Rethish Varghese: An Influential Strategist Pioneering Excellence In Strategy And Innovation For Process Automation | CEOInsights Vendor
Rethish Varghese: An Influential Strategist Pioneering Excellence In Strategy And Innovation For Process Automation

Rethish Varghese: An Influential Strategist Pioneering Excellence In Strategy And Innovation For Process Automation

 Rethish Varghese,  Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer

Rethish Varghese

Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer

In today's dynamic business landscape, leaders wielding innovation and market trend insight propel transformative solutions. Their vision shapes strategies and products, proactively addressing customer and partner needs. These leaders excel at deciphering market dynamics, spotting emerging opportunities, and guiding organizations into uncharted territory. Their agility and innovation maintain relevance, establishing them as trusted partners in a fiercely competitive marketplace. Leaders such as Rethish Varghese play a pivotal role in constructing lasting success and expansion by seamlessly integrating innovation and market expertise into their leadership style.

Rethish Varghese, Ospyn's Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, possesses dynamic expertise and strategic acumen that has played a pivotal role in propelling the organization's success and shaping its future. With a remarkable career marked by significant accomplishments and a strong determination to excellence, Rethish is recognized as both a strategic thinker and an innovative mind in the field of Process Automation.

Below is an excerpt of Rethish Varghese’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

How has your professional journey been so far?
I hold dual master's in Finance and Marketing and started my career as a research analyst. My professional voyage has encompassed diverse roles, spanning product marketing, corporate marketing, and product management. The entre preneurial bug led me to initiate a venture employing the Build Operate Transfer model. This endeavour saw me collaborate with organizations worldwide, transcending borders and cultures.

My current role with Ospyn, once a client during my entrepreneurial
journey, is to drive product innovation and organizational strategy. I have crafted an industry- agnostic product, orchestrated the growth of various teams, from Marketing, UX, Pre-sales and Business Consulting, and expanded our reach into regions like the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. My journey signifies a relentless pursuit of innovation and transformative leadership.

By amalgamating insights with their innovative spirit, we nurture a culture where creativity thrives, and we collectively drive towards impactful solutions

Define Ospyn as an organization and its position in the market.
Ospyn, a Content Process Automation leader, thrives in a unique niche, competing globally with top tier players. Our diverse clientele spans India and beyond, encompassing banks, BFSI, e-government, and enterprises. Our industry-agnostic product distinguishes us. We offer productivity apps for content process automation and business apps for intricate use cases. As a top player in the Indian market, our growth horizon extends worldwide. Ospyn's hallmark lies in innovation and excellence, driving us to a future of continued success and global prominence.

As the Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, what are the factors you take into account when developing effective corporate growth strategies for the company?
When it comes to product innovation, my focus hinges on the fundamental principle of value creation. It is a dual-front battle, wherein the product must resonate with both the organization and its discerning clientele. Without tangible value addition, no product can thrive in the market. Simultaneously, I keenly scrutinize the competitive landscape, aiming to carve out a unique niche by introducing features that stand out amidst the noise.

However, I emphasize a meticulous approach. Every feature we conceive undergoes a rigorous evaluation, balancing the value it brings against the effort required for implementation and its potential
impact on future market dynamics. These parameters serve as the compass guiding our product innovation journey, ensuring that each stride we take is purposeful, impactful, and aligned with our over arching growth objectives.

How do you foster a learning culture in your team to help them stay informed of the latest trends or changes in the market?
In the realm of fostering innovation within my team, I uphold an open framework, consisting of two pivotal elements. Firstly, I encourage a culture of agility - "fail quickly and learn faster." This mindset allows room for experimentation, enabling us to swiftly adapt and grow. Secondly, I prioritize providing a psychologically safe environment where team members can freely express their perspectives. They are empowered to voice concerns, challenge ideas, and offer alternative solutions without apprehension.

This freedom extends to the practical realm, where they have the autonomy to experiment with concepts, testing their viability through customer engagement or internal team collaboration. Additionally, I ensure they are well-informed, drawing from diverse sources such as partners, market intelligence, and prospective customers.

What is the future destination you are headed towards?
I aim to nurture an ecosystem that inspires others to chase their dreams. Throughout my career, I have built teams, expanded geographies, and created innovative products from scratch. My approach involves assembling motivated individuals, sparking their vision, and urging them to turn it into reality. Looking forward, I envision establishing an ecosystem where anyone can self-reflect, find inspiration, and embark on their dream-chasing journey - a core aspiration for my future endeavours.

Rethish Varghese, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, Ospyn
Rethish Varghese is the Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer at Ospyn. Holding an MBA in Finance and Marketing, Rethish has crafted an illustrious career marked by expertise in process automation. His strategic vision and commitment to innovation drive Ospyn's success.

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