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Rubina Singla: Creating A Thriving Workplace That Prioritizes On Consistent Improvement & Customer Satisfaction

Rubina Singla: Creating A Thriving Workplace That Prioritizes On Consistent Improvement & Customer Satisfaction

Rubina Singla,    Founder

Rubina Singla


Wealth management is a crucial facet that most overlook and if you want to maximize the potential of the money you have, this has to change going forward. WealthQuest (WQ) is a pioneering business organization follows a strict 'need based selling' approach, and their positioning is based on service quality. While there are many wealth managements firms, WQs unique proposition is their ability to connect with the clients on a personal level. This helps them understand their requirements, resolve their problems, and create a sense of mutual understanding. WQ believes in absolute transparency, which is made possible with the digitization of transactions.

All clients having full access to their portfolio dashboards, accessible through website and mobile application. Rubina Singla is the brain behind WQ and despite having complete transactional privileges on the dashboard, her clients have always relied on Rubina’s expert advice for all investment related transactions. Rubina focuses on a goal-based planning for her clients, working backwards from their clients’ financial objectives. This not only helps them to stay on track with regards to the objectives, but helps them gain the clients’ confidence in their investing acumen. Apart from that, she ensures meeting with all her clients one-on-one on a monthly basis to track progress on their financial targets.

In an exclusive interview with CEO INSIGHTS, Rubina talks more about her expertise in wealth management and the journey of WQ.

Can you tell us about your knowledge and expertise?
As someone who has been working in the domain of financial products and wealth creation, I have developed an expertise in gauging clients’ aspirations, needs and risk appetite to provide them with tailor
made financial solutions.

When approaching new clients, I believe that it is essential to weave in a basis of history, to keep the expectations realistic. The post pandemic market has had even seasoned investors completely flummoxed. Therefore, I give investor education great importance; especially for younger investors who tend to be more bullish and aggressive.

When approaching new clients, I believe that it is essential to weave in a basis of history, to keep the expectations realistic

Over the years, I have realized that it also becomes easier to interpret the relationship between the economy and the markets. This helps me to identify trends and to provide a buffer to my clients wherever I can. In today’s world of countless opinions and influencers, the ability to understand the thin line difference between a calculated risk and behavioral bias has proven invaluable over my career.

What were some of the major challenges that your company has faced over the years?
The major challenge for me has been helping clients overcoming bad experiences in the past with other wealth managers. Not all financial advisors/wealth managers have the client’s best interest in mind, and may be more concerned with their commissions. A client burnt once is twice shy, even more so when it comes to their money.

Another challenge faced by WQ is breaking the myth of 'guaranteed returns' An honest wealth manager should inform clients that there are no guaranteed returns in financial markets. However, historic trend analysis gives a fair idea on estimated returns and one could conservatively estimate a return on their investments. Most product mixes that I provide can offer 10-11 percent, beating the returns of more traditional products like FDs.

The only way of overcoming these challenges is to keep a culture of open communication with the clients. My clients have been extremely understanding and has the room to work on their portfolios
with complete faith.

One of my very first clients had an extremely unorganized portfolio when I took it over. I managed to consolidate the portfolio, exit the non-performers, streamline the investments and completely digitize the process. I was able to successfully grow the portfolio from roughly Rs.65 lakhs in 2015 to Rs.4 crores today, despite the market fluctuations. This translates to a CAGR of more than 40%.

How do you balance your personal and professional life?
For me, striking the perfect balance was one of the contributing factors to me starting her own firm. I believe that post 5 PM, my time is strictly reserved for my family, which includes her two young boys. I also imbibe this healthy work culture in both my firms WQ and Equitrust Solutions.

What are some of your major future plans?
Throughout my career, I have always allowed natural progression to pave a roadmap. After my stint at HDFC, I started my firm with a single product (Mutual Funds), and soon graduated to a more diversified portfolio, steadily building my competence. As a result, WQ has evolved into a wealth management firm with a full assortment of financial products.

With Equitrust Solutions, I ventured into the stock market segment, yet another step towards further diversification. Going forward, we want to start their own Portfolio Management Services in Equitrust Solutions, to provide a 360-degree service to their clients. In the highly innovative industry of finance, it’s important to keep an ear on the ground to stay relevant. The newest additions on the spectrum are cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Me and my team are following this space very closely.

Rubina Singla, Founder, WealthQuest
Rubina started her career in 2008 with HDFC Bank in their Wealth Management vertical. Quickly learning the ropes, she discovered that wealth management was as much about understanding the clients’ financial aspirations, as it was about getting a steady CAGR year on year. Over the years, she has also developed a knack for building long term relationships with her clients, gaining their trust and respect

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