industry and what makes it unique?
In 2004, Pooja Agarwal started her journey & Established Juniper in 2012 showing immense zeal & rigor, Over the years Juniper has grown in strength across verticals ­ embracing change, redefining fashion, setting trends & making a difference.

The uniqueness of the garment is evident through the lavish edit of traditionally depicted authentic Indian textiles, embellished with iconic crafts keeping in balance the commercial understanding of consumer trends.

From forecasting sites, international catwalk analysis and highend designers to prominent print looks and colour palette trending for the season is the essential trend analysis.

It goes without saying that the choice of fabric is the foremost step in determining the quality of the garment.
Performance, reliability, durability, and visual and perceived quality of the garment are achieved by the 10-points quality check system which includes colour fastness test, shrinkage test, tensile strength, pilling test, and others.

When it comes to the fusion of modern and ethnic styles, Juniper is among the best

2. Could you tell us about the latest consumer trends? How do you constantly adapt to the needs of the customers?
WGSN and other high-end designers gave us a lot to look forward to this season, from the Authentic Ajrakh and Bandhni collection to intricate prints and embroideries that skimmed the floor with an elegance that seems only right for the festive seasons. Plus, there are endless options of wardrobe classics, from solid dobbies to velvets and chanderis. Their wearability and of the-moment feel make many of these festive 2022 trends the perfect festive wish lists. Everything from the season's beautifully embroidered chander is is perfect for layering! and beautifully printed Georgette dresses have found themselves in our ward robes already.

Fashion week is one of the best sources out there! Magazines and Fashion influencers are important when it comes to trend spotting. Keeping up with trends, fitting and quality is very important to adapt to the needs of the customers. Fashion has always been known to push the envelope. With new trends, exploring store visits, and data analysis to predict the rise and fall of trends, fashion has an eye toward the future.

Tell us about the unique aspects of your products that place them as a favourable choice among customers. Are there new products that you are working on? If so, could you share a few lines on the same?
Juniper is one of the finest examples of contemporary meeting ethnic fashion. The amalgamation between Indian ethnic wear and western wear vogue is quite intriguing. It gives any fashion enthusiast a new perspective & access to endless exploration.

The most loved trend of fusion wear like jacket styles, drapes, asymmetric elements, fusion tops with ethnic bottoms with new embossed detailing and surface ornamentations speaks truly of sophistication. This merges with ethnicity and the western sensibilities at the time and has the power to glam up any look in less than a minute.

How is the team built and what motivates them the most to ensure client satisfaction?
There are four types of team building activities. Communication activities. Problem solving and
decision making activities. Adaptability and planning activities.

Motivation: Career advancement opportunities, Appreciation or recognition for a job well done, good working conditions, Tactful discipline job satisfaction & Career Development.

Tell us about a recent challenging case study reflecting the success of the company's intervention.
The company has gone through various ups and downs during its journey so far. But, with the help of the incredible team and creative strategies we have been able to succeed in mitigating most of the challenges that the company has faced. The company was earlier catering to a narrow audience that was keen on Jaipur prints and its cultural silhouettes. But with the help of the youth, we have been able to bring people into the company with fresh and innovative ideas adding value to the root concept of the company in terms of the garments that are designed and manufactured. The brand is now in the position to cater the PAN India in terms of its innovative silhouettes. With the help of innovative technology and better business strategies, the company has been able to shift toward better inventory management and reduce pilferage thus increasing profits.

What is the role Juniper Fashion has envisioned taking in the near future? What is the level of impact it strives to bring to the market? Kindly answer a few personal questions:
The Juniper team is using a unique selling proposition to redefine lines including Boho-chic, Ajrakh prints, Banarasi collection, and the Bandhani­ Handcraft inspire line. Also, ethnic fusion wear is keeping up with the latest fashion trends with luxurious gold patterns, placement prints, and their brand of original design. Our long-term goal is to transform the ethnic clothing market to better suit the preferences of its end customers. The demands of both comfort and style have been taken into account while developing our products.

Pooja Agarwal, Founder,Juniper Fashion
Pooja, the creator of the brand Juniper, was raised in the city of Hyderabad. Pooja had a burning desire to do something fresh and innovative while remaining true to the family business's traditional origins. Also, Pooja had a vision for the brand, and with careful thought and planning, the label was created with the intention of spicing up traditional clothing by incorporating modern forms and colors.

·Hobbies: Chess, Health & Fitness
·Favorite Cuisine: South Indian
·Favorite Book: You Can WIN (Shiv Khera)
·Favorite Travel Destination: Vancouver &Switzerland
·Awards & Recognition: Women Icons of Emotional Empowerment, Rajasthan Best Brand Awards

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