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Raghav Poojary: A Technopreneur On His Way To Transform HR Solutions

Raghav Poojary: A Technopreneur On His Way To Transform HR Solutions

 Raghav Poojary,  Dy. Chief Digital Officer

Raghav Poojary

Dy. Chief Digital Officer

The HR solutions industry plays a pivotal role in modern businesses, helping organizations manage their human resources efficiently. In this dynamic field, Raghav Poojary, a technopreneur with 20 years of experience, has emerged as a transformative force. His expertise spans various critical areas, including HR Technology and Process Automation, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Consulting, Staffing, and Managed Services, making him a well-rounded professional in the HR domain. As the Dy. Chief Digital Officer at Firstmeridian, Raghav Poojary has been instrumental in empowering this sector by spearheading the integration of technology and automation into HR processes. Raghav's extensive experience and dedication to innovation have cemented his role as a driving force in the evolution of HR solutions, ensuring organizations stay at the forefront of this ever evolving industry. Discover more in the below interview snippets.

Could you please provide an overview of your professional journey thus far?
My professional journey commenced during my academic years at the age of 18, where I ventured into various aspects of Human Resources (HR), including Consulting, Staffing, Managed Services, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Talent Branding, University Hiring, HR Technology, and Process Automation. I have worked with prominent HR solution providers such as MERITTRAC, HIREPRO, Adecco, PEOPLESTRONG, and Quess.

Currently, I hold the position of Dy. Chief Digital Officer and Head of Marketing Communications (Marcom) at Firstmeridian Business Services. In this role, I am leading digital transformation efforts across all companies within the Firstmeridian Group, instilling a Digital First philosophy to enhance key business processes through technology. Since my joining at Firstmeridian in September 2018, I have been spearheading the comprehensive automation of critical business processes by seamlessly implementing and adopting cutting-edge tech tools across the group. Additionally, I oversee the Marcom division, where I focus on employer branding, rebranding acquired companies, launching new in house brands, and
setting a benchmark for branding and marketing across the entire group.

What are the factors you consider while developing strategies for long-term digital transformation?
As Head of Tech, my focus when developing strategies for long-term digital transformation encompasses several critical factors. This comprehensive approach extends beyond mere technology implementation, encompassing alignment with clear business objectives, a steadfast commitment to a customer centric approach, data-driven decision-making, the cultivation of agility and adaptability, rigorous cybersecurity and data privacy measures, investment in talent and a culture of innovation, fostering collaborations within a digital ecosystem, ensuring scalability and sustainability, effective change management, and the establishment of measurable success metrics.

My leadership approach is a harmonious blend of various principles that I find indispensable

In the ever-changing tech landscape, weaving these factors into each innovation is challenging but essential for long-lasting success. Digital transformation requires technical expertise alongside a deep understanding of broader organizational and societal impacts. Each step we take shapes the future of our businesses and communities. As technology leaders, we must navigate this journey with enthusiasm and caution, balancing innovation and responsibility for long-term success in the digital age.

What strategies do you employ to cultivate an environment of innovation within the company, ensuring it remains aligned with the latest technology trends in the market?
To cultivate an innovative culture, I prioritize the integral role of our technology team in propelling our organizational growth. Technology has become a crucial and quantifiable element of our solution offerings, significantly impacting our competitiveness when bidding for new business ventures. Our clients rely on us for top-tier technology services that enhance their operations, and it is imperative that every member of our tech team aligns with this expectation. A key distinguishing factor for us as a premier HR solution provider lies in our tech-driven operations, which automate the entire HR workflow, simplifying the daily tasks of all stakeholders, including customers, candidates, colleagues, and vendor partners. I emphasize various strategies for fostering innovation: assembling diverse and inclusive teams, promoting cross-functional collaboration, investing in
continuous learning, embracing failure as a learning opportunity, and actively recognizing and rewarding innovative efforts. These strategies collectively enable us to remain agile and adaptive in leveraging the latest technology trends to benefit our clients and propel our company forward.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?
My leadership approach is a harmonious blend of various principles that I find indispensable. First and foremost, I lead by example, believing that actions carry more weight than words. Clear and transparent communication is pivotal, as it helps in conveying my vision and expectations while fostering an open dialogue with my team. Empowerment is a key component of my leadership style, as I delegate autonomy and responsibility to team members, instilling in them a sense of ownership and accountability. I also prioritize adaptability and flexibility, recognizing the need to adjust strategies in a dynamic business environment. Conflict resolution is approached constructively, seeking solutions that benefit both the team and the organization. Long-term vision and strategic planning guide my actions, with a commitment to continuous learning and team building. Effective leadership, in my view, is a dynamic blend of these principles, adaptable to different situations and organizational cultures. My leadership journey is an ongoing process of refinement as I continuously seek ways to enhance my skills and approach.

What is your ultimate future destination?
My vision for our organization's future centers on strategic innovation, digital resilience, and positive societal impact. We prioritize innovation not as an isolated goal but as a means to address business challenges, enhance customer experiences, and explore new revenue opportunities through purpose driven technology adoption. We harness artificial intelligence and automation to optimize operations, enhance customer interactions, and free human talent for strategic tasks. Sustainability is a priority, integrating eco-friendly practices into our tech strategies, including energy-efficient data centers. Global expansion might be on the horizon, with tech strategies facilitating seamless market entry while respecting local nuances. Ethical tech leadership is vital, aligning initiatives with ethical standards. Ultimately, we aspire to industry leadership, setting standards and gaining recognition as technology and innovation thought leaders.

Raghav Poojary, Dy. Chief Digital Officer, FirstMeridian
A visionary technopreneur with 20 years of experience, pioneering HR innovation through technology and automation at Firstmeridian.

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