S Dhivya Bharathi: A Passionate Entrepreneur Overhauling Pharm.D. Education Today! | CEOInsights Vendor
S Dhivya Bharathi: A Passionate Entrepreneur Overhauling Pharm.D. Education Today!

S Dhivya Bharathi: A Passionate Entrepreneur Overhauling Pharm.D. Education Today!

Dhivyabharathi S.,   Founder & CEO

Dhivyabharathi S.

Founder & CEO

Currently with the explicit existence of recognized MHealth service providers in the industry, the Indian MHealth market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 10.11 percent to reach $163.835 million by 2026, rising from $83.491 million in 2019. As CEO & Founder of Medxury, S.Dhivya Bharathi is a recognized leader in the MHealth space furthering this industry’s growth.

Fascination with science, Dhivya holds a deep desire to make a difference in the world. She is intrigued by science's creation of competent healthcare professionals. During the COVID hit, she started working on merging traditional academics with clinical learning and wondered to know the experience of students at her same level. So, experimentally she started a Pharm.D. organization on her birthday November 8, 2020. Startup with a small team to today’s CEO position, she amuses our CEO INSIGHTS team to know more about her thoughts and goals. Let’s get to know her better!

How would you define Medxury as an organization providing an advanced learning platform for budding and experienced pharmacists?
Medxury is young and has a long way to go. We're so excited about this journey. First, I envisioned an organization that empowers Pharm.D. community for learning and collaborating with standards tailored to today’s fashion. My mission was clear: To cultivate a community that revolutionizes Pharm.D., building the next generation of pharmacy leaders who are well-versed in the latest scientific advancements and can confidently navigate the ever-evolving profession landscape. Already been used by thousands of scholars across the world, we promise a comprehensive education platform that blends academia, practice, and professional development to give all levels of pharmacists, a pleasant and cuttingedge space.

What has been your success mantra in your journey so far? Also, tell us about your leadership approach.
Everything in the world, as Steve said, ‘was built by people smarter than you’. The world isn’t stagnant.
My strategies might be destroyed by the next big idea from someone. So, the moment you realize there are the people just like you who got up one day and ledmonu mental change is when you fully control your life.

My biggest asset is time and smart use is much more important for a healthy team balance to get things done as expected. With a democratic approach and by setting short-term goals, I can ensure minimal distraction inbusy schedules and never be frustrated by multi tasking. After all, it takes a village to make dreams come true!

Alone, we can advance education, but together we can revolutionize it, paving the way for better health & healthcare

What difference does Medxury bring to clinical pharmacy practices so far?
In India, where pharmacy practice is still in its infancy, the establishment of our Pharm.D. specific organization has sparked serious discussions among multiple healthcare professionals. Increasing student demands and the value of a Pharm.D. doctor in clinical, made them realize how popular careers in clinical pharmacy are. Through unique direction, we are bringing bright CPs together. Emphasizing the quality of Medxury education, the tutors are favorably supportive. In addition, our clinical internship and job placements in several Indian hospitals have increased the impact of clinical pharmacy within the healthcare team.

As CEO, what factors do you consider when developing effective corporate growth strategies?
Not only corporates but also startups could keep a few things consistent for positive growth. A clear vision to inspire and motivate the team in all demanding situations. To me, revenue may not be the first-line goal it Budding. Instead, preserving the team, audience, and energy for long-term survival is the best to pursue. Once it is well expanded, strategies could rely on competitors, measuring impacts, revenues, and resources. At this point, nothing could dismantle the organization's ideology and standards. One of the reasons I’m here maybe that I used to feel like, ‘If I want to survive incorporate, I have to put on my super power cape and fly like nobody's watching’

What difference does Medxury bring to clinical pharmacy practices so far?
Initially, it was a challenge for me as a student and CEO to find a healthcare team who shared my
vision. I was also in a dilemma to understand Pharm. D.'s vital roles in several disciplines. However, times later, we gathered plenty of professionals from different domains to sort this out and make the best happen. I’m glad to have such enthusiasts offering excellent resources for scholars. For instance, the team has been actively working with a network of experts in the field to create a comprehensive library of learning materials that are updated on a regular basis. Yeah. Pretty much busy frizzy mind all the time!

What is your future roadmap?
Well, the transformation is incredible since 2020. As future is concerned, I anticipate that my vision and leadership abilities will contribute to a transform ative future for the Pharm.D. community indeed with global team support. With my extensive experience and expertise in the field, I’m well-prepared to guide Medxury to new levels of succuess,fostering innovation, collaboration, and excellence in pharmacy education. We are committed to consistently revitalizing Medxury's curriculum, ensuringits relevance in the ever-evolving pharmacy landscape. Recognizing the pivotal role of technology in shaping healthcare's future, we will integrate state-of-the-art technologies into Medxury's educational framework. Now, I am actively working to establish strategic partnerships and collaborations with prominent organizations, institutions, and pharmaceutical companies for up holding our vision and adding more colors. It is undeniable that these efforts attract a wealth of talented educators and students from all over the world. I’m currently a Pharm.D. intern at Swamy Vivekananda College of Pharmacy, Tamil Nadu, India. and just waiting for the dual moment to get my degree with flying colors while holding the entire MEDXURY team ahead with all my strength and determination.

S Dhivya Bharathi, Founder & CEO, Medxury
A successful entrepreneur & CEO of Medxury, Dhivya’s ideology in pharmacy education is fabulous. By emphasizing the importance of Pharm.D, she set the standard for transformational leadership, that have a lasting impact on generations of pharmacy professionals. She also made international collaborations,which advanced traditional pharmacy education and quality. Her tireless efforts have created positive ripple effects that will help the future community for better understanding of the science. She leaves behind a legacy of dedication and commitment, as a reward for everyone who is involved in the making of this organization to a great level of success

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