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Pranay Singh: Agile & Comprehensive Strategies To Orchestrate Professional Yet Indelible Events

Pranay Singh: Agile & Comprehensive Strategies To Orchestrate Professional Yet Indelible Events

 Pranay Singh,   Founder

Pranay Singh


No situation, background, or financial status is an obstacle to attaining a feat like success. All that requires is passion, determination, and perseverance to grab opportunities & stand on your own legs. That's exactly what the journey of Pra¬nay Singh proved when he took the helm of Delve Serwiz with his most reliable friend Pawan Shukla by founding the company in 2012. From a humble beginning in a small village to the brain behind one of the leading event management companies, the go-getter’s road to the top of business success is inspirational.

It takes immense courage for any ordinary person to quit a high paying job & risk into business. It was not as easy as having a second chance or experimenting. With a thirst to break the growth stagnation at his previous job The deep dived into entrepreneurship and that prompted the great start of Delve Serwiz.

CEOInsights engages in an exclusive interview with Pranay. Read the below snippet to deduce more about him and his brainchild.

Throw some light on your professional background and experiences. What inspired you to venture into the Event Management segment?
I feel that my career in Event management happened because it was destined. It has been more than a decade in the domain, but ironically, I never thought I would choose this field as a career. I have been very much inclined towards tourism & hospitality and completed a Hotel management in 2003. After which, I got to work in a hotel in Ramoji Film City for almost two years. Later, I ended up joining an event management company in the Client Servicing department, and that was the turning point. During my tenure of over six years with the company, I had been through massive learning. After a point, I realized that growth and learning almost hit a threshold point. The only optionI was left with was entrepreneurship to explore things
out of comfort. That’s when I decided to start my own event management company along Pawan.

How has been your journey with Delve Serwiz so far?
Any new business comes with several challenges but the most critical part is to manage funds. Honestly, you will not have financial support when you initiate some thing new. Although I was doing something by leveraging my core expertise, people did not have faith. This initial setback definitely taught me that it's extremely crucial to save some funds (right from the time you are working) to do what you love in the future. Everyone will be behind you but not with you. However, with God’s grace, I never faced a shortage of funds throughout this journey.

With more than 12 years of experience, Delve has executed thousands of events and has set a high standard in creating events that celebrate corporate milestones

Indeed there were tough times; a business that started off with Rs.2 crore turnover in the first year, doubled the revenue every second year and reached 50 Cr before the pandemic. We witnessed a solid down fall from Rs.50 crore to Rs.5 crore Cr, apparently every event management business hit such rock bottom during the initial phase of COVID. Today, we are proudly back to normal again and envision becoming a 100 crore brand by FY 2023-24. Over years, we have become a strong team of 40+ members and we onboard at least one new client every 15 days. None of the team members or clients have left us till now.

What is your success mantra to scale your business to the next level? Could you brief us about the major factors you consider while suggesting a plan to the client?
My success mantra is not only mine it come with the brain of Pawan too and to have a great trust in the team. Trust is our strength! We never stop the team from making decisions for a client. We are absolutely okay if there is a monetary loss, but we are extremely cautious that the clients should be happy after working with us.

To us, it is vital to keep the clients and their guests comfortable. The
first thing we consider is to ensure that there is no hustle-bustle to reach the destination. The event should happen in an area that is easy to travel and reach. Right from destination to cost, uncompromised experience, and more, everything should be the best for the clients. Our experienced professionals will brainstorm and put personal attention and care to craft a program, from design to execution to logistics and travel planning.

Define Delve Serwiz as an organization. What makes the company unique from the other competitors?
Delve Serwiz is one of the leading MICE organization in corporate conferences, specifically in crafting, organizing, managing, curating and conducting formal Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events/Exhibitions in India and around the world.

We are broadly classified into three verticals. Firstly, corporate events; we have set a high standard in creating events that celebrate corporate mile stones. Secondly, academic conferences which are further assorted as FORCE – future oriented research conferences and exhibitions. Lastly, we have an exclusive brand called Wedding Culture, launched to organize destination weddings only.

Tell us about yourcase study reflecting your strategic success.
The biggest enemy to our business is natural calamities. Almost 10 years ago, we were organizing a conference in Goa. All the guests had to fly there from Mumbai & Nagpur. It was pouring heavily with thunder and storm in Goa and none of the flights could land. Within an hour, we shifted the entire event to Mumbai with the client's consent. If this was possible a decade ago with the advanced technologies and facilities today, anything is possible. Till today the client reminisces about these incidents and entrusts us that we are capable of handling any situation.

Pranay Singh, Founder, Delve Serwiz
Pranay is the epitome of trust and honesty. He creates an open environment for his team members to facilitate the best & comfortable events for the clients.

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