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Prem S Garg : Energizing A Sustainable Tomorrow Through Waste-To-Energy Innovation

Prem S Garg : Energizing A Sustainable Tomorrow Through Waste-To-Energy Innovation

Prem S Garg,,  CEO,  Enerzea Power Solution

Prem S Garg,

CEO, Enerzea Power Solution

Waste-to-energy plays a pivotal role in India's sustainable development, addressing the twin challenges of waste management and energy needs. Transforming diverse waste streams into energy not only contributes to sustainable power generation but also mitigates environmental impact. As we navigate towards a cleaner and energy-resilient future, waste-to energy stands as a crucial player in India's sustainable development journey, emphasizing the urgency for innovative solutions to shape a cleaner and more sustainable tomorrow for India.

Prem S. Garg, the visionary CEO of Enerzea Power Solution emerges as a stalwart in India's sustainable development journey. Under his stewardship, Enerzea's waste-to-energy projects have not only contributed significantly to clean power but have garnered recognition for excellence. Prem's profound impact resonates in shaping a sustainable future, emphasizing his instrumental role in advancing waste-to-energy con-cepts for a greener tomorrow.

In an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights, Prem S. Garg enlightens us more about his professional traits and sheds light on the operational intricacies of Enerzea Power Solution.

Give a brief account of your profes-sional background and experiences.

I hold a degree in Electrical Engineering from Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology Bhopal. For 17 years, I contributed to Triveni Engineering and Industries Limited before realizing my entrepreneurial aspirations in 2009. Stemming from a family deeply ingrained in business, I founded Enerzea Power Solution Private Limited, a company that has now burgeoned multifold. Our focus lies in establishing clean power and waste-to-energy projects, benefitting diverse sectors such as breweries, pharma, chemical, and paper, and handling various waste streams like poultry waste, cow dung, and municipal solid waste.

By transforming waste into purposeful energy, our projects exemplify the synergy of power generation and waste management. Partnering with Germany's 2G Energy, we manufacture Gas Generator sets and supply
comprehensive combined heat and power (CHPC) systems, tailoring solutions to diverse industries. Our 15-year journey has yielded successful power and co-generation projects, with our installations achieving unparalleled efficiency, earning accolades for excellence in the two megawatts range.

At Enerzea, sustainability is not merely a practice but a fundamental principle driving inno-vation

Tell us about the unique experiences Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology offers.

Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology provided an experience extending beyond academic excellence. The experience was marked by practical, real-world exposure and emphasized building connections with peers, seniors, and professors, fostering a broader perspective and diverse opportunities. Hostel life instilled independence and adaptability, while the institute's culture of innovation and extracurricular activities honed my leadership and teamwork skills. In essence, the college offers holistic education, preparing students for academic and real world challenges alike.

Tell us about the sustainable practices that Enerzea Power Solution has adopted in its operations.

Sustainability is ingrained in every aspect of Enerzea Power’s operations. Our commitment begins with innovative product development through a partnership with leading German-European companies, earning us accolades for high-efficiency projects. Ethical business practices, marked by transparency and trust among stakeholders, further underscore our approach. We prioritize employee well-being and development, setting clear and measurable sustainable goals for a tangible impact.

Collaboration is pivotal, engaging customers and suppliers to collectively pursue sustainable objectives. At Enerzea, sustainability is not merely a practice but a fundamental principle driving innovation, ethical conduct, and positive environmental impact, reflecting our resolute vision for a sustainable future in our environment-friendly solutions.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines / methodologies you follow as a leader?

My leadership approach revolves around creating a motivating environment that unleashes the team's full potential. I emphasize setting clear expectations, conducting regular reviews, offering
constructive feedback, and rewarding which serve as inspiration for success. Empowerment is crucial; I actively support collaboration and decision-making through group discussions, enhancing collective problem-solving, ownership, and account ability. Prioritizing individual growth through mentoring and coaching, I invest in professional development, aligning personal goals with the organization's broader objectives.

What future destination are you heading towards?

Over the past 15 years, our company has evolved significantly, attributing success to delivering world-class products and services, solidifying our position as a key market player. We expanded from power, combined heat and power to waste energy projects in line with the government's focus. Now, we're venturing into hydrogen projects, embracing green and blue hydrogen as the future. Our product converts hydrogen into power, addressing challenges some clients face in utilizing hydrogen generated during processes. This strategic shift aligns with our commitment to environmentally friendly technology, providing holistic solutions to customers, with the core focus remaining on our waste-to-energy systems.

In the light of your strong industry experience, what advice would you give to the budding industry leaders?

My advice to budding industry leaders is threefold. Prioritize continuous learning and adaptability in this rapidly evolving landscape, staying informed about emerging technologies and industry trends for sustained success. Cultivate a culture of transparent communication within your team, fostering trust and innovation. Never underestimate the power of resilience; bouncing back from challenges is a key trait of effective leadership. Lastly, foster strong relationships with your team and peers a strategic imperative for enhanced problem-solving and propelling the entire team toward common goals.

Prem S Garg, CEO, Enerzea Power Solution

Prem S Garg, CEO of Enerzea Power Solution, is a seasoned professional with over three decades of expertise in the Power Generation industry. With a wealth of experience in designing power solutions, application engineering, customer support services, and marketing & sales of power systems, Prem Garg brings invaluable insights to drive excellence and innovation in the field.

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