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Rusingo: Driven To Revolutionize Indian Vegetarian Food Globally

Rusingo: Driven To Revolutionize Indian Vegetarian Food Globally

  Sumithra Sen,     Founder

Sumithra Sen


The increasing demand for simple and quick meal solutions is a significant factor driving the global market expansion. Consumers' increasing health consciousness and manufacturers' introduction of healthier product variants with fewer calories and nutritional food are factors in the expansion of the market. Rusingo is a passionate endeavor to bring the authentic flavors of South Indian cuisine to the global stage. Inspired by Sumithra Sen’s (Founder) personal journey of seeking simple and genuine South Indian food while living in the US, Rusingo has become a leading choice for consumers craving tasty, healthy, and quality conscious Indian vegetarian food. With a vision to be a global Indian brand, Rusingo takes pride in its artisanal cooking, use of premium ingredients, and dedication to empowering women entrepreneurs.

In the exclusive interview with CEO Insights magazine, Sumithra Sen shares the company's inspiring journey, milestones achieved, and future aspirations.

Tell us what inspired Rusingo. What's your brand strategy? What milestones helped Rusingo reach its current position?
My personal journey of yearning for simple and authentic South Indian food while living in the US ignited the idea behind Rusingo. Additionally, my mother's influence played a significant role. My working mother struggled to make vegetarian meals from scratch with freshly ground spices and batters in our modest Chennai home. Her determination and achievements as a Doctorate in Hindi and a trailblazing Indian Railways employee inspired me to build a respectable food brand that makes Indian vegetarian cooking easy and convenient, especially for working professionals seeking health and taste without compromising quality.

Moreover, our goal is to make Rusingo the top choice for consumers worldwide seeking tasty,
healthy and quality conscious Indian vegetarian food. We reached important milestones. Our homemade spice blends, South Indian snacks, and fryums were well-received in several Bengaluru retail stores. We became a major retail brand through word-of-mouth. Indian consumers abroad often requested food products from us, confirming the high demand for authentic food products. Our ready-to-eat South Indian food line in Canada was our second milestone. Our recipes were perfected by world-class chefs. After three successful years in Canada, we are eager to grow and become a top choice for quality-conscious consumers.

Rusingo Has Emerged As A Top Choice, Thanks To Our Customers' Trust

How do your products enhance mealtime? Why do customers prefer Rusingo?
At Rusingo, we take great pride in producing all our products in factories where strict QA is feasible. We ensure rigorous quality control at every step of production, from sourcing to blending fresh spices. This method of production has allowed us to maintain complete control over the quality of our ingredients. Our range of products offers a delightful mealtime experience for consumers. From the delectable breakfast option of Idli/Dosa batter, prepared using traditional stone grinding technology, to the hearty and flavorful jackfruit biryani, we cater to diverse tastes. Our kerala paratha stands out as a top seller in Canada, thanks to its flakiness, taste, and gourmet quality. Sri Lankan customers appreciate our kothu parotta as a fresh and satisfying meal choice. Additionally, our South Indian ready-to-eat breakfast range, featuring idli with chutney and homemade sambar, is a favorite among our consumers. This is because we offer an unwavering commitment to highquality ingredients and artisanal cooking techniques. We refuse to compromise on taste, and our products contain zero preservatives, ensuring an authentic and honest meal experience for our customers.

How are you serving foreign consumers, and what is their experience buying your products?
Today's Indian consumers living abroad, especially Gen Z and Millennials, are health conscious
and seek safe, preservative-free food options. While they are open to trying various cuisines, Indian food remains an integral part of their routines. Rusingo has become a preferable choice for these consumers due to our commitment to uncompromising quality and authenticity.

Furthermore, our products have under gone extensive testing and validation by leading chefs, airlines, and seven star hotels in the UAE. This has reinforced the trust worthiness of our offerings. Consumers abroad appreciate our transparent and genuine approach, with no marketing gimmicks or deceptive claims.

Are there any new products or dishes being developed?
Rusingo is constantly innovating and expanding its product range. We are excited to launch a wide range of 'never seen-before' chutneys that enhance mealtime and snack time for our consumers. Additionally, we are introducing a range of appetizers and ready-to-cook snacks. For consumers who enjoy cooking at home, our ready-to-cook sauces, gravies, and meal kits will provide everything they need for a delicious Indian Vegetarian dinner.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for Rusingo going forward?
The acceptance we have received in Canada has been humbling. In a highly competitive market, Rusingo has emerged as a top choice, thanks to our customers' trust. Our collaboration with a leading distributor in Canada opens doors to many mainstream outlets, allowing us to expand our presence from coast to coast. That’s why, our future plans include launching in the USA by the end of this year and actively working on expanding our reach to Australia and the UK in 2024. We aim to become the go-to global Indian brand, known for authentic flavors, quality consciousness, and our dedication to empowering women both as a consumer and entrepreneurs associated with us.

Sumithra Sen, Founder, Rusingo
Sumithra holds a bachelor of computer science engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu, and an MBA from Babson College, United States. Prior to joining Rusingo, Sumithra spent twelve years driving business for multiple verticals at Schneider Electric. She is a cheerful mother who enjoys music, photography, and fitness.

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