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Prabhat Kumar: Contributing His Bit Towards A Bright Future Of Indian Students

Prabhat Kumar: Contributing His Bit Towards A Bright Future Of Indian Students

   Prabhat Kumar,    Chief Learning Officer

Prabhat Kumar

Chief Learning Officer

The fintech industry is one sector that churns zillions of data every day. Its main function has long been data analysis. Data analysts are increasingly needed as fintech advances year after year. It is successfully navigating the choppy waters of innovation and competition when combined with cutting-edge technology like the Internet of Things, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Essentially a candidate's market, fintech. That suggests that aspiring Fintech data scientists have the advantage of selecting a career that best suits their skills and mental makeup. There will be 1.5 million computer experts in the world by 2020, according to a LinkedIn analysis titled ‘Global Skills Gap’, the Fintech sector is still having trouble filling key positions, like data scientist. However, unless you're prepared to do some reality-checking, having the proper orientation and the right qualifications might not get you very far.

Prabhat Kumar, Chief Learning Officer of ML360 Education knows exactly what the future will look like.With that experience he started ML360 Education with a mission to add value to the education and consulting industry to help our students and clients reach their longterm educational and financial goals. Prabhat Kumar is a man with a blend of art and science and he has acquired knowledge and efficiency in the stock market and investments. With his knowledge and experience, he is inclined to increase money market literacy among Indians as well as overseas people. Prabhat Kumar has emerged as an investment coach and analyst and has been supporting consultancy to business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals. Do check out these snippets from our recent interview with him.

Tell us about your work background and what motivates you today.
During the Corona Lockdown, I
projected myself as a lyricist, poet and singer(in 2020) and obtained an artist profile on JioSaavn, Apple Music, and Spotify. This was the beginning of my entrepreneurial path. I made the decision to quit my work with the intention of promoting financial literacy among Indians and foreigners. I have 15 years of testing, business analysis, and data science experience. I worked with Cognizant Business Technology for about a year, helping to update BFSI courses and educating colleagues on finance, investments, and derivatives. I, therefore, felt convinced that I would succeed eventually in both the finance and education technology sectors.

ML360 aims to reach as many Indians as possible and eventually be a global force in tackling global issues using machine learning

Define ML360 Education as an organization in the education administration programs domain and also tell us about previous experiences helping you in your current role and operations.
With ML360 Educations, we aimed to reach every Indian person and revolutionize machine learning and deep learning. We believed that ML/AI was so potent that they might eliminate all manual jobs in India and increase widespread unemployment in the following ten years. As a result, we felt that it was urgent to teach everyone at least the fundamentals of AL/ML so that people could find alternatives to manual and uncreative jobs. That was the aim we had.

For our ML360 Educations, we have set up the bare minimum of infrastructure, but we have not yet entered expansion mode. As a primary trainer, I occasionally serve as faculty in various organizations to assist students with their testing, business, finance, and data science skills. My prior employment at Credit Suisse and Maybank has been quite beneficial.

What learning strategies do you follow? And How do you ensure they stay aligned with the company’s larger goals?
I am completely focused on learning data science to the master's level and beyond in my role as CLO of ML360 Educations. As a teaching faculty, Edureka is training me in
data science and machine learning. I have additional education and credentials from Imperial College London and Columbia University. At the Swiss School of Business and Management(SSBM), I'm also working on a doctorate in business administration.

How are you implementing the newest technologies to improve the domain's operations?
In order for the country as a whole to benefit, we are dedicated to increasing financial literacy and AI/ML literacy to the greatest number of individuals. We are concentrating on lead generation and management tactics for social media as well as other research programmes to keep us at the forefront of the information sector.

What are your plans for the next five years? And what management principles do you employ when managing your team?
Right now, our main priorities are making our company profitable and debt-free. Long-term objectives, however, include reaching as many Indians as possible and becoming a global force in tackling global issues. It should be mentioned that the "Analyst Prabhat" brand is mostly a combination of "Investors Delight" and "ML360 Educations" and focuses more on Prabhat Kumar's thought process and advice. Although we are still in the early stages of our startup, we do communicate with other teams that are dispersed across India in order to achieve the same objective, which is 100 percent financial and AI/ML literacy. We maintain a stringent code of conduct, uphold our business principles, and tackle every situation ethically.

Prabhat Kumar, Chief Learning Officer, ML360 Education
No rest at work, deadly thirst to win, Drinking tears again, reviving my gene! From – 'Nectars of Life' by Prabhat Kumar.

Hobbies: Poetry, Music, Running
Favourite Cuisine: Aloo Paratha, Dragon Chowpsy
Favourite Book: Madhushala, Brief History of Time
Favourite Travel Destination: Kashmir, Dublin

Awards & Recognition: Award for Academic Contribution at Cognizant Technology Solution in 2014 Best Business Analyst at Credit Suisse/TCS in 2016 Top 3 Resilient Employee Awards in 2019

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