Puneet Mittal: Addressing The Needs Of The Clients Across The Globe With Proper Planning And Analysis | CEOInsights Vendor
Puneet Mittal: Addressing The Needs Of The Clients Across The Globe With Proper Planning And Analysis

Puneet Mittal: Addressing The Needs Of The Clients Across The Globe With Proper Planning And Analysis

Puneet Mittal,Director

Puneet Mittal


The global clinical trials market was anticipated to be worth USD 44.3 billion in 2020, and it is expected to increase at a CAGR of 5.7 percent from 2021 to 2028. The COVID-19 pandemic, on the other hand, slowed market growth in 2020. Nonetheless, factors such as the globalization of clinical trials rapid technological advancement, and the increasing need for CROs to conduct research operations appear to bode well for the market. The rising frequency of chronic disease, as well as the rising demand for clinical trials in emerging countries, are driving this industry forward. A growing number of biologics, the necessity for tailored medications and orphan treatments, and the desire for innovative technologies are all driving the industry.

Puneet Mittal is an accomplished International Business & Clinical Research Director with a background in the health, wellness, and fitness industries. The following are highlights from CEO Insights' exclusive interaction with Puneet Mittal (Director) of Mittal Global Clinical Trial Services.

Tell us the key points about your organization, trial & research methodo logies and products & services.
We are Herbal and Nutraceutical Research professionals. Companies come to us with a new product idea, and we handle everything from formulation to preclinical testing, toxicology, clinical trials and production technology transfer. Unlike many CROs, we don't just manage clinical trials we also help our clients with every step of the drug development process. We collaborate with over 100 sites across India, covering practically every state and provide training to the new hospitals that do not know how to perform a clinical trial ethically.

In this highly intact & advanced clinical trial and research field, what’s the kind of impact that your company creates in the clinical trials industry? Where are you positioned in the clinical trial and research market?
MGCTS was responsible for the successful completion of the first herbal clinical trial for Covid, which heralded a new era of herbal clinical trials and Ayurveda in the media. We are one of the few Clinical Research Organizations that focuses solely on natural products, and cannot judge ourselves against other CROs. We only work on a project if it is sufficiently inventive to contribute something new to the society. Although the majority of our clients are from Europe, it's encouraging that Indian Ayurvedic, Nutraceutical, and Pharma companies are contacting us for end-to-end services.

What are the major services you offer? Also, briefly explain your flagship offering.
To our pharma clients, we provide Clinical Trials (all phases), Pre clinical efficacy studies, Toxicology studies for safety, Gamma Scintigraphy fordrug administration, and HUT (Home Use Tests). Furthermore, we provide Site management services as well as Ethical committee registration counselling to new hospitals interested in doing ethical clinical research. We provide end-to-end services with technology transfers for an Ayurveda or Nutraceutical company planning to launch new products and looking for formulations or clinicaltrial services.

Helping companies to launch research based product line in Herbal and Nutraceuticals, which is safe, effective and ethically accepted!

Elucidate the unique selling points that segregate you from your competitors and help you to attract more customers?
We stick to the fundamentals and work ethically, as an ideal CRO should and never go out looking for new clients. If ethical herbal or nutraceutical enter prises have new inventions, many of them contact us for advice, and we decide which ones are worth pursuing.

Kindly throw some light on various technologies (existing/upcoming) & facilities leveraged by your company whilst offering various clinical trials services.
We collaborate with two cutting-edge labs, one of which is a nodal center of the Indian government's Department of Science and Technology. Furthermore, we employ our in-house built EDC software to ensure that all of our clinical studies are secure, ensuring
that no data is compromised. The incorporation of Gamma Scintigraphy for drug delivery testing, which is one of the few in India is a break through.

Tell us about the various rules/ regulatory compliances /certifications that your company adheres to while offering your services.
All of our clinical trials adhere to GCP guidelines, and all of our studies are registered with either the Clinical Trial Registry of India or the Clinical Trial Registry of the United States (clinical trials.gov for international researches). Furthermore, we follow CPCSEA requirements for preclinical in vivo experiments. We follow OECD criteria for domestic toxico logical investigations and ISO-10993 for the majority of our European biocompati bility studies.

Name some of your clients, along with a case study/client testimonial that depicts the efficiency of your services.
We may not be able to discuss specific project information due to confidentiality agreements, but we can share some of our long term clients who have become like family to MGCTS. We are the exclusive research partner for Nutrin GmbH from Germany, Medlife Formulations from India, GalaxaPharma from Denmark, and Klick Labs from Canada, to name a few. As a testa ment, all of the clients indicated below no longer request a quotation before a clinical trial because they have placed their trust in us and are no longer clients, but members of our research family.

Tell us about your company’s recent revenue growth, and the future roadmap?
Our organization has grown by 800 percent in the last three years, from 10 to 70 clinical research professionals. We have grown from a single office to three domestic offices in Nagpur, Meerut, and Noida, as well as two international operations in Germany and the United States. In the next two months, two more offices will open in Bangladesh and Ghana.

Puneet Mittal, Director, Mittal Global Clinical Trial Services
Being a part of the family in healthcare from 6th generations, Puneet has provided consultancy to over 100 healthcare companies and startups. Prior to Mittal Global ClinicalTrial Services, Puneet has worked in prominent companies like Procter & Gamble and TCS. He is an experienced International Business & Clinical Research Director with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry.

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